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Air dryer on floor in hallway.

Water Cleanup in Baton Rouge, LA

Remember to call our SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish team for your water cleanup needs in Baton Rouge, LA. We still offer an immediate response to your residential or commercial water damage event. 

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Available for Immediate Response 24/7

If your home or business in Baker, LA, and surrounding areas suffers from water, fire, and mold damage, please remember that SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish is considered an essential business and we are available for immediate response 24/7.

Drying equipment set up in a hallway.

Water Cleanup Near Me

In need of water cleanup services in Baton Rouge, LA? Give SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish team a call! Our crew is highly trained in water damage restoration and cleanup. available 24/7.

Fire damaged patio area.

Fire Cleanup in Baton Rouge, LA

Did you know that SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish offers fire damage cleanup and restoration services in Baton Rouge, LA? Our crew is faster to any size fire damage disaster that might occur on your property, just give us a call! 

Drying equipment in door way.

Baton Rouge Water Damage

It is important to know who to call for your water damage cleanup and restoration needs in Baton Rouge, LA.

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish is always here to help make your water damage seem "Like it never even happened."

Wet carpet in an office area.

Commercial Storm Damage in Baton Rouge

Stormy weather can occur when you least expect it and cause severe water damage to your Baton Rouge property. This commercial property suffered from water damage after the recent severe weather. Our SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish team is always here to help!

Wet carpet.

Water Damage in Baton Rouge? No Problem

This commercial property in Baton Rouge, LA suffered from a water leak. Pictured you can see the wet carpet. Our SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish team quickly responded and began the water damage cleanup and restoration process.

Commercial dining area.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Baton Rouge

Did you know that SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish offers a wide variety of commercial cleaning services? If your commercial property in Baton Rouge is in need of a deeper clean, give us a call today!

Large warehouse during cleaning.

Commercial Cleanup

There is no such thing as a water loss that is too large for our SERVPRO of Baton Rouge, LA team to handle. When it comes to commercial water damage cleanup and restoration, give SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish a call!

water damaged home

Water Damage From A Busted Pipe

This two-story home suffered water damage from a busted pipe. This photos shows just one room affected. Luckily the tile flooring did not need to be. The majority of our demolition were drywall cuts.

before and after image of dirty duct

Duct Cleaning improves air quality

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish has a proven track record of getting air ducts clean. We stand by our work and it is our mission to improve air quality in your business.

Tropical Storm damage

An early season tropical storm caused this business to suffer significant water damage due to rising creek water. Team SERVPRO spent 4 weeks in this Baton Rouge area establishment to ensure their workplace was 100% safe to return to.

Creek Flooded Church

We always take a risk when we own a home or business that borders a creek or drainage canal. This church surfed a water loss after flooding rains ravaged a Baton Rouge community. 

Gutter flashing causes a mess

This home sustained pretty significant damage due to an aging gutter flashing failure. This family was on vacation only to come home to a mess. Team SERVPRO was on the job within hours. 

Flash Flooding

As seen in this photo, a rare torrential flash flood caused this home to flood in one section of their home. Although the water only stood in the residence for a few hours, that was enough time to cause some pretty significant damage. Team SERVPRO acted quickly in getting these folks back in their home within a few weeks. 

Black barrier mold

Its very important to check for mold growth behind your homes black barrier that resides along the outer walls. Dangerous mold can thrive behind these barriers that were originally installed to protect your home. 

Post-flood cleanup

More than a week went by before this home owner called the professionals at SERVPRO which caused added mold damage to the tally. The SERVPRO team worked day and night to get these folks back into their home. 

Moldy tiles

This commercial bathroom fell victim to a nasty sewage backup after a flooding event in Baton Rouge Louisiana. The standing water quickly turned into a mold remediation job as well. With proper water extraction and treatment this business was back in action within a few weeks.

Abandoned building (mold)

This business had been abandoned for a few years. Several old roof leaks had caused moisture to build up over time which created a significant mold growth issue. Through time and hard work team SERVPRO had the building back operable within a few months. 

Being thurough is our priority

We take pride in making sure that every crack and crevasse in you home or business is properly inspected and treated. As seen in this photo, moister was still being detected inside of this homes outer wall even though the inside seamed dry enough at first sight. 

Know what's under your floors

This home suffered a water loss from a pesky roof lake at the chimney. Unfortunately the homes floors were a complete loss and had to be removed. To the home owners surprise, there still remained an additional layer of old vinyl flooring that had to be removed as well.

Overflowing bathtub

This family was counting their blessings after recently installing stained concrete floors just before an overflowing tub flooded their home. Thankfully the damage was confined to baseboards and cabinets. The thankful residents were back in their home within a week.

A/C closet nightmare

Not frequently inspecting your homes A/C closet can cause some serious damage. The wood support in the homes A/C closet gave way do to years of undetected water leaks. 

A/C overflows in office buildings

This Zachary Louisiana office building flooded due to an overflowing A/C units drain pan on the third floor. This one can sneak up on any home or business very suddenly if not inspected regularly. 

Flooded Gym

This gym facility, in Baton Rouge Louisiana, flooded in 2017 due to extreme rain flooding from a nearby creek. The wooden basketball court needed extra special care. Team SERVPRO jumped right in and saved the schools brand new floor.

Having the proper equipment is key

Having the proper equipment to get your business back up and running is extremely important to your bottom line.As seen in this photo, several air handlers are being used to properly remove moister. At SERVPRO, we have only the best.

KKM water extraction

KKM, in Baton Rouge Louisiana, suffered a minor water loss due to an overflowing drain in one of their bathroom facilities. Our team of experts at SERVPRO had them back up and running within a few days.

Team members posing for photo.

Fire Damage Technicians

If your home is affected by fire damage these are the technicians that will "make it like it never happened." Each technician has been through SERVPRO's ECTP training program. They have the skills to restore your home or business. Call SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish today.

Water Damage Technicians

If you have a water damage to you home or business, these are the technicians who will make it "Like it never even happened." Each technician has been through SERVPRO's rigorous Employee Certification Training Program (ECTP). The ECTP program is a very detailed program which challenges the employee to know the how to properly dry your structure. In addition to this training, Timmy, and Anthony have been through additional training with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) The IICRC is the recognized firm that sets the standards for the restoration industry.

You can trust these technicians to mitigate your home or business properly. Please call SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge today.

Livonia Food Mart Casino

These are the before and after pictures of the Livonia Food Mart Casino. The fire started in the Subway and caused smoke damage to the food mart, casino, and Subway. Understanding the importance to get these folks back in business ASAP, our crew eagerly jumped into action.

Livonia Food Mart

These are the before and after pictures of the Livonia Food Mart. The fire started in the Subway and caused smoke damage to the food mart, casino, and Subway. In just the matter of weeks, SERVPRO had this valuable business back in action.

Livonia Food Mart Subway

These are the before and after pictures of the Livonia Food Mart Subway. This is the starting location of the fire at the Livonia Food Mart. The food mart, and casino also incurred smoke damage.

Dearman's Fire

This is a picture of the aftermath of the fire at Dearman's Soda Fountain, a very popular destination for many Baton Rouge residents. This Photo from the Baton Rouge Advocate published on March 1, 2016.

Loss Site

This is the loss site at an fire caused by an electrical issue. There was a great amount of smoke and soot damage thought-out the home. The customer was pleased with our ability to make the loss "like it never even happened."

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