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How Security Fencing Will Protect Your Commercial Property After a Fire

5/25/2022 (Permalink)

Fence A security fence acts as a great deterrent.

How Would Security Fencing Protect Your Commercial Property?

If you are dealing with the aftermath of a devastating fire or another damaging event on your commercial property, there are many issues you must handle. In addition to making renovations and covering costs, you must also consider protecting the property from further damage.

Advantages of a Security Fence
There are many reasons to install security fencing around your property before you begin renovations to your building.

Safety Concerns - Curiosity entices many people, both young and old, to explore a deserted structure. Damages caused by fire will undoubtedly present many opportunities for injury. Tripping over broken structures or falling into crevices are only a couple of the concerns. Someone who is injured may also seek legal counsel, which could be very costly to your business.
Vandal Issues - There are those who may look to benefit from an unprotected building by stealing anything that could be salvaged. A security fence acts as a great deterrent.
Wild Life Concerns - Many small animals, such as raccoons and mice will more than likely occupy the open space very quickly. This can cause more damage to the property.
Insurance Compliance - Some insurance plans require that the property is secured with fencing before renovations can begin. A non-fenced area can become more damaged and cost more to renovate. In this case, the insurance company may not cover any of the damages after a fire at your property in Baton Rouge, LA.

Steps to Take When Installing a Fence
Talk with your insurance agent about the optimum fencing for your location. They will consider many issues when determining the best fit, including the property location and the size of the overall property. Wire mesh and chain link options are two of the choices available. Your fire restoration service can help you install the security fence.
Keep your building protected and reduce further damage after a fire with secured fencing around your property.

How To Keep Water Heaters in Good Condition

5/20/2022 (Permalink)

Connecting a hose to water heater Flushing a water heater

The last thing you want while taking a shower is cold water gushing out of the showerhead. Your first inclination may be to buy a new heater. There are easy instructions, however, that can help prolong the life of your heater in Monticello, LA, for many years.

Routine Maintenance on Your Water Heater

Conducting routine maintenance on your unit will reduce the risk of failure. If your heater malfunctions and you experience water damage, call a water restoration expert right away.

Test the Temperature-Pressure Release Valve - This valve regulates the pressure and temperature in the tank. To test it, put a pail below the discharge pipe. If water isn't released when you lift the lever, the valve must be replaced.
Check Electrical Connections - Periodically inspect the connections to ensure the unit is working properly.
Clean Sediment Within the Tank - As sediment builds up inside the tank, it can block the pipeline. If left unattended, it can also create cracks in the tank. Flushing the tank will reduce these risks.

Steps on Flushing a Water Heater
Performing a water heater flush may sound complicated, but it is really quite simple if you follow these steps.

Make sure the heater is turned off, then locate the drain valve and attach a garden hose to it.
Open the drain valve to release the water. While the water is flowing, turn on the hot water faucet in the kitchen or bathroom.
After several minutes, close the water supply valve and allow the water to continue draining until it stops
Once completely drained, make sure all of the valves are closed. At this point, turn the water supply on.
Check the faucet and wait until the water begins flowing smoothly again. This means that the water heater tank is full.
Turn the power and heating element back on.

Perform some routine maintenance on your heater to keep it running smoothly for years.

4 Tips for Preparing Your Business's Exterior for Storms

4/23/2022 (Permalink)

Hand with a glove cleaning a clogged gutter Keep your gutters clean.

Four Storm-Proofing Tips for Your Business's Exterior

Your commercial business insurance and relevant riders are all lined up to carefully cover your company for this year's stormy season in Zachary, LA. Your employees are knowledgeable about all of your safety protocols, and you've inspected the interior of your site for vulnerabilities and moved all important documentation out of potential flood zones. How about exterior maintenance? While it might feel like a lost cause to try and perform any repairs or make improvements when big storms are imminent, protecting your building from the outside can make a big difference in how well it withstands a storm's lashing. Here are four tips.

1. Secure Loose Objects

Complete a thorough exterior building inspection, starting with loose objects that could be tossed by winds and cause more damage. Antennas, trash cans, hanging signs, and benches could all become projectiles that damage your building. Secure them outside or bring them indoors.

2. Protect All Glass

From individual windows to large glass storefronts, protect your business by using storm shutters. There are many types available at various price points. At the very least, use duct tape over the glass to prevent shattering.

3. Clean Out Downspouts

Cleaning downspouts, gutters, and drains is probably a part of your regular exterior maintenance routine, but going over them an extra time right before a big storm ensures that water can drain away from the building properly.

4. Look for Entry Points

Keeping your building maintained regularly ensures that you don't have huge repair projects right before a storm. Check the roof, windows, doors, and foundation for any possible points of entry for water. Plus, if you do have to call a water damage restoration company to help clean up after a storm, you can be sure that the damage was a result of the storm and not poor maintenance.
Exterior maintenance of your building is an important part of your storm preparedness plan.

Mold Standards You Need To Know Before Commercial Mold Clean Up

4/18/2022 (Permalink)

Technician wearing protective gear while removing mold Mold clean-up services in Baker, LA.

Mold Standards

When hiring experts to clean up a mold issue in your commercial business, you expect them to be aware of mold standards. However, it's important to be aware of these standards, yourself. Slipups can cost you financially, as well as lead to the regrowth of the mold that was causing the problem in the first place. Educate yourself on the rules and regulations to be safe.

Standards for Professional Mold Clean Up

If you bring in an honorable professional mold remediation team, they will not skirt around important regulations. It's your responsibility as a commercial business to make sure that the experts you bring in are holding up their end of the bargain. Some resources that you can acquire on mold standards include:

  • The ANSI/IICRC S520 - Mold Remediation -
  • Third Edition: 2015
  • EPA guidelines for mold remediation in schools and commercial buildings
  • OSHA's Mold Standards

These documents are up to date at the time of this article's publication but always check for the newest edition. Also, it's important to be aware of the state plan in Baker, LA and whether or not it is OSHA-approved. This means that it is up to par or better than the standards outlined by OSHA.

Examples of Standards Set Forth

The availability of the documents above varies. Here are some examples of what you will find in the aforementioned resources:

  • Safety tips
  • Inspection and determination standards
  • Regulatory equipment, tools, and materials
  • Principles of mold eradication

The list goes on! The experts you bring in should already have knowledge of these standards. If they do not follow the standards set forth in your state, you can take action.

Why This Is Important for Mold Clean Up

Mold overgrowth can have devastating ramifications for a commercial building. The structural and property damage is not worth skipping out on reading a few legal documents. If standards aren't met, you're faced with the chance that black mold will reappear, and the mold clean-up process will have to start all over again. Educating yourself and your business can save valuable time and resources down the line.

Protecting Your Business From Flood Damage

4/5/2022 (Permalink)

Sealants on a table. You can also help protect yourself by sealing any cracks in the outside of your building.

Flood Damage Protection for Your Business

If you own a business, you know you need to protect your building from flood damage. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can do this in Baton Rouge, LA.

Have a Plan

One of the most important ways you can protect your business from a flood is to have a clear plan for what happens if it is going to flood. This plan should:

  • Be comprehensive
  • Encompass before and after the flood
  • Have vital information on what to do

Keep your flood plan on-hand or in an accessible place.

Keep Vital Information On-Hand

You will need to keep important information like insurance policies and the number of a storm damage remediation company in a separate location. This can help you get things started even before the floodwaters recede.

Prepare for Flooding

You can prepare for flooding by keeping some flood supplies on hand. You can easily store absorbant flood barriers and plastic sheeting.

Keep Electricity Away From Water

Whenever possible, move your electrical outlets to water safe heights. You should also keep all electronics like computers and printers off the floor. If it is safe and you suspect that it might flood, consider shutting down the power to any electronics and unplugging them. This will help to protect them against flood damage.

Use Flood-Resistant Landscaping and Materials

If you have the choice, choose flood-resistant materials to decorate your office. Most of these materials can survive around 72 hours in the event of a flood. This can save you time and money when you want to return to normal business operations.
Decorate your premises with native landscaping. Native plants help provide a barrier and can survive a flood if it is something normal for your area.

Seal the Cracks

By using water-resistant materials, you can also help protect yourself by sealing any cracks in the outside of your building. This will keep water from seeping in.
Protecting yourself against flood damage is important in all areas. If you follow these suggestions, they can help you get back to business faster.

3 Fire Extinguisher Facts Every Business Should Know

3/25/2022 (Permalink)

Three Red tank of fire extinguisher A fire extinguisher is designed to battle specific types of infernos.

3 Fire Extinguisher Facts

A fire extinguisher is a crucial piece of safety equipment that can save lives and spare commercial properties from extensive damage mandating professional cleanup and restoration. Because of this, every business in Monticello, LA, should maintain at least one functional device. To ensure it’s readily available in an emergency, every owner and manager should also recognize three key facts about this vital fire suppression tool.

1. Device Doesn’t Last Forever

Extinguishers do not have an indefinite shelf life. Unfortunately, they also do not typically come with an expiration date sticker.
To determine the viability of your device, you should complete annual inspections and check for compromised components. Specific defects that may make it unusable include a broken handle, missing locking pin or a cracked nozzle. The gauge should also be in green. If it’s not, replace the device.

2. Multiple Types Exist

A fire extinguisher is designed to battle specific types of infernos. Class K units, for example, can douse a kitchen fire sparked by grease while a Class A device is designated for use with blazes involving ordinary combustibles, such as wood and paper. Additional distinctions include Class C for electrical fires and Class B for flammable liquids.
Attempting to smother flames with the wrong type of device can be ineffective. To combat this potential dilemma, evaluate your company’s specific fire risks and purchase your extinguisher accordingly. Check the canister’s label to confirm the class. You can also purchase a multipurpose device, which can be used against a variety of blazes.

3. Should Be Accessible and Visible
Minimizing fire damage requires prompt action. To ensure an expedited response, mount your extinguisher in a safe, accessible place and post signage to identify its location. You should also ensure staff recognize this area and refrain from blocking the site.
Because an inferno can erupt suddenly, having a functioning fire extinguisher easily accessible is a crucial safety strategy. Understanding key aspects of the device can ensure it’s in prime operating condition and ready to perform in an emergency.

Pretesting, Innovative Tools Help Salvage More Damaged Property, Belongings

3/11/2022 (Permalink)

Drying equipment placed in a lobby room Restoration services in Zachary, LA.

Pretesting, Innovative Tools Help Salvage More Damaged Property, Belongings

If your commercial property in Zachary, LA, sustains a water loss, the initial scene can be overwhelming. While it may seem like little is salvageable and your insurance claim will be over the top, a certified mold and water damage and restoration company will have the tools and expertise to perform pretesting and make a restoration plan to minimize claims and get your property back to “Like it never even happened.”


Even though you may already have damage, a key to minimizing costs is ensuring it doesn’t spread. After calling a professional, they will quickly respond to start the saving process.

Within four hours, a technician will arrive on-site to assess the damage and develop a mitigation plan.
The professional will clearly explain the assessment and plan, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the process.
After the on-site visit, the professional will communicate the scope of the project with your insurance agent or claims adjuster.
Pretesting will be done to determine if items can be restored.


Once the cleanup and restoration process begins, certified professionals have an arsenal of tools and techniques to clean, repair and restore the structure and many of the items within it. These include:

Moisture Detection: This is used to measure and monitor moisture levels, including detecting hidden water.
Water Extraction: To speed up the drying process, portable or truck-mounted extraction equipment will be used to pump out high levels of water.
Drying: Industrial-strength humidifiers and air mover are used to eradicate leftover moisture from throughout the structure.
Cleaning and Deodorizing: Salvageable belongings will be removed and taken to a secure location to clean and remove odors. Different methods will be used depending on the item, such as dry, immersive or wet cleaning. Air scrubbers, thermal foggers and anti-microbial treatments are used in the property to eliminate odors and sanitize.

A water loss may seem like a difficult situation to get out of, but taking quick action and pretesting damaged items ensures more can be restored instead of replaced.

3 Steps To Stop a Continuously Flushing Commercial Toilet

3/1/2022 (Permalink)

Water in toilet bowl flushing These steps can help your toilet from flushing continuously.

3 Steps to Stop a Commercial Toilet From Flushing Constantly

Commercial toilets flush by using a water-diverting device called a flushometer. This device enables tankless toilets, which are optimal for high-use bathrooms. If you manage a business property in Baker, LA, you probably have this type of fixture. Most of the time they operate smoothly, but sometimes they can accumulate built-up sediment that leads to a toilet overflow. When this happens, the flushometer does not stop flushing. Although flooding can be a daunting problem, there are simple steps you can take to clean out a typical manual flushometer and stop a toilet from flushing.

1. Take Apart the Flushometer

First, find the slot for a flathead screwdriver on one side of the flushometer. Turn the slot to shut off the water. Next, remove the top lid of the flushometer by loosening it with a wrench and then twisting it completely off. Placing a soft buffer material between the jaws of your wrench and the flushometer’s top lid can prevent scuffs.
Once the top lid is removed, you can unscrew and remove the flange cover. This should be done slowly and carefully, as trapped water may be released upon opening.

2. Clean the Gasket

Once the flange cover is removed, you can see the gasket. There will likely be a lot of sediment built up. This is typically the root cause of toilet overflow. Remove the gasket and clean it thoroughly, washing off all sediment. There may be a tiny opening called a weep hole. Use a small object to clear out this hole, being careful not to expand it in the process.

3. Reassemble, Test and Restore

Reinsert the gasket, and put the flushometer back together by reversing the steps of disassembly. If the problem persists after the water is turned back on, you will need to replace the gasket. If damage is sustained from the toilet flood, a local restoration and cleanup specialist can help get your property back in top shape.
These steps can address a toilet overflow in manual flushometers. Keep them in mind to avoid water damage in your commercial building's bathroom.

What Does SERVPRO Do To Help With Insurance Claims?

2/23/2022 (Permalink)

Technician is inspecting something When you need an emergency response cleanup and repair team, there are plenty of choices. But few can do what SERVPRO offers.

How Can SERVPRO Assist With Insurance Claims?

When the unthinkable happens and your worst nightmare comes true with a flood or fire in your home, help is available to get your through the ordeal. Different key groups play important roles to ensure you can stay in or return to your home. Firefighters, disaster cleanup and restoration professionals, and your insurance company will do their part to make this ordeal as pain free as possible. If you choose an experienced, reputable restoration team such as SERVPRO, they’ll make sure claim services go smoothly.

SERVPRO Specialties

When you need an emergency response cleanup and repair team, there are plenty of choices. But few can do what SERVPRO offers. The team will do the following for you:

  • Work effectively with your insurance company to process claims.
  • Come on the scene in a timely manner and complete the job quickly.
  • Use best practices and techniques to clean up and restore your home.
  • Provide excellent customer service.

Importance of Insurance Coverage

Even small floods or fires can cause costly damage to your Baton Rouge, LA, home. While you may not be able to replace all items, you can have peace of mind knowing that you shouldn’t have to front the bill. This is why you pay for reliable, reputable insurance. Claim services shouldn’t have to be difficult to work with. You can make things even easier when you hire the professionals at SERVPRO. They know how to work in tandem with your insurance agent. Because of the team’s efficiency and reliability, the insurance company can process your claims quickly and without issues.

What the Insurance Company Wants

Your insurance agent will ask for details of the incident and the extent of the damage. The repair and restoration team will conduct a thorough investigation and will assess the damage and what needs to happen to repair or replace it. The team will share these findings with the insurance company.

Don’t waste any time following a flood or fire. Call SERVPRO and your insurance agent for claim services immediately.

When Can You Enter Your Home After a Fire?

2/23/2022 (Permalink)

A home restored from fire damage Did you know that SERVPRO offers fire damage cleanup and restoration services? Our crew is faster to any size fire damage disaster that might occur.

When Is It Safe To Return Home After A Fire?

If a fire started unexpectedly in your home and you were able to successfully escape, you are likely thankful for your safety but eager to try and rescue your belongings. Even if the fire has stopped burning or your home appears safe to enter, it is important you wait until a fire damage cleanup team can come to the site and assess the situation. Continue reading to learn when you can safely enter your home in Baker, LA, again after a house fire.

