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Bon Carre Business Center Water Damage

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge responded to the Bon Carre Business Center when they experienced water damage. Our immediate task was to extract all of the ... READ MORE

Slow leaking A/C units equals hidden mold

Most homes have A/C closets indoors which can host many dangerous, hidden issue. Something as simple as a small leak in the drain pan can cause significant dama... READ MORE

Mold beneath sub-flooring

Mold has a nasty habit of growing in places that we just can't see. In this home situation, a bathtub overflowed for several hours while the homeowners were out... READ MORE

Mold trouble in Baton Rouge, LA

Dealing with the aftermath of a flood doesn't always end with just water clean up. On many occasions, if the water is not extracted properly, dangerous mold can... READ MORE

Post-fire Remodeling fun

Its hard sometimes to find many positive aspects to dealing with any type of disaster, big or small. Though many years of experience, we occasionally run into t... READ MORE

Baton Rouge, LA residents flood while on vacation

It seams pretty common, as homeowners, to have a bit of anxiety when leaving your home for an extended period of time. We are always double checking everything ... READ MORE

Fire by lightning strike in Baton Rouge, La

Any home or business owner in South Louisiana takes a risk at becoming a victim of lightning strikes during any season. The Baton Rouge, LA area is especially v... READ MORE

Attic Fire in Baton Rouge, LA

Sometimes fires start in the most unexpected places. Most businesses do an excellent job in being proactive to help prevent fires from starting in the most popu... READ MORE

Tropical Storm Flood

Team SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish was on site within 4 hours of this homes water loss in the late summer of 2017. A small tropical storm caused so... READ MORE

Flooded daycare in Baton Rouge, LA

This particular daycare in Baton Rouge, LA fell victim to a water loss caused by a flash flood from a summer storm. Many kids and employees were displaced due t... READ MORE