Steps To Take As Soon You Evacuate Your Home

As soon as you and all your family members escape your home, follow these steps:

  1. Call 9-1-1
  2. Get in contact with your insurance agent
  3. Call a fire restoration company to board up your home

What Is Emergency Board Up?

After fire damage has affected your home, there’s no way to know for sure if the structure is safe enough for you to enter. You will be able to enter home after it has been assessed and safely secured with board ups and tarp overs wherever necessary. This process involves boarding up broken windows and doors and placing tarps over a broken roof and areas with stability or leakage issues. This prevents further damage to your home, someone getting hurt, or someone easily gaining access to your home.

Who Can Perform an Emergency Board Up?

You should never perform a board up on your own. While you might want to reduce costs by doing the process yourself, you can create extensive damage to your home and put yourself at risk. It is in your best interest to wait until the fire restoration team can come and determine what action needs to be taken.

It is important to take all the necessary steps after a fire occurs in your home before you trying entering your home. Once you get into contact with the restoration company and they board up your home, you’ll be able to safely enter the house.

Do Tenants Have to Pay for Flood Damage?

2/23/2022 (Permalink)

A room flooded is being restored Recovering from flood damage can be difficult, especially when you need help to remove, repair, and restore damaged property.

Is It Necessary For Tenants To Pay For Flood Damage?

If you rent a commercial property, you may be worried about insurance coverage in the event of a flood. Considering you don’t own the building, you may be uncertain on the type of renter’s insurance you need – or if you need renter’s insurance at all. Don’t get caught out when it’s too late and your property is already flooded; learn what you need to know about flood damage and flood insurance in Zachary, LA.

What’s Covered by the Building Owner

When it comes to renter’s insurance, the building owner is liable for insuring the actual structure itself. If any structural damage is incurred during a flood, then the building owner’s insurance will take over paying for any repairs and replacement. This generally includes damage to roofs, windows, walls, building systems, and external parking and fixtures.

What’s Covered by the Tenant

As the tenant, you are responsible for obtaining renter’s insurance for anything inside the building. This means any furniture, appliances, inventory, computer equipment, or other property specifically belonging to you. If your items are damaged in a flood, you should obtain appropriate insurance coverage to safeguard your belongings.

What If the Building Owner Supplies Equipment and Furniture?

Because those items are the property of the building owner, in this specific instance, they would also be covered under the owner’s insurance rather than the renter’s insurance. Nonetheless, you should discuss the extent of insurance coverage and expectations with the building owner ahead of time, well before a flood.

Recovering From Flood Damage

Recovering from flood damage can be difficult, especially when you need help to remove, repair, and restore damaged property. It’s not impossible, however, and a good business owners’ or renter’s insurance policy can make all the difference. Before shopping for an insurance policy, do a complete inventory of all equipment, merchandise, furniture, and other items that you would have covered by the policy before determining what’s the best policy for you.

What Causes Smoke Odor Damage?

1/26/2022 (Permalink)

Restaurant damaged by fire, two man cleaning debris from the restaurant, ceiling collapsed Commercial fire damage in Baker, LA.

Causes of Smoke Damage

Smoke odor can be very persistent. If a smell lingers after a fire at a commercial property in Baker, LA, property owners or managers should identify and eliminate the sources of the odor. Here are several causes of smoke damage that can be eliminated through smoke cleaning.

Smoke Particles

Smoke particles can be as large as several microns and range all the way down to 0.001 micron. There are several ways to filter out larger particles:

  • Air filters or purifiers
  • HEPA filters
  • HVAC air scrubbers

None of these methods will be able to eliminate the most miniscule smoke particles. It will be necessary to neutralize the odor of these particles in order to get rid of every trace of damage.

Lingering Traces

Very small smoke particles can cause odors to persist even after filtration. Smoke cleaning professionals use several odor neutralization methods:

  • Ozone machines
  • Hydroxyl generators
  • Thermal fogging
  • Vapor modification

All of these methods are effective for eliminating smoke smells. Ozone machines and thermal fogging work quickly, but require evacuation. Hydroxyl generators and vapor modification take longer to achieve the same level of odor neutralization, but treatment can continue while occupants remain in a structure.

Surface Residues

Smoke smells may also be due to residues found on surfaces such as ceilings, walls, furniture, or window blinds. Restoration experts may use chemical sponges or wet cleaning solutions on surfaces. Furniture and other textiles may benefit from dry-cleaning or foam treatments. These methods may remove discoloration and odors from items or materials that have sustained damage.

A smoke cleaning service can recommend solutions for eliminating particles, residues, and any traces of smoke damage lingering in a structure in Baker, LA. Property owners may need to document and maintain proof of damage in order to demonstrate the need for professional cleanup services. Smoke odor remediation may be covered by commercial property insurance policies.

What To Do When You Discover Water Damage

1/19/2022 (Permalink)

Wet floor, clear water standing on white flooring, flood cuts performed on drywall Water damage in Baton Rouge, LA.

Steps To Clean Out Water Damage In a Home

Broken pipes, leaking pipes, a burst supply line, a poorly connected supply line, an aging appliance…there are countless factors in your home that may result in water damage, many of which you may not discover until after water has begun to pool in your home. Unfortunately, once you discover sitting water in your home, chances are that the issue has existed long enough to have caused extensive damage. While you cannot undo the damage that has already been done, you can act immediately to prevent further harm. Three steps you can take right away include the following:

  • Shut off the water source.
  • Look for safety areas and turn off circuit breakers if possible.
  • Attempt to save contents.

If the damage is extensive enough, you may want to contact a Baton Rouge, LA, water cleanup team.

Turn Off the Source

It will not help you to clean up the water damage if you do not find the source and put a stop to the leak or influx of water. The source may be a leaking pipe, a poorly connected supply line or even an open window. Once you locate the source, shut off the valve or close it off somehow.

Turn Off Breakers

If you can do so safely, turn off power in all affected areas. An electrical current that comes into contact with water can create an even greater hazard and may put you and your home in danger. However, if turning off power means wading through a pool of water, leave it be and contact a professional.

Save Your Contents

If you can do so, remove items from the affected area and try to dry them out. Even if an item is not in direct contact with water, it is at risk of becoming moldy or rotted because of the excess moisture in the air. If electronics or electrical appliances sustained water damage, toss them out. Even if they look okay, using water damaged appliances is extremely dangerous and can cause a house fire.

Dealing with water damage is no fun, but it must be done. For help with more extensive problems, contact your Baton Rouge, LA, water cleanup team.

3 Tips To Prevent Mold

1/10/2022 (Permalink)

Hand pointing to mold growth on ceiling Keep your home free from secondary damage.

3 Mold Prevention Tips

Dealing with water damage in your home in Monticello, LA, sometimes makes it seem like a mold problem is inevitable. It may be easier to prevent mold than you think, though. You don’t have to resign yourself to recurring patches of fungus on your walls, carpet and ceiling. Follow these tips to keep these issues at bay.

1. Maintain Optimal Air Flow

Stagnant air can contribute to mold growth. If you do not have sufficient air flow in your home, mold spores are more likely to settle on surfaces. You are also more likely to have moisture problems, which exacerbate mold issues by giving it sustenance. Make sure that the areas of your home that are prone to excess moisture, such as the laundry room, kitchen and bathroom, are properly ventilated.

2. Pursue Quick Remediation

If your pipes spring a leak, a fast response is the best way to prevent secondary damage such as mold. Call mold remediation experts immediately whenever your home has water damage. It only takes a couple of days for spores to settle and multiply on surfaces in your home. The quicker you can make the environment less hospitable for fungus growth, the more likely you are to prevent the problem.

3. Keep Moisture Levels Down

Mold loves moisture, so it logically follows that minimizing moisture in your home can help with mold prevention. There are two main ways to do this. First, make sure you keep the humidity level at 45% or below. You can purchase a humidity meter at most hardware stores. Second, dry all affected items thoroughly any time you have a spill or leak. Allowing moisture to remain on surfaces in your home is an invitation to mold.

You may not be able to prevent water damage, but you don’t have to resign yourself to further issues such as mold infestation. Hire specialists who are faster to any size disaster to keep your home free from secondary damage.

Recovery After Pipe Damage

12/27/2021 (Permalink)

Flood cuts performed on a drywall, standing water on the floor. Water damage from a busted pipe.

Recovering from Pipe Damage

A leak in the plumbing system can be a serious hindrance to your business activities in Zachary, LA. Prevent the need for pipe burst cleanup and other remedial actions by performing the following maintenance.

1. Check the Supply Lines

One of the first troubleshooting activities should be an inspection for supply line leaking. A supply line is a flexible hose, usually with a woven steel casing, that connects a toilet or other device to a source of water. The connections between the supply line and either the fixture or the wall can become points of failure over time. Corrosion can damage nuts or threads and compromise the fittings that keep water flowing smoothly between different pipes. Inspect and replace these as necessary with similar components.

2. Check the Drainage

Another potential problem lies in the means through which water exits the basin of a sink, toilet, or other fixture. These pipes can also fail and create a need for costly water cleanup attention. In addition to checking drain outlets directly, sites such as joints in the u-bend or the sewer outlet can wear over time. Apply caulk or epoxy depending on the surface type if the leak is comparatively minor or is the result of a slightly loose-fitting. If the plastic or copper piping is directly cracked or broken along a flat surface, it will likely need a complete replacement to prevent more serious pipe burst cleanup.

3. Inspect Surrounding Materials

Drywall and flooring can become wet, harboring bacteria and mold. If the leak has progressed for a long time, materials such as the plywood beneath the sink or the floor padding below a bathroom may need replacing near the affected area. If the volume of water is high enough to cause standing flooding, it may be prudent to contact a qualified water damage restoration service.

A little bit of preventative maintenance during a leak can prevent major headaches in the future. Stop floods the resulting pipe burst cleanup before they begin by reviewing the above leak correction tips.

How Often Should You Replace Bathroom Supply Lines?

12/21/2021 (Permalink)

Supply line Bathroom supply lines are available in solid and flexible materials.

Common Causes of Supply Line Damage

Bathroom supply lines are available in solid and flexible materials. The longevity of a supply line depends on the material and installation. Find out more about different types of lines and common causes of supply line damage.

Supply Line Materials

The material and texture of a supply line will affect how long it is likely to last. Solid supply lines can last for decades, whereas flexible lines are less durable and more affordable to replace. Choose from the following materials:

  • Braided stainless steel
  • Chromed copper
  • Copper
  • CPVC
  • Flexible Copper
  • PEX

Solid copper lines are much more expensive than solid CPVC lines or flexible materials. In general, solid lines are desirable for long runs, and flexible lines are better suited for short runs.

Supply Line Warranties

The warranty on a supply line depends on the material and manufacturer, and can range from five years to a lifetime. This includes:

  • Copper lines that can last for decades and may have lifetime warranties
  • Plastic lines with 5- to 8-year warranties
  • Steel braided lines with warranties from 5 years up to a lifetime

Factor in the warranty on any type of line you choose to install. This can provide protection against a premature supply line leak.

Supply Line Damage

Supply lines may break or succumb to a particular type of damage due to the line material. Several common types of damage involving lines and fittings include:

  • Corroded braided metal hoses
  • Separated brass barbed fittings due to stress corrosion
  • Broken plastic coupling nuts
  • Burst supply lines

All of these types of damage can cause a bathroom leak and Category One water damage. Replace the line and connections, and contact water damage restoration specialists.

Replace lines if you experience a pipe burst or other supply line damage. Depending on the material, a homeowner may want to complete this replacement or hire a plumber in Baker, LA.

Top 3 Reasons To Board Your Home After a Fire

12/16/2021 (Permalink)

Burned walls inside a house, there is a window next to the wall the sunlight is shining. Burnt pieces on the floor Fire damage in Baton Rouge, LA.

Reasons To Board Up Your Home After a Fire

No homeowner in Baton Rouge, LA, wants to watch a house go up in smoke. Still, even if you exercise caution, you cannot completely eliminate your risk of sustaining fire damage. If your home has been through a residential fire, you must act quickly to minimize ongoing harm. Here are the top three reasons to board up your home following a fire.

1. Keep Weather Out of Your House

As you probably know, water can destroy the inside of your home. Not only does moisture affect the quality of carpeting, drywall and fixtures, but it can also promote mold growth. By relying on an emergency board-up service to make your home weather-tight, you keep water from making fire damage worse.

2. Discourage Criminal Activity

Burned homes are easy targets for thieves, vandals and other criminals. To discourage looting following a fire, board up your home. Not only does placing boards over damaged windows and doors make illegal entry more difficult, but it also blocks the view of the inside of your home. Either way, if you want to keep criminals out of your house, attaching boards is an effective strategy.

3. Prevent Animals From Nesting

Birds, raccoons, snakes, mice and other critters love to live inside abandoned properties. While you are waiting to begin repairs on your damaged home, you must encourage animals to stay away from it. By boarding up your home, you tell animal invaders they are not welcome.

Unless a fire completely ruins your home, you probably want to repair it. As such, you must do what you can to limit ongoing damage following a fire. Since broken doors and missing windows encourage damage to continue, you probably want to place boards over the access points. With the right fire restoration service, you can be certain you are protecting your home from further damage.

3 Strategies for Keeping Your Employees Safe During a Flood Cleanup

11/15/2021 (Permalink)

Business, floor with mud, doors opened of building you can see boxes on the floor A business in Monticello, LA suffered from water damage due to rising creek water.

3 Ways to Keep Your Employees Safe During Flood Cleanup

When your Monticello, LA, business suffers a flood, the cleanup efforts can be considerable. From the removal of contaminated black water to fighting the mold growth that can occur afterward, there can be much to do. However, during this process, keeping your employees safe will likely be a priority for you, especially as you work to reopen your business. As workers return to your building, there are a few strategies you can keep in mind that might protect them from accidents or injury.

1. Have Them Avoid Touching Flood Water

If the flooding in your commercial location was caused by an overflow of an outdoor creek or river, a sewer backup, or a backed-up toilet, you may want to keep your employees clear of the water and prevent them from entering flooded areas. Category 3 flooding creates what is called black water, which may contain feces and sewer chemicals. Only professionals from flood damage and cleanup service with the equipment and knowledge to handle the water should do so.

2. Allow Them To Work From Home

Allowing some employees to work remotely can help keep them safe while flood cleanup efforts continue at your business. Data wranglers, coding technicians and social media managers might all be able to work from home and turn in their work via email or through your company’s shared data drive. This can help prevent layoffs or work stoppage for many of your employees.

3. Complete Air Filtration Before Employees Return

Air quality can be poor after flooding, especially if your flood techs must remove mold. It is wise to allow any air filtration processes to complete before inviting your employees back to work.

Keeping your employees safe from black water, poor air quality and other issues after a flood damages your Monticello, LA, commercial building can be daunting. However, when you know how to proceed once flooding occurs, you can reduce the risk of employee injuries or accidents.

The 3 Categories of Water: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Flood cuts performed on a drywall, clear water standing on white tile flooring Water damage due to pipe break in a Baton Rouge, LA home.

Categories of Water Damage

If your home is flooded with water, it is important that you understand where it came from before you start cleaning up the mess yourself, otherwise, you risk touching contaminated water. There are three categories of water that you should know about:

  • Category 1, which is clean water
  • Category 2, which is contaminated
  • Category 3, which is sewage or black water

If you are unaware of where water came from, the best thing you can do is to call a Baton Rouge, LA, water cleanup specialist.

Category 1 Water

Category 1 water is water that originated directly from a sanitary source, such as a supply line. This type of water is generally safe for non-professionals to deal with on their own. However, if the water is allowed to sit and mix with soils or with components of a building, it may become category 2 water.

Category 2 Water

Category 2 water is contaminated water, and it is not recommended that individuals attempt to cleanup this type of water on their own. Also known as "gray water," this water has bacteria present but does not contain any human waste. Experts recommend contacting a professional cleanup grew to deal with gray water only because it's difficult to know what types of contaminants it contains.

Category 3 Water

Category 3 water does contain human waste and other raw sewage, which is why it is also referred to as black water. This type of water is grossly unsanitary and should not be dealt with by a non-professional.

All three types of water can cause secondary water damage, which is why it is essential that they are dealt with right away. If you fail to clean up any type of water mess, it can cause mold and other property damage. Whether you are dealing with clean water, contaminated water or water of unknown origins, contact your local Baton Rouge, LA, water remediation team right away for advice and assistance.

3 Tips for Cleaning Your Home After a Fire

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Paint of a wall warping damaged by fire. Fire damage in Zachary, LA.

Cleaning Your Home After a Fire

Experiencing a home fire in Zachary, LA, can be devastating and cause tremendous stress on you and your family. After overcoming the initial shock and ensuring everyone is safe, you can shift your focus to cleaning and restoring your property. Removing the smoke odor from your home is an important first step, but don’t forget about content cleaning as many of your personal items can be saved from fire and smoke damage.

1. Dry Clean Your Clothes

Much of the smoke odor and residual soot can be removed from your clothes by dry-cleaning. Other fabrics can benefit from dry-cleaning as well, such as drapes and furniture covers. Be thorough — smoke and soot can travel thorough your whole house and are not confined to rooms directly affected by the fire.

2. Don’t Forget Surfaces

Cleaning your carpets might seem like an obvious step in the restoration process, but other non-porous areas also need to be cleaned thoroughly. Ultrasonic cleaners use a cleaning solution in conjunction with pressurized waves to effectively cleanse metal, rubber, plastic, glass and ceramics. Investigate renting one of these machines as opposed to buying, or contact a restoration specialist and have your hard surfaces professionally cleaned.

3. Store Your Belongings and Relax

If this all seems too overwhelming to accomplish by yourself, you may want to investigate content storage, a service offered by many restoration specialists. The company will pack and move all of your stuff to its own facility where its technicians can more efficiently clean and deodorize your possessions, then store them until your home is safe and spotless. This is a great option if your fire damage is extensive, as it allows the contractor in your home more room to work and takes away some of the stress of tackling a huge project like cleaning everything in your home yourself.

Fires can leave a lasting mark on you and your property. Safety is always the most important thing after a fire, and luckily, cleanup can be made easy and stress-free through a combination of dry-cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning.

Filing a Smoke or Fire Insurance Claim

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Technicians cleaning a restaurant after fire damage Fire damage in Monticello, LA.

Filing a Claim for Smoke or Fire Insurance

A fire occurring at your place of business can put a lot of different problems on your plate at once, and at times it can be devastating. Luckily, insurance claims for smoke damaged and fire damage are often covered by many insurance carriers. Documenting the incident may not seem important right after a fire happens, but keeping a well organized list of details about the event can help smooth the process of filing a claim with your insurance company.

How You Can Help

Keeping in mind that your insurance policy likely covers damage from fire, make a list of the following to give to your adjuster:

  • Date of loss
  • Whether the damage was from fire and smoke, or strictly smoke damage
  • Location of damage
  • Other parties involved
  • Condition of the property
  • Any content damaged as a result of the fire and if the items can be repaired
  • Related injuries
  • A police and fire department report

There is usually a section in your policy that outlines a specific time frame during which you can file your claim after the date of loss. Familiarizing yourself with your policy is a great course of action in order to give yourself the necessary tools in the unfortunate event that you have fire damage, smoke damage, or soot damage. You will likely exchange many emails and phone conversations with various contractors and insurance agents during this time as well. Keeping these conversations organized and documented can save you from future headache.

The Aftermath

A good insurance policy can lessen the sting of a fire’s aftermath. In fact, many carriers will work with you through the process of rebuilding. Generally, insurance adjusters understand reasonable requests from policyholders, such as requesting that your local Monticello, LA, contractor is IICRC-certified. If you have had a fire at your business, keeping composure and working with yotiur insurance company can help your business get back on its feet in no time.

How Can Renters Insurance Help With Fire Damage?

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Renters insurance form and dollars on the table. Own property insurance is required to secure your personal things.

How Do Renters Insurance Can Protect You From a Fire

You probably know someone who has been through a home fire in Spindale, NC. They are eager to share lessons learned the hard way. One of those lessons is that insurance can help protect your family financially if a fire should affect your home. Here are a few ways renters insurance can help protect you from fire:

1. Protect personal property. Your landlord’s insurance will cover the building and items that belong to the landlord, but your items are not included in that coverage. As a renter, you need a policy to provide replacement value of personal property loss from fire damage.

2. Prevent financial destruction from liability. Most renter's insurance policies include protection in case you accidentally start the fire. Of course, this doesn’t cover intentional or criminal conduct.

3. Provide money for accommodations. Make sure your policy includes this coverage, which provides for hotel fees or the expense of relocation. A loss of use can help pay for you to live somewhere else if your current space becomes uninhabitable from a disaster, like fire.

Renters insurance is affordable, costing around $30 per month. It provides coverage of your belongings no matter where they are damaged or stolen, and it covers a variety of different types of disasters. Be sure to remember that flood damage still requires separate coverage, but fire and other disasters, such as wind, lightning, theft and vandalism, are usually covered. Coverage may have some limits, so consider getting a rider for special items that may be very valuable.

You need insurance to protect your personal belongings. It’s up to the landlord to have adequate coverage for the building and any furnishings that are included. Fire restoration can encompass many different types of damage including water, smoke and soot. A good restoration company will be able to handle all types of damage, working with you to minimize loss and clean your belongings when it is possible to do so.

The Top 5 Bathroom Mildew Cleaning Tips

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Mold growth on bathroom tiles Bathroom mildew in a Baker, LA home.

The Top 5 Bathroom Mildew Removal Methods

There are several effective solutions for eliminating bathroom mildew or preventing this fungal growth from forming. The most important step toward managing mildew in your bathroom is to resolve any underlying humidity problem. Once you have addressed this issue, you should take steps to clean and maintain your bathroom.

Here are five of the top mildew cleaning solutions for bathrooms, from the mildest to the most powerful:

1. Vinegar and warm water: This relatively gentle solution works for cleaning. You can also combine a mixture of one part vinegar to one part water in a spray bottle and use this solution to maintain a mildew-free bathroom between deep cleanings.

2. Baking soda: Form a paste by adding baking soda to vinegar or hydrogen peroxide or apply this gritty powder directly to grout in your bathroom. The abrasive and foaming actions of sodium bicarbonate make baking soda a powerful bathroom mildew cleaning solution.

3. Isopropyl Alcohol: Wiping down bathroom surfaces with alcohol can be an effective way to sanitize between cleanings.

4. Oxygen bleach: Powdered oxygen bleach is an even more powerful mildew cleaning solution. Do not mix this substance with other cleaners.

5. Chlorine bleach: Liquid chlorine bleach is one of the most powerful cleaning solutions. Dilute bleach to a safe concentration, but keep in mind that this solution may degrade grout over time.

In addition to these five options, you can purchase specialized anti-mildew cleaners for bathroom use at a store. You should also acquire the cleaning tools you will need to get rid of mildew in your bathroom. Use a stiff-bristled brush to rub the solution of your choice into grout lines and other problem areas.

If you are struggling to resolve a persistent humidity problem that is causing bathroom mildew to develop, contact a service that provides mold and mildew testing and remediation services in Baker, LA.

What Is Secondary Damage?

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Flooded storage unit. If you are dealing with water damage in a commercial property in Baton Rouge take action immediately to limit the extent of the damage.

Secondary damage is caused by primary damage. This additional damage may happen quickly as long as the conditions that caused primary damage to persist or may develop over time. For instance, if water damage goes untreated or high humidity levels persist, black mold may develop. The water damage is the primary damage, and the mold growth is secondary. Take timely measures to restore primary damage and fix the source of the problem to prevent conditions from worsening.

What Are the Major Types of Damage?

There are several secondary types of damage that can affect your home following water damage. These include

• Additional damage to contents or building materials
• Corrosion
• Electrical damage
• Mold growth, including black mold
• Wood rot

These are just a few of the types of damage that can follow water damage.

How Can You Prevent Secondary Damage?

Resolve primary damage as soon as possible to stop secondary factors from developing. Fix the source of a leak or other water damage and remove all water. Depending on the type of water, you may also need to clean and disinfect the affected area. Category One water is clean, but Category Two or Three water may contain bacteria or solid waste. Thoroughly dry the affected area and lower high humidity levels.

When Does Primary Damage Turn Into Secondary?

Primary damage and secondary consequences can emerge at the same time, or secondary issues can develop over time. The best way to stop this damage from becoming severe is to handle the primary source, assess the secondary factors, and take preventative measures as soon as possible.

If you are dealing with water damage in a commercial property in Baton Rouge take action immediately to limit the extent of damage from primary or secondary sources. A quick response and the assistance of skilled restoration professionals can keep black mold or other secondary issues from developing.

How To Restore Your Flooded Basement

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Flood damaged belongings standing outside after being removed during the flood cleanup process. Repairing your flood-damaged basement can be a daunting project.

No homeowner in Baton Rouge wants to face a flooded basement. However, knowing how to address flood damage and what equipment can expedite your work can help you efficiently restore the lowest level of your home.

Avoid Electric Shock

Water and electricity are a deadly combination. To eliminate the risk of electric shock, you need to ensure that the electricity is turned off before commencing your cleanup efforts.

Drain Water

The first step in the cleanup process is to drain standing water. To accomplish this, you need four pieces of equipment:
• Submersible sump pump or trash pump, if there is debris such as mud, leaves or sticks
• Extension cord
• Long hose to drain water away from the house
• Generator to power the pump

To expedite drainage, use multiple sump pumps. Once the pumps have extracted most of the water, you can also use a wet vac to suction additional moisture.

Remove Saturated Materials

Removing saturated materials is the next step. This includes both personal belongings and wet building materials, such as carpets and drywall. These items are porous and can become breeding grounds for mold.

To remove water-damaged drywall, make a flood cut 12-18 inches above the highest water level. Once you remove the saturated drywall, promptly discard any wet insulation. Because insulation loses its R-value when wet, you will not be able to salvage this material.

Dry the Area

Quickly drying your basement is another crucial step. You can use fans and a dehumidifier to expedite the process and minimize the risk of mold damage.

Completing repairs while the basement is still wet could also result in extensive mold growth. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the room is completely dry before replacing drywall, insulation, and flooring. To verify the absence of moisture, use a moisture meter.

Seek Assistance

Repairing your flood-damaged basement can be a daunting project, especially if there is significant water damage. Local cleanup and restoration specialists have equipment and expertise readily available to help you efficiently complete the process and return your basement to its original condition.

3 Steps to Clean Sewage Damage

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Flooded room. Whether the source of sewage damage in your property is a flooded toilet or a more extensive sewer backup, it is important to quickly pursue cleanup.

If your commercial property in Baton Rouge, LA, experiences a sewer backup due to blockage or flooding in a city main or lines or a flooded toilet on-site, you should immediately arrange for plumbing work to resolve the underlying issue and sewer cleanup to restore the damage. Sewage can pose an infection risk and may quickly lead to secondary damage. There are three steps involved in cleaning up this type of damage and restoring the affected area to sanitary condition.

1. Get Rid of Water and Solid Waste

The first step toward mitigating primary damage and preventing more extensive secondary damage is to eliminate all water and solid waste. Commercial restoration professionals may pump out water or use other equipment to quickly rid the area of backed-up water and any detritus. Once the area is clear, it is ready to be completely cleaned.

2. Clean and Disinfect

Sewer cleanup involves a complete cleaning and disinfection of the affected area. This sanitization step is necessary to restore the portion of the property exposed to a sewage backup to working order.

3. Thoroughly Dry the Area

Getting rid of water and cleaning up waste is not the end of the restoration process. Experts may recommend using fans or dehumidifiers to dry out the area quickly to prevent mold from starting to form. Damaged building materials should only be replaced after completely drying.

Whether the source of sewage damage in your property is a flooded toilet or a more extensive sewer backup, it is important to quickly pursue sewer cleanup. You can follow these steps on your own, but the job may be completed more quickly and thoroughly by professionals. If you want to make sure that the affected area is safe to reopen and will not run the risk of developing mold, contact commercial sewage damage restoration professionals in Baton Rouge, LA.

Top Reasons Your Water Heater Is Making Noises

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Man's hands unscrewing a screw-nut on a water heater with a wrench on a boiler Noises in your water heater may give you warnings of your maintenance needs.

The Most Common Causes Of Noisy Water Heaters

Hearing funny noises from your water heater can be off-putting. Knocks, taps, rumbles, hums and crackles can leave you wondering if your unit is about to have a major issue. Some noises are more troublesome than others. Check out these top reasons you might be hearing strange sounds from your appliance.

Sediment Buildup: Sediments may pile up around the heating tubes of your water heater. When the heating elements are off, water gets trapped below the sediments. As the elements turn back on, a cracking or popping noise starts when the water is forced through the buildup. Cleaning the elements may help you fix this problem. Hiring a maintenance team may also help you eliminate this noise.

Loose Elements: Electric water heaters usually have elements installed vertically in the tank. As water flows around the part, a humming noise may be caused. Tightening the element can reduce the noise.

Temperature Change: If the water in the heater cools down, you may hear a tapping or ticking noise in the heater. This is common and shouldn't concern you.

Open Valves: Most valves to your water heater should be open. If one is not fully opened, you may hear a screeching sound. You can fix this issue by checking to make sure all of the valves at the heater and at the water lines are open all of the way.

Sediment Movement: If the sediment buildup in your unit is stirred up, it can produce a rumbling noise. A simple solution would be to do a water heater flush. If you clean the unit with a de-liming mixture, you may see even better results.

The noises you hear in your Baker, LA, water heater may give you warnings of your maintenance and replacement needs. If you hear a sound that you can't figure out, remember that many of the noises are nothing to worry about. If it makes you feel better, you can call in a professional for help.

Keeping Your Bathroom Free From Mold Growth

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A white bathroom completely clean SERVPRO in Baton Rouge, LA, can help you deal with any existing mold problem.

How To Keep Mold At Bay In Your Bathroom

Mold loves moisture, and your bathroom inevitably has a lot of it. How, then, do you keep mold growth from occurring around your toilet, sink and tub? While water is used daily in your bathroom, you can still keep the room dry enough to avoid water damage and the subsequent mold problem by engaging in regular, preventative maintenance.

Recognizing a Mold Problem

Mold prevention is the ideal scenario, but most people discover the need for prevention as the result of an existing problem. There are many areas of a bathroom where mold can thrive:

  • Inside the cabinet under the sink
  • In bathtub grout
  • In the caulk where the baseboards meet the floor
  • Around faucets
  • Near drains

Mold grows in many textures and colors, but if you see a dark fuzzy growth or a collection of spots where there were none before, you probably have a mold problem. Mold remediation specialists in Baton Rouge, LA, have techniques to take care of the problem and the water damage that likely led to it.

Preventing a Mold Problem

Mold growth requires moisture, so the first step in mold prevention is minimizing your bathroom's humidity. Air vents help air circulate, and circulation helps keep moisture from gathering on surfaces. Drying your shower or bathtub with a towel after every use also inhibits the growth of mold. If the air in your bathroom remains humid, you can use a dehumidifier to dry it out some more. Replace anything damaged by mold, such as caulking, to stop the spread of the growth.

Mold remediation specialists in Baton Rouge, LA , can help you deal with an existing mold problem, but it's even better to prevent a problem from happening in the first place. If you fix water damage as soon as it happens and take precautionary steps to limit the humidity of the room, you can probably avoid mold problems in your bathroom.

3 Flood Preparation Strategies for Your Business

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External drive connected to a computer Keep computer files backed up on an external hard drive or cloud.

3 Flood Preparedness Strategies for Your Company

Your Baker, LA, business is probably one of your greatest investments. However, keeping it safe from natural disasters, such as flooding, can be a challenge because it is difficult to know when they might happen. Being prepared for such an eventuality can prevent monetary and property loss and give you peace of mind as a business owner. Here are several preparatory strategies you can use, especially when it comes to floods:

1. Plan What You Can

Flood preparation means careful planning. Think about what areas of your business might be most vulnerable and how flood waters might affect them. Consider your current record storage strategies and whether you use a system that could be destroyed by a flood. Transferring paper documents to cloud or data storage can keep them safe and out of the reach of flood damage.

2. Have a Restoration Company on Retainer

Flooding can cause a great deal of damage in minutes, so time is of the essence when it comes to mitigation and water removal. Having a professional restoration and cleanup company on retainer means you can get help quickly and when you need it instead of trying to hire a service during a flood. Consider using a company that can handle black water, mold and sudden leaks so that every possible consequence of a possible flood is covered.

3. Make Your Employees Flood-Savvy

Preparing your employees for flood damage may allow them to react more effectively in case of such an emergency. Create a flood protocol so everyone can exit the building safely and so your employees know what to do in case you are not there. Keeping them prepared can prevent panic and confusion in case of a flood, which means a safer workplace.

Being prepared for flooding in your Baker, LA, makes sense as a business owner. Not only can it improve safety standards at your company, but it might also help you prevent loss that could have a profoundly negative impact on the future of your business.

Your Guide To Quickly and Effectively Cleaning Up Post-Flood

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floor removed, air mover placed on floor. Concept of storm remediation services Storm remediation services.

A flood can wreak havoc on your home's structure, belongings, and even your home's environment, as the water can carry contaminants and mud. For this reason, it is imperative that you begin content cleaning efforts as soon as the waters recede, or as soon as the influx of water has stopped. The more time you take to begin cleanup efforts, the greater the chance that your home and belongings will experience irreversible damage.

Floods can damage everything from carpeting to furniture and from your home's ductwork to its HVAC system. If you want to minimize damage and restore your home to normal, there are particular areas to which you must pay attention:

  • Ceilings and walls
  • Electrical systems
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Appliances
  • Carpeting, vinyl and wood floors
  • Sewage systems

Content Cleaning Tips

Though the majority of flood cleanup should be left to the professionals (especially if gray or black water is involved), there are a few steps you can take before your local Baton Rouge, LA, water restoration team shows up. First, contact your insurance company. If your homeowners' insurance policy covers the damage, an adjuster will be in contact with you.

Once you've made the necessary phone calls, begin to shovel mud out of your home. If a garden hose reaches the flooded area, you can use the hose to spray mud away. Once the mud is gone, start sanitizing. Scrub surfaces with hot water and a heavy-duty cleaner. Soak belongings that can be soaked in a mixture of hot water and chlorine bleach. If the items in question are metal, such as silverware or pots and pans, simply let them sit in boiling water for 10 minutes.

Take any rugs and furniture outside to air dry and use a dehumidifier and fans to remove moisture from the air. You can also begin to toss smaller, contaminated items, such as toys, stuffed animals, and food.

Ideally, you should leave the deep content cleaning to the professionals, as professional flood restoration teams know what is salvageable and what is not. Moreover, experts have the necessary safety equipment to restore your home to a pre-flood condition.

What To Throw Out After a Fire

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Loss site at a fire caused by an electrical issue. A home in Zachary, LA suffered fire damage.

What To Throw Away After a Fire

When your home in Zachary, LA suffers fire damage, the aftermath can be devastating. Your primary concerns may be family heirlooms or expensive items. Many of these items can be restored by fire restoration specialists. It is better to throw away other items, though. Cosmetics, medicine and food are often rendered unsalvageable by a fire in your home.


If cosmetics have been open or used, they probably need to be tossed in the trash. Products in this category include:

• Makeup
• Soap or body wash
• Deodorant
• Lotion
• Toothpaste
• Sunscreen

The high heat from the fire likely changed the chemical structure of the ingredients. They may not apply as well as they used to, or they may even be unsafe to use. If you have not opened the package or if the packaging is not charred or damaged in any way, the product may be safe. When in doubt, however, dump it.


Your medicines are affected by high temperatures in much the same way that cosmetics are. Throw away any medicines when the instructions on the bottle specifically state they must be kept in a cool, dry place. Heat can alter the medicines at the molecular level, rendering it ineffective at best and possibly even unsafe to consume. Water or chemicals used to put out the fire may also have contaminated your medication.


The water used to put out the fire should be considered contaminated, and so should anything the water came into contact with. You can't always tell if food has gone bad by how it looks or smells. Whether your food seems to have been spoiled by the high heat or not, it is best to throw it out. Give your pets' food the same consideration so that you don't make them sick when you feed them.

While you may be concerned with expensive items in your home, the greater expense may come from having to replace all your food, medicine and cosmetics. It is an expense worth paying to keep you and your family safe.

3 Signs Your Commercial Property Has a Mold Problem

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

Scientist show molds in agar culture. If you suspect you have mold have your building tested by an indoor environmental specialist.

Mold Testing Your Building

Most people don't think about mold unless they see it or smell it. Sometimes, however, you need an indoor environmental specialist to test for mold issues. Here are the three main ways you can determine if your commercial property in Monticello, LA, has a mold problem.

1. Visual Confirmation

The most obvious sign of mold seeing it with your own eyes. Check areas that tend to be high in moisture regularly for mold growth. If, for example, there is a place in your building where condensation tends to gather, you need to keep an eye on it so that you can curtail any mold problems that arise.

2. Musty Odor

Another common indication that mold spores from the air have settled and made their home somewhere in your building is a telltale dank smell. You can often zero in on the precise location of the mold problem by noticing where the stench gets stronger. A strong odor is often the first sign that informs you about a mold issue in your air ducts or within the walls, as those areas are harder to see.

3. Mold Test

Most mold problems are detectable without the aid of an indoor environmental specialist, but testing is the best way to be sure. Professional testing is the way to go because home mold kits simply tell you that mold exists in the area, and that's not particularly helpful information. Even if you don't need testing to determine there is an issue, a test is still a helpful part of the mold remediation process. It can help specialists pinpoint the affected areas more precisely and test after the remediation has been conducted can let them know how effective the efforts were.

If you suspect that your commercial property has mold, it can be pretty easy to verify those suspicions. Check for visual and olfactory signs of mold, and just to be sure, have your building tested by an indoor environmental specialist.

The Most Common Causes of Home Fires

7/5/2021 (Permalink)

Damaged kitchen by fire Fire damage in a kitchen

Leading Causes of Home Fires

 Fires contribute to millions of dollars worth of property damage each year in South Louisiana. Knowing the most common causes of household fires can help your family better prevent these types of damages in your home. According to the NFPA, the leading causes of fires in homes from 2010-2014 were:
  • Cooking Equipment - 46% of all fires
  • Heating Equipment - 16%
  • Electrical Equipment - 9%
  • Intentional - 8%
  • Smoking Materials - 5%

Almost half of all home fires result from cooking. While that number is concerning, many cooking fires can be prevented through general awareness and by following proper procedures. This is particularly important with the holidays coming up. Here are some tips to help you prevent fire damage from occurring in your kitchen:

  • Never leave your cooking food unattended, especially if you are broiling, frying, or grilling. Use a timer to remind you when you are using a stove or an oven.
  • Avoid leaving anything flammable – such as oven mitts, plastic bags, paper towels, or pot holders - close to your stove or oven. You should also not cook when you are wearing loose clothing.
  • Install a fire alarm close to your kitchen, and be sure to test it each month.
  • Avoid a flammable grease buildup by cleaning regularly, particularly in the oven and on the stove.
  • Turn off all cooking appliances when you are not using them, and double-check the kitchen prior to going to bed to make sure everything is off.
  • To be prepared for any cooking-related fires, buy a Class K fire extinguisher to keep in your kitchen.

Call SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish for additional information.

Extra Steps of Sewage Cleanup

6/22/2021 (Permalink)

Sewage backup in a bathroom Sewer backup in a toilet.

What Extra Steps Does This Type of Cleanup Require?

Sewer cleanup poses some unique challenges for a home repair in Zachary, LA. Not only does the residential cleanup team have to worry about removing standing water and drying out your house, but there may be an added worry of bacteria and other contaminants. 

Identify the source: A flooded toilet can pose different problems than water from a sewer main. Both water sources will fill your home with what is essentially dirty water, but the level of contamination is different. Toilet water could be considered a category two flood because it is contaminated with urine, bacteria and other viruses, but does not contain feces. However, if the water comes from beyond the toilet bowl, it may be category three water because of the added feces, chemicals and microbes.

Use special equipment: Because of the potential of bacteria and other contaminants being in the water, a sewer cleanup requires the use of some special equipment. Workers coming into contact with the water need to wear gloves, special suits, goggles and masks to protect themselves. A regular wet vac may not be enough to get rid of the standing water either. If the sewage contains sludge, your team of experts may need to use a trach vac because it can suck up liquids and solids.

Disinfect the area: When dealing with dirty water from a sewer backup, the entire affected area has to be disinfected after the water is removed. If this step is skipped, your home may be dry but full of extra bacteria. Most building materials and belongings touched by category two or three water have to be thrown out rather than repaired.

Sewer cleanup often follows a lot of the same path as any residential water damage repair. However, the water may contain certain chemicals and bacteria that make the cleanup process a little more in-depth.

What Items Can You Salvage After a Fire?

6/22/2021 (Permalink)

Burned wall, items of a home burrned Fire damage in Monticello, LA.

What Items Can You Salvage After a Fire?

Fires leave behind many different types of damage. From smoke to soot, there are a variety of substances that can damage items in the vicinity of the flames. Homeowners in Monticello, LA, need to pursue content cleaning immediately following a fire to attempt to salvage as much as possible. A professional dry-cleaning service can salvage clothes, while other professionals who specialize in fire damage restoration may be able to help you with family heirlooms. Either way, you do not want to automatically throw out precious items.

1. Clothing

You want to be careful you do not do the wrong thing when trying to salvage clothes. Attempting to wash the soot out of clothes on your own may only end up driving the soot further into the fabric. Take your clothes to professionals who know how to treat clothes exposed to smoke and flames. This will be your best bet to save them.

2. Family Albums and Books

Similar to how you need to take clothing to a professional dry-cleaning service, you need to take photo albums and books to a professional conservator. Exposure to soot can cause pages to stick together. If you attempt to pry the pages open yourself, you may end up damaging the books beyond repair.

3. Furniture

You do not want to get any water on furniture that still has soot on it. Instead, you can try to remove the soot yourself with a strong vacuum. However, you do not want to place the nozzle of the vacuum directly on the upholstery as this will only drive the soot further into the material. With nonporous surfaces, you can use an ultrasonic cleaner.

There are plenty of other items that can be salvaged following a fire. You may need to utilize content storage in Monticello, LA, for the time being until a professional can look at your belongings. Although you should still take pictures of your damaged items for insurance purposes, dry-cleaning and vacuuming services can be highly beneficial.

Keep Your Business Afloat During a Flood With 4 Preparatory Steps

6/22/2021 (Permalink)

Door of a business open, wet floor, boxes on floor. Concept of a storm caused water damage to building Water may still damage commercial property.

Keep Your Business Afloat During a Flood With 4 Preparatory Steps

A mishandled flood can mean dire damage to your business in Baton Rouge, LA. Not only is the building itself at risk, but important inventory stands to be lost. Preparation is a very important part of stopping any flooding from becoming financially detrimental. These four steps are essential preparation for reducing flood-related problems.

1. Evaluate Special Considerations for the Area

While every business is at risk of an unexpected pipe burst leading to flood damage, some areas may also be at high risk of nearby bodies of water overflowing. A specialty flood insurance policy offers a way to recoup losses in an environment where water can rise and flood the streets.

2. Secure All Computers and Their Data

Networks and computers contain important business or customer data. They should be relocated to an elevated place near no pipes or water-connected utilities. By being high up, they are more protected from ground-level flooding.

If the data is extremely important for operations, the computers should be regularly backed up and stored on a secure, remote server or external drive kept off the premises. By doing so, a backup is always available to prevent catastrophic data loss.

3. Keep the Building Maintained

Plumbing and utilities should regularly be inspected by a professional. Any problems identified during an inspection are best treated as soon as possible. If these problems are ignored, a resulting burst pipe can lead to extensive water damage.

4. Plan for Any Imminent Floods

Having a plan for the event of an oncoming black water flood can save your business time and money. This plan should include relocating company vehicles and products, identifying waterproof locations to store important documents and providing instructions on how to shut off every utility.

Despite stellar planning, water may still damage a commercial property. If damage occurs, an expert water damage restoration crew is worth contacting to remove the water and restore the building back to its original condition. Planning ahead is key for completely preventing or, at the very least, lessening the consequences of flooding. Knowing what to do before will help you after.

Tips for Using and Maintaining a Swamp Cooler

6/11/2021 (Permalink)

Rusty air conditioner leaking A leaking swamp cooler can lead to mold growth.

A leaking swamp cooler can lead to mold growth at your home in Baker, LA. As these cooling devices rise in popularity, it is essential to understand how to maintain them.

What Are the Benefits and Risks of Swamp Coolers

A swamp, or evaporative cooler, cools the air by directing water from its tank onto a cellulose pad while a fan blows warm air over it. The warm air absorbs water particles which cool down as they pass over the pad. The cool water droplets then penetrate and cool down the environment while raising the humidity levels.

Swamp coolers work best in hot, dry environments. They are viable alternatives to traditional air conditioners because they offer these benefits:

  • They are low-cost.
  • They are energy-efficient.
  • They are quiet.
  • They are easy to Install.
  • They are chemical-free.
  • They combat dryness

What Does Swamp Cooler Maintenance Involve?
Periodic inspections will ensure that your swamp cooler functions correctly. Professional cleaning services can thoroughly remove calcium and mineral deposits that may reduce your unit's efficiency. They can also troubleshoot the supply line and water tank for problems.
A leaking swamp cooler may indicate a crack in the drain pan that holds its water supply. Occasionally the system pumps too much water into the water pan, causing a slight overflow, but the problem usually corrects itself. Most often, leaks are due to improper removal of tank water and soaked pads before storage.

What Is The Best Way To Prevent Mold Growth?
Wet pads are susceptible to mold, and air moving above them can capture mold spores and carry them throughout the environment. You can prevent this by installing new pads every three to six months. Opening a window while your unit is running can also prevent mold by controlling excessive humidity. A routine inspection will also detect mold.
When a leaking swamp cooler or a flood causes a mold problem at your home in Baker, LA, a mold remediation service can take measures to contain it.

Mold Damage After Flooding: What Commercial Owners Should Know

5/12/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall due to humidity If water damage in your building is not attended quickly mold can start growing.

When a business incurs water damage, commercial owners in Baton Rouge, LA, should be cautious of mold growth. The moisture exposure activates fungal spores that begin to feed on the building's organic matter. Within a short amount of time, contamination can spread, infesting far more than the initially impacted zone. Property owners should be aware of how to limit mold reproduction and clean the premises.

How Does Mold Start?

When fluid enters a facility, it quickly penetrates porous materials. The more that is present, the more harm is likely. The saturation meets up with fungal spores that naturally inhabit the space. Without liquid, the microbes cannot multiply. They remain innocuous. Once wetness sets in, they are triggered to grow.
Be concerned with any of the following conditions:

  • plumbing leaks
  • sewage backups
  • standing water
  • pipe breaks

How Quickly Should You React?
The organisms react swiftly, developing within 24 to 48 hours. Within as little as a few days, an entire structure could be impacted. At the first sign of dampness, contact a water restoration company to assess the property. Their certified environmentalists can evaluate the establishment to determine the amount of mold growth.

How Do You Eliminate the Issue?
Bacteria and other concerns are handled through several methods. The main priority is to cut off the feeding source: the moisture. This process happens through removal and drying procedures. A team immediately reviews the affected location, determining which objects are salvageable. Content cleaning crews attend to mold elimination in these situations.
Anything too damp and beyond repair is thrown out. This method involves tearing out carpet and drywall. Flood cuts are completed, removing at least 12 inches above the flood line. The team brings in industrial dehumidifiers to extract excess humidity from inside the walls. Once thoroughly dried out, employees clean and sanitize with antimicrobial spray.
Mold growth can get out of hand in very little time. If water damage happens, contact the professionals to understand the problem and put together an effective and meticulous cleaning plan.

3 Steps To Create an Office Fire Escape Plan

4/29/2021 (Permalink)

A man with a shovel putting debris in a plastic bag that another man is holding An emergency escape plan is crucial to the safety of your employees.

Start Creating Your Emergency Escape Plan

Preparing for a fire at your Monticello, LA, business may seem like an overwhelming task. Fortunately, there are many helpful resources available to help you create a fire escape plan. For example, the American Red Cross offers training services for organizations. Here are three steps to get you started creating your emergency escape plan.

1. Establish an Emergency Response Team
The first step is to establish an emergency response team. The individuals on this team should meet to discuss the various types of fire emergencies that may arise. The National Fire Protection Association lists several causes of commercial fires, including cooking equipment, electrical equipment, heating equipment and smoking materials. Team members can identify which hazards exist in the building and ensure that employees know how to use equipment properly.
While the purposes and roles for an emergency response team are varied, a fire escape plan should be established to ensure that all employees know how to quickly and safely exit the building.

2. Identify Responsibilities
Once members have joined the emergency response team, responsibilities should be assigned to each individual. Here are examples of possible duties:

  • Building evacuation
  • First aid training
  • Sprinkler control-valve operation
  • Business operations after a fire
  • Coordination with emergency personnel and a professional restoration company
  • Safety training for employees

Though employees have individual assignments, it’s important for them to meet together often to discuss how to work effectively as a team to create a safe workplace.

3. Practice the Plan
Once a fire escape plan has been established, the most crucial step is to practice it. Similar to the way that schools hold practice fire drills each year, employees must practice their emergency plan. The emergency response team can be in charge of notifying and implementing practice drills.
An emergency escape plan is crucial to the safety of your employees. With a little preparation and organization, you can create a plan to help ensure the safety of your employees during a fire.

How To Keep Your Business Safe During a Storm

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desk, two chair and a wet carpet of an office. Concept of water damage in an office Severe weather can cause damage to your building.

Prepare For Any Severe Weather Coming Your Way

A severe rainstorm in Zachary, LA, can be a threat to your commercial building if you are not properly prepared. Use these tips to help stay alert and prepared for any severe weather that may come your way.

Get Prepared
It’s important to prepare yourself if you know a storm is coming. Staying up to date on the weather using an app on your phone or a local news station can help you know when to expect severe weather.
It’s important to know the difference between a severe weather watch versus a warning to stay properly prepared. A watch means that conditions that could cause severe weather are expected, while a warning means that meteorologists have already spotted a severe storm.
Some signs of a severe storm include:

  • large and puffy cumulus clouds
  • darkening skies
  • a sudden drop in temperature
  • sudden change in wind direction

If you notice any of these signs, distant rumbles of thunder or lightning, it means a thunder or rainstorm may be approaching.

Secure Your Building
If a storm is coming, it’s important to make sure that your building is secure to avoid damages. This may include things like trimming trees to get rid of dead or rotting branches that can cause damage during periods of high winds. Any fixtures outside that may get blown away should be gathered up and moved to a safe place. Get all employees inside and make sure any windows and doors are locked or securely shut. If you know there is a thunderstorm coming, unplug any unnecessary electronics to prevent damage from lightning.

Endure the Storm Safely
During a severe rainstorm, your most important concern should be keeping yourself and your employees safe. This means keeping everyone away from windows or skylights and avoiding plumbing fixtures that may conduct electricity. If you live in an area that has frequent severe weather, it may be beneficial to have policies and procedures for your commercial building during storms so that all your employees stay safe.
Keep your business safe during severe weather with these tips.

Tips for Using a Home Fire Extinguisher

3/24/2021 (Permalink)

Fire extinguisher instruction labels set. Instruction extinguisher and protection of fire with extinguisher illustration The acronym P.A.S.S. can help you remember how to use an extinguisher.

Tips For Utilizing Extinguishers Correctly

Every home should have at least one fire extinguisher. This tool can help you put out a kitchen fire before it spreads. Here are some tips for utilizing extinguishers correctly.

1. Make an Evacuation Plan
Before you get too close to the fire, determine exactly how you will escape the room if the blaze becomes too big for you to handle. Make sure that no heat, smoke or fire comes between you and your chosen evacuation path.

2. Pick the Right Extinguisher
Different fires require different types of extinguishers. Water or class A extinguishers are designed for ordinary combustibles such as plastic, cloth, paper, rubber and wood. Class B extinguishers utilize carbon dioxide and work best on flammable liquids, including grease, gasoline and oil. Electrical fires require Class C extinguishers, which utilize dry chemicals.
Of course, when you spot flames in your home, you do not always have time to figure out the correct fire extinguisher to use. Ideally, you should keep a multipurpose extinguisher in your house, as it works on fires caused by combustibles, flammable liquids or electrical equipment.

3. Use the P.A.S.S. Technique
The acronym P.A.S.S. can help you remember how to use an extinguisher. You just Pull the pin, Aim at the base of the fire, Squeeze the handle and Sweep the extinguisher from side to side.

4. Know When To Evacuate
Most importantly, do not be a hero when trying to put out the fire. If the flames take up more than 60 square feet, if you feel radiating heat on your exposed skin, or if you have trouble breathing due to excess smoke, evacuate the house immediately. Contact firefighters to extinguish the blaze and fire damage cleanup specialists to restore your Baker, LA, home.
You can try to suppress a blaze using a fire extinguisher. Make sure you pick an extinguisher designed for the type of fire in your home. If the flames get out of control, evacuate immediately and let the professionals handle the situation.

Why Insurers Appreciate Electronic Claims Services

3/3/2021 (Permalink)

Electronic insurance claim form Electronic insurance claims.

Insurance companies process many claims every day, some of which are easier and faster to approve than others. The availability of accurate information about property damage is a determining factor for the speed and ultimate success of insurance claim approval. Find out how the SERVPRO Claims Information Center can support damage claims for properties located in Monticello, LA.

Reliable Access To Information

Insurance agents and adjusters must be able to access information about property damage to process a claim. All of the following elements should be included in a job file:

  • First notice of loss
  • Documentation of damage
  • Forms and paperwork
  • An itemized estimate

A notice of loss is required to file an insurance claim, as is documentation of damage taken prior to mitigation. The Claims Information Center makes all of this information available upon processing by a restoration franchise. These digitized materials and other helpful resources can be accessed online at any time through the same convenient service.

Faster Job Progress Updates
As certified professionals make progress on mitigating, cleaning and restoring damage, information about ongoing work is also updated on the Claims Information Center. An insurance agent or adjuster can check in on the status of a job at any time during claim processing.

Industry Standard Performance Comparisons
One of the best features of working with a large restoration company is the availability of information from other jobs in the same area and nationwide. Insurers can compare the performance of a franchise location to industry standards for damage restoration work.
The accuracy and availability of information are the two most important factors for successfully settling any insurance claim. Property owners may prefer to retain the services of restoration professionals who use electronic claims services for restoring homes or commercial buildings in Monticello, LA, and most insurers seek out Preferred Vendors with access to the SERVPRO Claims Information Center.

3 Steps To Take When Your Basement Floods

3/3/2021 (Permalink)

Completely flooded basement. A visible line is showing maximum water level higher than 7 feet. A flooded basement needs to be dealt with quickly so you can keep your house safe.

3 Steps To Take When Your Basement Floods

If you have flooding in your basement, you need to act quickly so your insurance coverage will pay for the damage. Here are the three steps you need to take when you find a wet basement.

1. Ensure You Can Safely Enter the Basement
Anytime you notice a basement flood, you need to think about how high the water level is and if it could have an electrical current. Therefore, before entering any standing water, turn off your electrical breaker. If you don't do this, you could be electrocuted. If you cannot turn off the breaker due to the water, you must immediately call a water mitigation company. Aside from this, be on the lookout for harmful contaminants, such as sewage. Consider that a building has been structurally damaged due to the water and needs to be evacuated immediately.

2. Find the Water Source
When your basement flood is safe to enter, you must locate the source of water. This is the most challenging step. Be sure to check all potential sources and turn off your water supply if it is an internal factor. Some of the most common sources you should look for include natural disasters, sewer backups, sump pump problems, grading issues, foundation cracks, worn sealing, structural damage, and plumbing leaks.

3. Make the Necessary Calls
After identifying the water source for your basement flood, call a cleanup crew. There are many different companies in Baton Rouge, LA, to choose from. Go with the one that can provide you immediate, quality assistance. The next call you make should be to your insurance agent to determine if your policy will cover the damage. If the water source is a city sewer line, call your local municipality to report the incident.
A flooded basement needs to be dealt with quickly so you can keep your house safe. These steps help you handle the situation appropriately, ensure your safety, and minimize your home's damage.

3 Things That Can Accidentally Activate Your Fire Sprinklers

2/10/2021 (Permalink)

Active fire sprinkler It is best if you know the most common triggers of these systems.

Common Reasons Fire Sprinklers Activate

Fire sprinklers are among the most common fire suppression methods in commercial buildings in Zachary, LA. While they are a great option, they have the potential to activate accidentally. Modern sprinklers are sturdier than their predecessors, but they can still activate unexpectedly. When this does happen, it can result in water flooding a building and demanding that the company hire water restoration professionals. Here are some of the most common reasons these systems are triggered.

1. Freezing Temperatures
Traditional systems are connected to your water lines and can freeze. If the water inside the pipes freezes, it puts a lot of pressure on the valves that keep the water from flooding a building unnecessarily. This damages the valves and lets water leak out once the pipes thaw. This generally only happens in uninsulated pipes.

2. Corrosion
Older sprinklers can break down from corrosion. As this happens, the valve that lets water out through the heads gets weaker and can be triggered easier. Generally, regular maintenance can reduce the chances of corrosion being an issue. However, since oxygen and water are the main cause of rust, corrosion is not impossible, even on well-maintained systems.

3. Overheating Near the Heads
Sprinkler systems automatically dispense water when they sense heat. Therefore, if they are too close to a source of heat, they can go off accidentally. For instance, if a head is situated too close to a skylight that lets the warm sun through, you can have a soggy situation. Fortunately, these systems are becoming more sophisticated, making for less of an issue in newer sprinklers.
Sometimes, sprinklers can be accidentally activated, causing flooding in a business. The result is a lot of water damage in your building. Therefore, it is best if you know the most common triggers of these systems. This helps you understand a potential threat and protect your business.

Leaking Roof? Beware of Mold

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

Peeling paint on an interior ceiling a result of water damage Roof leaks may lead to a major problem to your commercial building

As a business owner in Baker, LA, your daily to-do list may seem endless. Ensuring maintenance of the property may be easy to overlook, but even a minor roof leak may quickly lead to reprioritizing your list. While a mold remediation and restoration company is trained to eliminate black mold and restore the property, avoiding it altogether is a better alternative.

Types of Growth

Unfortunately, small leaks may go undetected. Since this pesky fungus only needs around 24 to 48 hours to start forming, it may have already spread into a big problem. For commercial properties, there are two main types of black mold growth that a leaking roof can cause:

  • Systemic Growth: If moisture has built up for an extended period of time, the growth may have spread to the entire attic under the roof. This requires more extensive remediation.
  • Limited Growth: If there is enough ventilation or the problem has been discovered soon enough, the moisture accumulation may be minimized to the affected area. With it being more contained, the cleanup process is typically much easier to address.

Prevention Tips
While a ceiling leak is a sure sign of a problem, that often takes time to happen. In many cases, the problem isn’t discovered until the damage has already happened. Along with having the roof inspected for potential issues or replacement if is a few decades old, general maintenance helps prevent problems and makes the roof last longer.

  • Remove any debris that has settled on the roof to avoid damage.
  • Regularly have gutters and downspouts cleaned to prevent water from pooling.
  • If the property is near a tree, ensure overhanging branches are trimmed back.

Being faced with black mold means time and money spent on cleanup. While the right conditions may make it hard to avoid, being proactive and addressing any roof issues helps minimize the chances of a problem.

4 Messy Water Issues You Could Have To Deal With in Your Home

1/12/2021 (Permalink)

Clogged sink pipe Clogged pipes are a common problem for homes

Types of Water Problems

Water is wonderful when it is in lakes, rivers, oceans, and pipes, but when it is released into your home in Baton Rouge, LA, it can be a big problem. You might be headed off to work and the next thing you know you have dirty water on the floor from a toilet or shower. Fortunately, you can always find professional help in the realm of an emergency restoration company that specializes in sewage cleaning and other water issues. Trained technicians can help when you have to deal with many types of water problems.

1. Toilet Overflow. This is a common problem in homes throughout the country. The causes are many, from a plugged commode to a leaky base, but the situation is basically the same: contaminated water on your floor. Because the water might contain unhealthy substances, it is best to call a company experienced in sewage cleaning. The experts will wear PPE, clean up the water and address the cause of the overflow.

2. Shower Problem. This too can come in many forms. One interesting occurrence is when you are taking a shower and the toilet spills over at the same time. This is caused by a clog between the toilet and the shower and should be addressed quickly with a water cleanup and a pipe repair.

3. Flooding Issue. When water comes into your home from outside, it is smart to take extra precautions. Flood water should be considered an emergency water event due to the possibility of dangerous substances being present.

4. Clogged Pipe. This is a common problem for homes and one you probably have seen before. To fix, it is important to clean up any escaped water and to repair the issue with the plumbing system.
A number of disasters can happen in your home that requires professional sewage cleaning services. A fast response protects your property and the people you love.

3 Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Property Managers

1/12/2021 (Permalink)

Blue Cape Cod Style Suburban Home Board up Board up your property

3 Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Property Managers

Even the most conscientious of property managers can not completely avoid the chance of hurricane damage. However, these three tips can help get your property ready to withstand hurricane season with as little damage as possible.

1. Gather Information
Circumstances can quickly become chaotic in the wake of a major hurricane, so it is a wise hurricane preparedness step to gather together all of the information you will need before a hurricane happens. Make sure you have the latest contact information for all of your renters. Update service providers, such as roofers, general contractors, and storm restoration services in Monticello, LA, in your system. Attempt to negotiate priority clauses with any service providers that you don't already have an agreement with.

2. Draft Your Hurricane Plan
Your plan should include detailed information on which employees have which responsibilities in the event of hurricane damage. There should be contingencies for employees who are unable to perform their jobs due to the after-effects of the storm. Critical responsibilities should not be placed with employees who live in high-risk areas. The plan should also address preparedness steps, such as boarding up the property, placing sandbags and storm shutters. Share your plan with your employees and your renters so that they know what to expect.

3. Help Tenants Prepare
Whether this is your tenants' first hurricane or they are old-hands, panic can set in if tenants are not properly prepared by the property management. Explain your county's evacuation plan. Encourage renters to have their own hurricane plan ready. Remind them what your policies on storm preparation and repairs are. Make sure they know which preparation and repair steps they are responsible for and which they should let your team handle.
Preparing for hurricane damage is an important task for property managers in areas at high-risk for hurricanes. The better prepared you are, the better you will be able to protect your property, employees, and tenants.

Who Maintains the Plumbing in a Rental Unit?

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

The plumber connects parts of the plastic water pipe using fittings, hands close-up. Polybutylene pipe

Plumbing issues create many problems between renters and their landlords. Most of the time, the dispute is over who should pay for the damage after an issue occurs. However, maintenance is just as important. An initial glance will say that the owner of the rental is responsible for any maintenance. Despite this, there are still things that renters should perform. In some cases, these tasks will be mandatory for renters.

Read On For Some Of The Responsibilities Renters Have

Maintaining the Plumbing
Many landlords worry about their plumbing. Thus, there are two main ways they will ask their tenants to take care of the plumbing. This includes:

  • A written clause in your lease agreement
  • A verbal agreement

Landlords will often take the written clause because they can use it as concrete proof if tenants do not maintain the plumbing. This is especially true if they have older homes with delicate plumbing, such as polybutylene pipes. The result is that many renters in Zachary, LA, have similar responsibilities. This includes fixing slow leaks, avoiding flushing extra items down the toilets, cleaning drains, keeping the pipes in their current condition, repairing any small damages, unclogging drains or toilets, and administering cleaners. There may also be other tasks, depending on your agreement. 

Reducing Pipe Issues
For many people, deciding to rent out their property is not an easy decision. It is also not something they are doing as a community service. Landlords generally put up their property for rent to make money. Because of this, they will also take measures to reduce any water damage or issues with their plumbing, especially with polybutylene pipes.
Whether you have delicate polybutylene pipes or more modern materials, landlords will generally ask tenants to perform some maintenance when it comes to the plumbing. Aside from this, they will reduce plumbing issues and hire professional remediation crews when necessary.

Preventing Water Damage To Your Home While on Vacation: 3 Tips

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

The pipelines in the insulation and pressure gauges flow and return pipes in the boiler room of a private house household Insulate vulnerable pipes

Steps To Take Before You Leave For A Trip

Leaving your Baton Rouge, LA, home for a much-needed vacation can be an exciting prospect, but returning to an unexpected flood and water pipe repair costs could quickly sour the experience. While flooding caused by storms and other natural disasters may be difficult to control, there are a few steps you can take before you leave for your trip that may help you prevent indoor flooding during your absence.

1. Check Your Pipes
As you make a vacation checklist, adding a leak check can help you prevent indoor flooding and major damage a broken pipe can cause. Even minor leaks may point to imminent damage, so taking care of these issues before you leave can safeguard your home and offer you peace of mind while you are out of town.

2. Insulate Vulnerable Pipes
If you are taking a winter vacation, you can prevent returning to a flooded home by insulating pipes that might freeze in cold weather and cause them to burst. Use foam spray insulation or foam rubber sleeves to protect exterior pipes and disconnect hoses from outdoor spigots. Check the extended weather forecast before you leave so you can make a plan for heating your home during your absence to ensure your pipes are protected.

3. Have Water Lines Inspected
Calling in a water damage and mitigation service to inspect your home’s water lines before you leave can prevent the need for water pipe repair later on. Ask the technicians to check your sump pump and the water lines for major appliances, such as your washing machine. You can also ask for advice regarding whether you should turn off your home’s water completely while you are gone.
Needing emergency water pipe repair for your Baton Rouge, LA, home upon return from a vacation can throw your budget into a tailspin and ruin your relaxed post-getaway mood. Preventing floods before you leave can significantly lower the risk of water damage while you are away from home.

Measures To Take If Your Company Is at High Risk for Flooding

11/16/2020 (Permalink)

Car submerged in flooded water Flood damage in Baton Rouge, LA

Perhaps your company has already experienced the troubling consequences of severe flood damage. Or perhaps you have watched the seemingly endless weather events of recent years with increasing concern. If your company in Baton Rouge, LA, is at high risk of damage from a flood, it might be time to consider taking some big steps. One option is to move your facility to another location. This could be in the same city, but further away from the coast or on higher ground. If it makes sense operationally, you might even consider moving to another state where the risk of flooding is not as pronounced.

Elevate the Existing Building
Another option to reduce your company's risk of flood damage is to raise your building. This is still a big undertaking, but not quite as drastic as a complete move. You get the following benefits from raising your building:

  • Your operations are above expected flood levels
  • You experience peace of mind and sleep better
  • You could see reduced insurance premiums
  • Your company is unlikely to experience a storm damage business interruption

Unless your building is on the small size, this will be a major job. It is one way to avoid the devastating effects of flooding.

Install Flood Proofing
This is a mixture of strategies and it is labelled the most cost-effective option for urban structures according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It utilizes a series of physical barriers, seals and pumps. The goal is to make the building waterproof below flood levels. It can certainly be effective in reducing your company's risk of extensive flood damage.
If water does breach your building, the services of a storm mitigation team can also limit your costs and expenses. Highly-trained workers can be at your building in a matter of hours, working to remove water and restore your property. The longer flood waters remain in a building, the more damage they will cause.

What Goes Into a Fire Damage Estimate?

11/4/2020 (Permalink)

Visible damage to a commercial building following a structure fire Commercial fire in Baton Rouge, LA

Consider The Different Factors That Go Into A Restoration Estimate

Restarting your business in Baton Rouge, LA after fire damage can be stressful. To take some of your load off, you are going to want to know at least a little bit about what happens after a fire. Since the damage your business faces is going to be extensive, you are going to need qualified fire restoration professionals to help you with the cleanup process. The first step to choosing the right company for your project is to get an estimate. While insurance may cover some of the restoration process, you will likely have some out of pocket costs. Therefore, you need to know what factors affect the price of your cleanup.

A commercial fire is considered one of two types:

  • Simple fire
  • Complex fire

The cost of your restoration will often be based on what type of fire your business suffered. As far as price goes, simple fires are better because they only burn natural materials and produce less soot and damage.

When you have a fire in your business, you need to act fast and get everyone out as quickly as possible before calling the fire department. How quickly you react can affect your estimate by lowering the amount of damage done to your building. Once the fire is put out, an insurance agent will come and document the damage. This documentation will be used to determine how much your insurance company will pay for. It is also the time when your response procedure and fire safety will be evaluated.
After your claim has been settled, you should begin work on getting the building restored. Remember to look for a reliable company. Someone from the company you choose will come out and decide how much you need to pay to have your business reopened.
Several different factors go into a restoration estimate. How you responded and the type of fire you had are some of the most common things that can impact your pricing.

How To Maintain Your Sprinklers and Avoid Accidental Discharge

11/4/2020 (Permalink)

Active fire sprinkler Broken sprinklers could activate in the absence of a fire, causing excessive flooding

Reduce The Chances Of A Sprinkler Activating Accidentally

A malfunctioning fire suppression system in your Baker, LA, commercial building can be damaging. Broken sprinklers could activate in the absence of a fire, causing excessive flooding that necessitates emergency restoration services.
You thus need to make sure all of the fire sprinklers are functioning properly. Luckily, sprinkler maintenance is not that difficult. Here are some ways to ensure your sprinklers only turn on when you need them.

1. Look for Signs of Corrosion
The combination of water, oxygen and iron in sprinkler systems can easily lead to pipe corrosion. This is a particularly common problem among dry sprinklers. Over time, the corrosion will weaken the sprinkler system, leaving it more vulnerable to accidental discharge. Regular testing of the sprinklers can help you determine if any corrosion exists. That way, you can repair the pipes before they suffer additional damage.

2. Be Vigilant in Cold Weather
You have probably heard that pipes can freeze and burst in low temperatures. The same is true of sprinkler heads. You should thus must prevent the sprinklers from getting too cold.
Many of the same strategies you use to prevent frozen pipes can help you with sprinkler maintenance, as well. Seal any foundation cracks or open windows to keep out the cold air. Add insulation if necessary. Finally, make sure the indoor temperature is above freezing at all times, even when nobody is in the building.

3. Get an Inspection
Perhaps the best way to prevent accidental sprinkler discharge is to have a fire service expert inspect the system once a year. The service professional may find potential warning signs that an untrained eye would miss. You can then address those issues before they cause thousands of dollars in water damage.
By performing regular sprinkler maintenance, you can reduce the chances of the sprinklers activating accidentally. This, in turn, makes it less likely that a sprinkler-related flood will damage your property.

4 Steps to Prevent and Stop Mold Growth After a Flood

10/20/2020 (Permalink)

flood cut performed on drywall, plastic barriers Mold removal in Monticello, LA

Here Are Four Steps To Prevent And Stop Mold Growth After Home Flooding

Severe storms and floods can cause serious damage to your home in Monticello, LA. Water can have an immediate impact by destroying your furniture and belongings, but the remaining damp conditions can cause an even bigger threat, mold growth. If left untreated, mold damage can intensify quickly and cause structural damage to your property, leaving you with an even bigger mess at the end of the day.

1. Eliminate the Water
Remove any water that has flooded into your home. Standing water and water-logged furniture and materials will become a breeding ground for mold.

2. Dry and Dehumidify
After removing any standing water, thoroughly dry out and dehumidify your home. Mold thrives in damp, humid conditions, so keeping the humidity at a low level will help keep mold from spreading. Calling trained mold remediation professionals to address the situation is always recommended, as they will have the necessary equipment to handle the job efficiently and effectively.

3. Contain Any Growth
If there are any early signs of mold, contain the affected area immediately to prevent the spread of spores. A professional mold removal and remediation company will use advanced methods like negative air pressure and physical barriers to ensure the affected area is completely isolated.

4. Treat and Remove Mold and Mold-Infested Items
Treat mold with anti-fungal and antimicrobial solutions to wipe out any existing colonies. Treatment will also prevent new mold from developing. Be sure to remove and replace all mold-infested materials from your home, including furniture, carpet, and drywall.
Flood and storm damage can spiral out of control quickly if the situation is not handled properly. Taking these steps and enlisting the help of trained professionals will help prevent mold growth and stop new colonies from forming, enabling you to back to your pre-flood condition in no time.

Understanding the Value of Hiring Professional Mold Removers

10/7/2020 (Permalink)

specialist in PPE combating mold in an apartment Mold remediation in a Baker, LA house

If your home in Baker, LA, suffers a fungal infestation, rather than attempting to eliminate the headache on your own hire a registered mold removal professional. Contrary to what some might believe, utilizing a trained specialist will save time, money and hassle.

What Mold Remediation Professionals Do

Consider the burdens a mold removal expert needs to overcome:

  • Dismantling of drywall
  • Removal of all water-damaged or moldy items
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of walls and carpeting
  • Vacuuming using HEPA filtration

The entire process can take several days up to a few weeks in cases where major rebuilding is required. Beyond that, the task needs to be completed using expensive safety gear.

What Mold Remediation Professionals Cost
How much your mold removal project ultimately totals is partially determined by where the problem exists. If the source of your dilemma rests solely within your crawlspace, expect to pay between $500 and $4,000. Should your attic, ducts and walls also require comprehensive black mold removal, the price can skyrocket to a figure landing between $2,000 and $6,000. Under worse case scenarios where widespread structural damage occurs, you may face a bill that runs above $10,000.
These amounts may seem high, but consider how much more you would spend after a series of failed DIY attempts and then needing to hire a licensed mold-removal authority to eradicate the matter anyway.

When Insurance Covers Mold Remediation
Note that homeowner’s insurance may provide reimbursement. Under circumstances involving a broken pipe, for instance, you should be able to receive compensation. On the other hand, when deferred maintenance or storm waters trigger your fungal invasion, collecting may become complicated or impossible. Consult your agent to discern the particulars regarding your existing policy.
Mold removal is always an unwanted expense, but attempting to handle it by yourself will surely result in greater financial losses as well as risk to one’s safety. Make the right decision by hiring someone qualified to complete the job.

Plumbing Breaks: 3 Questions To Ask Your Insurance Representative

10/7/2020 (Permalink)

Drywall removed, wet floor, picture of hallway room Water damage from a broken pipe

Ask The Following Questions To Your Local Insurance Representative

When a flood occurs in your Zachary, LA, home due to a plumbing pipe break, it can cause a surprising amount of damage. There may be several reasons this happens, whether due to a cold snap, a joint weakness or a pipe failure. When it comes to cleanup efforts, you may wonder if your homeowners’ insurance covers the costs. Asking your local insurance representative these questions can give you peace of mind as you move forward.

1. How Much Coverage Do I Have?
While flooding insurance varies by company guidelines and individual policies, most cover sudden plumbing incidents. This includes insurance coverage for pipes that burst in cold weather despite being insulated or sudden kitchen or bathroom floods caused by a pipe failure. In this case, coverage might extend to surrounding building materials, carpeting and furniture.

2. Are There Any Coverage Exceptions?
Not all flood types are covered by insurance. For example, if you failed to fix broken pipe joints and allowed an ongoing leak to damage the plumbing, you may be held liable for putting off the repairs. Since most policies expect homeowners to maintain and repair their homes to prevent plumbing floods, you may want to have your plumbing inspected at least once a year to protect yourself from this issue.

3. Does Insurance Cover Secondary Damage?
Some homeowners’ insurance covers damage caused by flooding, such as mold growth. If you need flood cleanup and mitigation services, and the issue was not due to poor maintenance, your insurance may cover these costs for you. Reviewing your policy annually can give you increased peace of mind about what kind of protection you really have.
When a plumbing flood happens in your Zachary, LA, home, the resulting damage might rack up thousands of dollars in repair costs. Preparing a list of questions for your homeowners’ insurance representative can help you understand the extent of your flooding coverage and what you can expect as you plan the cleanup phase.

How Often Should I Change Smoke Alarm Batteries?

9/25/2020 (Permalink)

Changing battery to a smoke detector If your smoke alarm starts chirping, it's time to change the batteries

There's no question that smoke alarms save lives; however, they must be working in order to do so. When the battery starts going low in a smoke alarm, it can be tempting to remove the battery and forget it. Statistics show that smoke alarms can decrease the risk of losing someone to a home fire by 50 percent. If everyone understood those odds, maybe everyone would make sure their smoke alarms were always be equipped with working batteries.

When to Change Smoke Alarm Batteries

In an older model smoke detector, it was recommended that the battery be replaced every six months. Technology has come a long way in the last decade, and newer models of smoke alarms come equipped with lithium batteries. For these models, the battery only needs to be replaced every 10 years.
If your smoke alarm starts chirping, it's time to change the batteries. It's a good idea to check your alarms every few months regardless.

Always Be Prepared
If a disaster was happening, would you know what to do? For many people, their natural instinct is to panic. However, if you had a pre-arranged plan, your focus on that plan and keeping everyone safe would lead to calmer and better decision making during the emergency.
Get your family together and develop a fire escape plan. Make sure there's a plan for the pets as well. Plan a meeting place once everyone is outside. It is important to have everyone agree that no one should re-enter the home.
Your home and your personal items can be replaced. After fire damage has occurred, it's important to let a professional restoration company enter the home first to begin the cleanup and repair. There could be dangers that they are equipped to handle.
Having a working smoke alarm in your home is critical to your family's safety. If you need to purchase a new smoke alarm, choose one of the models with the 10-year lithium battery.

3 Things You Should Know About What's Under Your Sink

9/24/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Logo Flexible tubing is an integral part of your home’s water system.

You use your sink every day in Baton Rouge, LA, but have you ever thought about how the water gets to the faucet? Flexible tubes connect the faucet to the fixed supply pipes in the walls of your home. These tubes make it easy to hide water connections under a cabinet, giving the bathroom plumbing a clean, uncluttered appearance. But just because these tubes are out of sight doesn’t mean you should keep them out of mind. Supply line damage is a leading cause of residential water leaks, so it’s important to check and replace them regularly. Here are three key facts to know.

1. Use Plastic Tubing for Flexibility
Plastic tubing is often used to replace rigid copper plumbing that was often used in older homes. This is a great option to use when flexibility is a priority, as the tubes can be easily looped or adjusted to accommodate the space. Plastic tubing is also inexpensive and durable, although it will need to be regularly checked for corrosion, especially if you have hard water. The lifetime of these tubes is usually 5-8 years, so check them well before the warranty period ends to avoid a bathroom leak.

2. Use Braided Steel Tubing for Corrosion Resistance
Another option is braided steel tubing, which is more resistant to corrosion than plastic. Thanks to its clean, industrial look, it’s a popular choice for areas where exposed tubing is necessary. It’s less flexible than plastic tubing but will give you a durable option to avoid supply line damage. Although it may cost more, it usually has a lifetime warranty. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s replacement policies before you make your final selection.

3. Tubing Maintenance for Damage Control
Many areas of your home contain flexible water tubing. To prevent a supply line leak, check these water connections every 3-5 years:

Bathroom sinks
Kitchen sink
Refrigerator water dispenser/ice maker
Washing machine
Water heater

Flexible tubing is an integral part of your home’s water system. Replacing it regularly can prevent expensive repairs caused by supply line damage and save you the heartache of a home water disaster cleanup.

Why Quick Action Is Essential After a Storm

9/15/2020 (Permalink)

Wet carpet floor in an office Wet carpet floor due to storm damage in Monticello, LA

How To Keep Your Building And Employees Safe After A Storm

If your building envelope is breached from a storm, it's time to spring into action. A delay in responding to leaks can cost your company thousands of dollars. Mold growth can begin to form on surfaces within 24-48 hours after water has saturated portions of your building. Even small leaks create an environment in which mold spores can spread throughout a building. Given a little bit of a head start, the fungus can grow into unsightly and damaging colonies and even enter the heating and cooling system. By calling in a local storm remediation team in Monticello, LA, your company can limit damage and keep your building safe for employees.

Additional Hazards
The presence of standing water in your facility creates a number of dangers to personnel and property in addition to mold growth. These perils also pose a danger to the well-being of your company:

  • Increased risk of electrical hazards
  • Heightened possibility of trips and falls
  • Elevated risk of harmful bacteria
  • Greater chance of structural collapse

Water from flooding can also bring in vermin and other wild animals. For this reason, the water should be removed as quickly as possible. This creates a safer environment for all. It also limits the amount of damage water can do to walls, insulation, and carpeting.

Further Concerns
The cleanup and eradication of mold growth involves a professional process that begins with the removal of excess water. The next step is to contain the mold to make certain it does not spread into other areas of the building. From there, the mold colonies can be killed by powerful yet safe cleaning agents designed to treat mold. Afterward, all impacted surfaces will be wiped down and cleaned according to the highest industry standards. The final step will be the repair and restoration of any damage to the structure of the building. In the end, your company will look "Like it never even happened."

Top 5 Residential Mold Causes

9/2/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth in a Baker, LA, home. Knowing the factors that cause black mold is half the battle.

There are many reasons why you might find black mold growing in your home. At the end of the day, the key factor contributing to unwanted mold growth is excessive moisture. Read on to see whether the moisture problem plaguing your home in Baker, LA, is caused by any of the following issues.

1. Flooding
Water damage caused by flooding is almost always accompanied by some form of secondary damage. The vast majority of the time, this secondary damage is unwanted mold growth. Floods can dampen your home for days or even weeks after the initial incident. Take into account the fact that it only takes about 24 hours of continuous moisture for mold to form, and that's the source of your problem.

2. Humidity
Monitoring your home's indoor humidity levels is super important when it comes to preventing black mold. Continuous rainy weather, poor ventilation, and indoor humidifiers are all contributing factors. Prevent mold growth by keeping your indoor humidity levels below 55%.

3. Condensation
Condensation and humidity seem to go hand-in-hand. When the indoor humidity levels are too high, you're likely to find condensation forming on your window panes. This can lead to unwanted mold growth on your window sills.

4. Poor Ventilation
Ventilation issues are most common in residential bathrooms. Hot showers can cause a lot of steam and condensation to build up. Add poor ventilation into the mix and this excessive moisture has no choice but to stick around and invite mold. Shower with the window cracked or the ventilation fan on to help moisture escape.

5. Leaky Pipes
Leaky pipes are a huge issue, especially since they can often go unnoticed for long periods of time. Make sure to regularly check exposed water pipes in your basement and underneath each sink so you can catch leaks early.

Knowing the factors that cause black mold is half the battle. Even if you take every necessary precaution, it's still possible to find mold growing in your home. If this is the case, make sure to contact remediation experts to assist in your mold cleanup efforts.

Tips To Protect Your Business From Water Damage

8/22/2020 (Permalink)

Insulation covers with the words COVER UP THE PIPES Insulate any exposed pipes to avoid pipes bursting due to ice

Are You Covered?

As a small business owner, you understand the value of having insurance policies to cover various types of scenarios that result in losses and damages. For example, if a company vehicle was stolen or totaled in an accident, you’d be glad for having an auto policy in place to cover your losses. Similarly, you would want to have coverage for your property and its contents in the event of water damage.
Many commercial property insurance policies might cover damage due to a pipe break, but they may not cover flooding from an extreme rainfall event or a backed-up sewer. If you experience flooding or major water or freezing damage in Zachary, LA, are you covered?

Avoiding a Business Claim
While it’s great to have coverage for unforeseeable events, you should take steps to reduce the likelihood of having to file an insurance claim. Consider following these tips:

  • Insulate any exposed pipes to avoid pipes bursting due to ice. Insulation material to wrap accessible plumbing is available at most hardware stores.
  • Keep the building temperature above 55 degrees Fahrenheit at all times.
  • Make sure gutters, downspouts, and water collection areas are always clear.
  • Develop a plan for removing ice and snow from roofs.
  • Know where the building’s water supply valve is located and how to turn it off.
  • Seal gaps and cracks in your building’s foundation and exterior.
  • Keep non-waterproof contents out of the reach of floodwaters.

As you review your existing policies to see what kind of business claim you can make, being prepared beforehand can save you trouble, expense, and interruption to your business.

Understanding the Water Damage Cleanup Process
If you do experience water damage in your company, you should work with trained water restoration professionals to restore your property to pre-disaster conditions. Water and/or freezing issues often include structural damage, mold, corrosion, warping of walls and/or floors as well as other ruined contents. A professional cleanup service can work according to the specifics of your business claim for a speedy, full restoration.

Mold Prevention of Commercial Facilities

8/21/2020 (Permalink)

Purifier next to a damaged wall from severe mold and toxic fungus growth causing the paint to peel Consider installing dehumidifiers and keeping the moisture level around 50% or less

Mold Prevention Tips

One of the major concerns for a facility manager is to keep the property clean and free of hazardous threats, like mold growth. Unfortunately, depending on the industry and the region, controlling mold can be a challenging job. However, while you can call a mold remediation company in Zachary, LA, for a property assessment, there are at least four mold prevention tips you can follow.

1. Annual inspections 2. Plumbing repairs 3. Humidity control 4. Routine maintenance

Annual Inspections
Mold requires damp spaces, so it is necessary to perform annual checks on systems and areas that are more susceptible to moisture. Make sure to assess your property's roof every change of season and after every severe storm. Also, contact a plumber to inspect the entire system, making sure all is in working order. Finally, inspect appliances to ensure that there are no leaks or issues.

Plumbing Repairs
While it can be challenging maintaining a large facility, and some things inevitably get pushed aside for more pertinent issues, do not wait on plumbing repairs, especially if you are concerned about mold prevention. A small drip from a faucet may seem like nothing today, but it may lead to a burst line later. Plumbing problems and water damage are the main contributing factors to mold growth. Make sure to repair issues as they arise, regardless of finances and schedules.

Humidity Control
If plumbing is not a problem in your building, then is humidity? Restaurants, laundrymats, and any other businesses that work in humid environments need to focus on controlling the level of moisture in the air. If you work in a humid climate, consider installing dehumidifiers and keeping the moisture level around 50% or less.

Routine Maintenance
Deferred maintenance can also lead to moisture problems and mold growth. If you have been neglecting the facility gutters or eaves, it may be time to clean them out.
Mold can be an expensive problem to recover from. Contact a local remediation company for more advice on mold prevention.

Does Your Business Need Commercial Storm Insurance?

8/19/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Logo. Ask an insurance agent about endorsements or riders or research additional policies for more complete insurance coverage.

Commercial storm insurance can provide peace of mind to business and commercial property owners in Baker, LA. A general commercial property insurance property offsets the costs of cleaning and restoring damage caused by perils that the policy covers. Insurers may exclude some damage caused by storms, such as flooding and secondary mold damage. Find out what types of storm-related damage are covered under standard policies and learn about ways to extend coverage.

Commercial Property Policies
Property insurance for commercial structures covers most damage caused by minor or severe storms as long as a property is well-maintained. Coverage may be available for any of the following types of damage:

High winds
Structural damage

The availability of coverage for interior water damage depends entirely on the source of the water in the structure. Flooding is excluded from general property policies, as are sewer backups that occur when municipal mains flood.

Endorsements and Riders
Additional storm insurance coverage is helpful to offset the expense of cleaning and restoring any damage excluded from a primary commercial property policy. Restoring mold coverage may be helpful for a structure prone to storm or water damage. The costs of inspection, remediation and testing are excluded from most property policies.

Flood Insurance Policies
Storms can introduce water from coastal storm surges or surface water overflow to structures situated in flood zones. Obtaining flood coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program or a private insurer can significantly reduce expenses associated with cleaning and restoring storm damage.

General property insurance is necessary for any commercial building located in Baker, LA. Carefully review the terms of this policy to make sure that storm insurance is sufficient to clean and fully restore a property after a disaster and determine whether to get additional coverage. Ask an insurance agent about endorsements or riders or research additional policies for more complete insurance coverage.

Smart Ways To Control Mold Growth at Home

8/10/2020 (Permalink)

Close up shot of mold. Water damage can be costly and stressful for any homeowner.

As hard as you may try, mold can show up in just about any home. When conditions are right, mold can thrive and even take over large areas of your house. This unpleasant situation can cause a lot of anxiety and frustration. There are some effective ways you can increase your protection against this fungal growth. Much of these concerns avoiding water damage and being aware of plumbing issues at home.

Regular Inspections
Older homes in Baton Rouge, LA, may be prone to water damage and other related concerns, but even newer houses aren't immune. At least once a year, you should carefully examine the following areas:

Inspect the roof for missing shingles or weak spots.
Check the rain gutters and downspouts for drainage problems.
Look for pipe leaks.
Examine appliances for leaks or other water problems.

Tune-up the Ventilation System
Mold growth occurs in areas of the home where there is high humidity. Bathrooms, the basement, the attic, and the cellar are common areas where you'll find such conditions. Good airflow is critical in these spots. Make sure the ventilation is good here. Check vents to ensure they are not clogged. Maintain the HVAC system so air is moving consistently.

Make the Necessary Repairs Promptly
If you find standing water or leaks anywhere, you should clean it up immediately. Also, contact a plumber or a professional water cleanup company to help you repair the issue causing the flooding. You can have successful mold prevention by your diligence in the maintenance and upkeep of your systems and appliances. Putting off any repairs can lead to the rapid spread of mold. Some growth occurs because of weeks, months, or even years of undetected water leaks.

Water damage can be costly and stressful for any homeowner. Not only can it ruin belongings and building materials, but you can also find mold. Following these tips can help you prevent this.

What To Do When Your Wood Floor Gets Wet

8/5/2020 (Permalink)

Standing water on floor. If you follow these simple steps and enlist professional help, your wood floor should be back to normal in no time.

In the event of a pipe burst, it is always important to clean up right away in order to prevent mold growth and other water damage complications, but this is especially critical if your commercial building has a wood floor.

Why Do You Need To Clean It Right Away?
Water is one of wood's worst enemies. It can cause issues such as:

Discoloration or staining
"Cupping," where the boards bend in random directions, creating an uneven, wavy appearance

The longer the water is allowed to sit on the wet floor, the deeper it seeps into the cracks and pores of the wood, and the harder the drying process and repairs will be.

Step 1: Fix The Pipe Burst
There's no use sopping up the water if more is still pouring down. That's why the first step is to stop the water at its source. Lucky for you, SERVPRO is Faster to Any Size Disaster. Turn off your water supply, and then call your local Baton Rouge, LA, water damage remediation professionals right away.

Step 2: Sop Up the Water
Once the water flow is under control, don't wait to clean it up. Start with rags or a mop to get the bulk of the water off the sensitive wood floor, or even better, use a wet vacuum. Keep using the wet vacuum even after it looks like the water is gone, because chances are that there's a lot of more water soaked into the cracks and underside of the boards. After that, crank up your AC or heat and set up a powerful dehumidifier.

Step 3: Keep It Clean
Wet wood is highly susceptible to mold growth, so once you've removed the surface water, it's a good idea to give the whole area a scrub with a disinfectant product mixed with a mild detergent and clean water. Be careful not to get more liquid on your wet floor than is necessary.

If you follow these simple steps and enlist professional help, your wood floor should be back to normal in no time.

5 Facts About Mold Growth Every Homeowner Should Know

7/26/2020 (Permalink)

Mold discovered behind a plastic bind in a wall Mold growth on a wall in a Baton Rouge, LA home

In nature, mold growth is an essential part of recycling nutrients. Inside your home, it’s unwelcome. It can have several negative impacts, including:

  • Causing unsightly stains that are impossible to clean.
  • Filling an area with an unpleasant musty odor.
  • Weakening walls and support studs.

Armed with an understanding of what mold is and how you can deal with it, a homeowner in Baton Rouge, LA, will know when they need a professional mold technician and when they won’t. Here are some facts to help you make an informed decision.

What Is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungus that has more than one cell. It can rapidly colonize an area under the right conditions. Mold growth inside a house – especially black mold – is a problem.

What Causes Mold to Grow Inside a Home?

Anywhere there’s been water damage is a likely candidate for mold or mildew. Areas of frequent high humidity are also likely to eventually see mold. Mildew can often be wiped away, but black mold – which can also be green or yellow – gets embedded in the materials that favor growth, such as drywall and wood.

How Can You Prevent Mold?

Keep your building envelope tightly sealed against water. Roof leaks are frequent precursors to fungus growth. If a pipe leaks, make sure it’s turned off and the excess water removed immediately.

How Will You Know if You Have Mold?

If you smell a musty odor more than once in an area, you likely have mold growing. Mildew can have an aroma, but it tends to be much more limited. If you see mold, of course, you obviously have it. You can also have a professional mold inspection.

What if You Have Mold Growth Now?

If you suspect your home has mold, call a certified mold inspection and restoration company. You should also get inspected after receiving significant water damage.
The mold experts will find all the hidden mold and determine the best way to attack it. Once all the damage has been repaired or replaced, the mold should be gone for good – or until the next disaster, anyway.

Why SERVPRO? Because we are the most trusted in the business.

7/15/2020 (Permalink)

TRUST: it is a reality in our lives that cannot be overlooked. It is a special bond that instills a working relationship.

It is not bragging when you simply state the facts. SERVPRO is the best and most trusted fire and water restoration service in the industry. This notion is reflected in the fact that we are State Farm's premiere service provider nationally and locally. 

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish is very protective of this standard. We work hard to maintain a level of professionalism that raises the bar for all mitigation contractors. 

We appreciate the trust and look to prove our friends in the industry right all while proving our detractors wrong. 

Don't take my word for it though. Call us today to schedule an appointment and find out for yourself.

Let us do an Emergency Ready Profile for your business

7/7/2020 (Permalink)

Did you know that SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish offers a free service for you business? It is called an Emergency Ready Profile and its benefits are wide ranging.

Simply put, it outlines critical systems and information in the case of an emergency like fire damage, water damage, storm or flood damage, etc...

As many as 50% of businesses close down following a disaster, according to the latest research. Of the businesses that survive, the overwhelming majority of them had a preparedness plan in place.

What it contains:

  • A no cost assessment of your facility.
    This means there is no need to allocate funds, giving you a great value at no cost.
  • A concise Profile Document that contains only the critical information needed in the event of an emergency.
    It will only take a little time to complete and will not take you away from current projects. But it will save a lot of time if ever needed.
  • A guide to help you get back into your building following a disaster.
    This can help minimize the amount of time your business is inactive by having an immediate plan of action.
  • Establishes your local SERVPRO Franchise Professional as your disaster mitigation and restoration provider.
    You have a provider that is recognized as an industry leader and close by.
  • Identification of the line of command for authorizing work to begin.
    This saves time so we can begin the work of mitigating the damage which can save you time and money.
  • Provides facility details such as shut-off valve locations, priority areas and priority contact information.
    Having a quick reference of what to do, how to do it and who to call provides solutions in advance of an emergency so that during the emergency you are "Ready for whatever happens."

What To Look for in a Fire Restoration Company

7/5/2020 (Permalink)

Before and after picture of a Subway Restaurant after fire damage Fire restoration in Monticello, LA

What To Look for in a Fire Restoration Company

When choosing a fire damage restoration specialist to restore your business after a fire, you will want to make sure you choose the best company available. Many types of damage can occur after a fire, including smoke, heat, and water. Making sure the company you choose offers everything you need will simplify and streamline your experience. Knowing the general services you need will help you choose a company that offers them all.

1. Emergency Services
The best fire damage restoration companies offer emergency services, meaning you don't have to wait days or weeks for help. Instead, they usually arrive on site within 24 hours and begin steps to avoid further damage. They will assess the damage, develop a plan, and apply emergency methods until official work can begin. For example, a commercial fire can leave open access to the outside. A tarp or board may be applied over the area to safeguard the interior from the elements or looters.

2. Clean Up
After a fire, you may have so much damage that you hardly recognize your property. Items might be covered in soot and ashes, things may have fallen to the ground, and carpeting could be ruined. During the cleanup process, professionals will salvage what they can and remove what cannot be restored. Some belongings may be taken offsite to undergo specialized cleaning processes.

3. Restoration
During this stage, your building will start to look like its old self. Carpets will be cleaned or replaced, walls rebuilt and painted, and damaged cabinets will be repaired or replaced. Smoke cleanup may be done using ozone machines, air filtration devices, or thermal foggers.
Fire damage restoration involves more than just a cleanup crew. You need a team of experts to clean, disinfect, deodorize, and restore your building to its previous condition. By using a professional restoration company in Monticello, LA, you can have your business back to normal as quickly as possible.

What To Know About Home Fire Alarms

6/25/2020 (Permalink)

A person putting a battery in a fire alarm. Installing a fire alarm can help protect your home and family by alerting you in time to leave the residence and call the fire department.

If a fire occurs at your Baton Rouge, LA, home a fire damage restoration service can help with cleanup, repairs, and smoke damage removal, but having an alarm can help mitigate the damage from the start. When you install a fire alarm in your home, it’s important to do so correctly, so that this tool can alert you in time to evacuate and call emergency personnel to put the flames out. Here are three things you should know to get the best use out of your alarm.

1. Where to Install Them

It’s recommended to install alarms in each bedroom, outside the bedrooms in spaces such as a shared hallway, and in the kitchen. You may also wish to place an alarm in work areas that use machinery such as the garage.

2. How Many To Have

You can calculate the number of alarms you need by counting the number of bedrooms and floors in your home. There should be a minimum of one fire alarm per floor. Add to that the other installation locations and you will know the recommended number of units for your home.

3. When To Replace Them

Many manufacturers recommend that the alarm unit be replaced every eight to ten years depending on the model. You should also replace the unit if you feel like it’s not functioning correctly. You can test the unit by pressing the test button and listening for the alarm sound.

Installing a fire alarm can help protect your home and family by alerting you in time to leave the residence and call the fire department. It’s best to install them in each bedroom and the kitchen and to have at least one per floor. Batteries should be replaced annually and the alarm should be replaced as indicated by the manufacturer. Remember, if your home does suffer fire damage, a restoration service can help.

Is Medicine and Food OK to Keep After a Fire?

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Fire alarm on wall. SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish is Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Once the house fire is over in Baton Rouge, LA, there’s a lot to do. You should make sure everyone’s safe, make arrangements for your pets (they’ll need a lot of comforts right now), and notify your insurance company. If the fire was structural, you may need a local fire restoration company to come in immediately and tarp up the exposed areas. Then you’ll have to sort out what you can keep and what must be discarded.

What Must You Throw Away?
The most important consideration is safety: is the item safe as is or can it be restored to pre-fire condition? Regardless, there are four categories that should always be discarded if exposed to smoke or heat greater than room temperature:

All perishable food
Some non-perishable food

So, Always Throw Away Food?
Most perishable food will readily absorb smoke and the toxic materials within, so go ahead and throw it all away. Non-perishable food, such as canned items, may be better able to withstand heat, depending on the packaging. If it’s sealed in non-porous material, such as metal or glass, and hasn’t been exposed to high heat, you may be able to keep it.

Can Medicine Ever Be Salvaged?
Not if exposed to high heat or smoke. Even a brief excursion above 100 degrees can alter the complex chemical formula in medicines. Prolonged temperatures above 80 degrees will also degrade medicine, so unless the pills were far away from the action, toss them.

Why Must Cosmetics Be Discarded?
Just like medicine, most quality cosmetics are engineered to be healthier for the body and skin. They can have complex and harmful chemical changes when exposed to high heat. If they’re expensive, some homeowner’s insurance policies will cover them as personal property. Either way, they won’t look, smell or feel the same if they were significantly impacted by the fire.

Ideally, call a local fire damage restoration company as soon as possible. They can help with insurance information and start cleaning up the mess as soon as possible. SERVPRO is Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Flood Cuts Can Help Salvage a Flooded Home

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SERVPRO Logo. When it comes to your home, you want to ensure that flooding doesn’t leave long-term effects.

When flooding happens in your Baton Rouge, LA, home, additional cleanup, and restoration are required. If it flooding from a hurricane, storm, or overflowing bodies of water, it likely means that sewage and debris with microorganisms are mixed in with the water. To reduce contamination to non-affected areas of the home, a flood cut is often needed.

What Is a Flood Cut?
To help reduce the amount of drywall and insulation that a professional flood and water remediation expert will have to tear out, they often use a flood cut. First, it is to understand the way water and walls work.

Drywall quickly absorbs water, creating a welcoming environment for mold to grow.
Once saturated, it can become too heavy for the fixtures holding it in place, thus making it sag.
After wet drywall dries, it loses its integrity and can crumble.

A flood cut is a method to reduce the spread of water and salvage walls and insulation. It also allows for the detection of hidden moisture behind walls. The process involves removing at least 12 inches above where the floodwater level was at. In some cases, up to 4 feet will be removed to make repairs easier since drywall sheets typically come 4-foot-by-8-foot sections.

Is a Flood Cut Always Necessary?
While any flooding can lead to mold, not all types of flooding will require a flood cut. Along with helping reduce the number of repairs, a flood cut’s main purpose is to limit the potential spread of contaminants. If the excess water was due to a pipe burst or leak, it is considered clean water that is not harmful. Depending on the amount of flooding and situation, holes may be drilled to detect extra moisture. If the damaged wall has insulation, it will likely result in needing a flood cut regardless of the water source.

When it comes to your home, you want to ensure that flooding doesn’t leave long-term effects. Getting the right help and taking extra measures to remove damaged materials are keys to your home returning to normal.

What To Expect From a Disaster Recovery Team

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What To Expect From a Disaster Recovery Team

In the event of an emergency, you can use all the help you can get. If an incident such as a flood or severe storm affects your office, professional restoration teams can clean up the mess and restore your building. Not all disaster recovery companies will meet your needs. The best companies can provide relief, regardless of the size and scale of the emergency.

Prompt Response
Time is of the essence when it comes to dealing with a disaster in Zachary, LA. The faster the pros can get to you, the less likely your building will suffer irreparable damage. Reliable cleanup companies will do the following:

  • Respond to your call and return your message within an hour
  • Arrive at your building to assess the damage the same day that you call
  • Complete the work in a timely manner

Remove the Water
If your property suffers flooding from storm damage, the disaster recovery crews begin by extracting all water from the interior. Technicians use industrial-strength machinery to remove water from the furniture, floors, and all other surfaces.

Dry and Sanitize
Technicians also use high-powered fans and dehumidifiers to completely dry the entire area. Potent chemicals also kill bacteria and reduce the risk of mildew and mold growth.

Rebuild and Restore
Storm response shouldn't end with removing the water and cleaning your office. The best companies also have the skills and training to rebuild and replace materials such as flooring, drywall, and roofing.

Call for Reinforcements
Disaster response teams can enlist the help of other technicians. At SERVPRO, local franchises can ask the corporate office for additional supplies and equipment. This allows the company to tackle even widespread emergencies and get your building back into proper, safe working order.
For all your disaster recovery needs, call the team at SERVPRO today. No incident is too challenging for these skilled professionals. You can get the peace of mind you need.

4 Ways to Include Pets in Fire Safety

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Dog sitting on a carpet bottom of the picture it says FIRE TIP Consider placing a pet fire safety sticker in a window

When a fire emergency happens in your Baker, LA, home, the safety everyone in the house is imperative. For people who have pets, they are also important family members but not always as easy to get out of a burning house. When it comes to pet safety, including them in the family’s evacuation plan increases the chances of everyone getting out safely. As you establish an evacuation plan, there are a number of things to consider. Along with the basics for the humans in the home, consider including these pet preparation tips as part of it.

Fire Prevention

Pets can be curious creatures, which can lead to them starting an accidental fire. If they love cozying up to the fireplace, place a gate around it to keep embers away. When burning candles, do it an area that a pet will not be able to knock over. The same goes for space heaters. Electrical cords should also be out of reach to avoid being mistaken as a chew toy.

Home Alone
People aren’t always home when a fire emergency breaks out. If a pet is home alone, you want fire responders to know that a loved family member is inside. Consider placing a pet fire safety sticker in a window.

Escape Route
This ties in with the human element of a fire safety plan. Identify potential exits, as well as a safe place to meet. Designate a person to be in charge of locating pets during an evacuation. Be sure to know your pet's favorite hiding spots.

The After Effects
Depending on the damage to your home, it could result in a long cleanup process with the help of fire and smoke remediation and restoration experts. During that time, it may be necessary to find somewhere else to stay. Establish a place to stay that allows pets before disaster strikes.
While hopefully, a fire emergency won’t be something you have to worry about, being prepared ahead of time can help keep all family members safe.

4 Steps To Keep Water From Harming Your Home or Business

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SERVPRO Logo. Shoring up your defenses could protect your home or business from the damaging effects of water.

In the wrong place, water can cause a lot of damage to the contents and structure of a building. Not all water damage can be foreseen or prevented, but much of it can be avoided or minimized with smart precautions or attention to maintenance issues. To avoid water in your home or business in Baton Rouge, LA, consider these worthwhile measures.

1.Keep Current on Maintenance. Plumbing issues can spread water throughout your building. A broken pipe is a bad news, especially if the water in the pipe is contaminated. At the first sign of a leak, a licensed plumbing contractor should be called to look at the situation. It is possible a small problem can be fixed before it causes major damage.

2. Work With SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish. A professional disaster response franchise can help your company before and after damaging a water or fire event. Contact before a disaster allows the company to become familiar with your home or facility and to respond more effectively. Technicians might also recommend steps to take to reduce your vulnerability to storms or plumbing malfunctions. After the water in your home or business causes damage, a qualified team can restore the building to good condition.

3. Tackle a Pipe Cleanup. If the unexpected does happen, it's good to seek out the services of a team that can handle a variety of problems. The SERVPRO name has been a leader in the cleaning and restoration industry for over 50 years. The company can clean up the results of a busted pipe "Like it never even happened."

4. Look for Weakness. Rampant water will find a weakness in your defenses and allow water in your home or business to create damage. Look for cracks in the foundation, a sagging roof, clogged storm drains, or pooling water after a storm. Shoring up your defenses could protect your home or business from the damaging effects of water.

What To Do After Category 3 Water Damage

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Standing water on floor. If your home is exposed to black water damage, contact a professional immediately.

Water damage in your home can not only be costly, but harmful to your health. This is because there are different sources of water that can enter your home and cause damage. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to minimize water damage in your home. Here are some tips for how to clean your home after black water damage.

1. Understand Categories of Water Damage
If you don’t know what category 3 water is, keep reading. If you want to be knowledgeable about what has happened in your home, it’s helpful to know that there are three categories of water:

Category 1 – is typically referred to as clean water because it doesn’t pose any threats to your health.
Category 2 – known as greywater. This category includes water from sources such as a dishwasher or washing machine.
Category 3 – this is the most unsanitary category because it includes black water or water that has harmful bacteria. Sources include sewage, ground surface water, and seawater.

2. Contact Professionals
When dealing with sewage cleanup, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. A water damage expert has the tools and expertise to safely handle your emergency situation. A general water restoration process includes inspection and damage assessment, water removal, drying and dehumidification, and cleaning and sanitizing.

3. Annually Inspect all Water Sources in Home
One of the best ways to prevent any future problems is to annually inspect all water sources in your Baton Rouge, LA, home. This includes any pipe fittings and water hoses. Check under the sink, the dishwasher, washing machine, behind the fridge, and around water softeners. Any area that has the potential for water leaks should be inspected to ensure proper operation.

If your home is exposed to black water damage, contact a professional immediately. They will have the right equipment and training to help you clean your home.

The Benefits of Preparing for a Disaster

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Standing water on the floor. A business continuity plan will rely on the expertise of professionals in government, insurance, cleaning and restoration, and other fields.

It's always a temptation to think the good times for your company will keeping rolling along. However, the wise person knows that nothing is always easy all of the time and that a big challenge might be just around the corner. Therefore, it pays to come up with a plan for when a storm strikes or water damage shuts down your business. One tool in your arsenal of preparation is a business continuity plan. This plan can be helpful for companies big and small. The level of detail may change depending on the size of your company and the complexity of its operations.

Ingredients of a Business Continuity Plan
A lots goes into a comprehensive plan that prepares your company in Baton Rouge, LA, for the worst. The main aspects of the plan include these broad categories:

Business impact analysis
Recovery strategies
Plan development
Testing and exercises

The emergency response plan is a critical component of the overall plan and guides you in your actions and decisions as the situation unfolds. It will identify a trusted source to call for help, such as a qualified water remediation team that has the experience to handle problems large and small. At the first notice of a problem, this company will dispatch trained technicians to your property to begin to mitigate the damage.

Sources of Help
A business continuity plan will rely on the expertise of professionals in government, insurance, cleaning and restoration, and other fields. It may be helpful to look over information from the Federal Emergency Management Agency on the principles of emergency response and from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for information on safe drinking water during an emergency. The more detailed the plan is the more value it will have. A developed and understood plan can limit the sense of chaos in an emergency, and it is always beneficial to rely on experts who have been there before.

Signs and Causes of Sewage Issues

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Biohazard symbol. Heeding the early warning signs and staying on top of your home’s plumbing situation can keep small issues from turning into big ones.

Homeowners in Baton Rouge, LA, expect their home to function properly. Unfortunately, some of the systems within it don’t always cooperate. This can be especially so when it comes to the sewer line, which is connected to the city’s system via long pipes running underground. When a backup occurs, sewage cleaning can be an unpleasant and costly job.

Signs of Trouble
Oftentimes, it is small changes that indicate there may be an issue with a sewer line. If they are ignored, they may eventually turn into big problems that require professional sewage cleaning and water and mold remediation experts to repair the damage. Four signals of a sewage issue include:

The smell of sewage near drains.
Water rises up in the bathtub or shower after flushing.
There is toilet overflow when using the washing machine.
Toile water levels rise when a nearby sink is running.

Causes of Backups
Once any sign of trouble is detected, calling a trusted plumber is the best bet. While one clogged pipe may not be a problem, multiple fixture issues or other underlying problems are likely the culprits. A few many causes of sewage issues in the home include:

Blockage: Flushing items that shouldn’t be flushed may not immediately lead to a problem, but they can eventually block the sewer line. When that occurs gurgling sounds, slow draining, and water backup are indicators of a problem.
Tree Roots: Nature grows how it wants. Over the years, roots can begin to grow into pipes, causing them to crack or collapse. During dry times, those roots will seek water, potentially leading to problems. Before planting a tree, avoid doing so near sewer lines. For existing trees, work with a plumber to prepare a preventive plan to guard against root issues.
Broken Lines: Especially in older homes and neighborhoods, corrosion and deterioration of drains and pipes can lead to breakage and damage.

While facing sewage cleaning may not always be preventable, heeding the early warning signs and staying on top of your home’s plumbing situation can keep small issues from turning into big ones.

Smart Strategies for Water Damage Recovery

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Technicians cleaning  standing water from a gym Flooded gym in Zachary, LA

Smart Strategies for Water Damage Recovery

Commercial water damage to your business in Zachary, LA, can come from many sources. It could be from a plumbing problem, a flooding event, a failed roofing system, or a faulty fire sprinkler system. Each situation is different and calls for unique strategies. Advance preparation, calmness during turmoil, the right level of insurance, and professional help all play a role in a swift recovery from a disaster. A local water mitigation franchise can arrive at your property in a matter of hours and lead the way forward. They are Here to Help and provide expertise when it is most needed. Other important steps will help you recover from water damage.

For many companies, a large water damage issue would be devastating without commercial property insurance. Most policies help pay for the damages associated with a leak or a plumbing problem and can help pay for cleanup expenses. The following insurance products cover specific situations:

  • Flood insurance pays for damages associated with flooding
  • Business interruption insurance covers lost revenue from a business shutdown
  • Extra expense insurance pays for expenses to prevent or minimize a business interruption

A professional and rapid cleanup of your property is still critical to your bottom line. It will shorten the duration of a business interruption. It could minimize expenses and reduce what you must pay above and beyond an insurance claim.

A solid groundwork of preparation to deal with commercial water damage should not be overlooked. Regular plumbing maintenance can prevent a broken pipe that could result in thousands of dollars of damage to your company. Flooding mitigation actions such as installing storm drains or detention basins could divert high waters away from your building. A timely roof repair might protect your assets from a water leak. Annual maintenance on your fire sprinkler system could catch a faulty sensor and stop the system from turning on when no fire is present. Smart precautionary actions can save your company a lot of money.

Typical Places To Find Mold Growth in an Office Building

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Black mold growth by window frame Black mold growth in Monticello, LA

How To Be Prepared In Case You Find Mold In Your Building

As a business owner or building manager, you know how important it is to keep your facility looking nice. Building tenants deserve a safe, comfortable place to work. Different environmental challenges can put a damper on these goals. Mold is one of the most unwelcome invaders you could face. The more you understand about mold growth and where it usually occurs, the better prepared you will be to prevent it and fight it.

In your building in Monticello, LA, you probably have a few different appliances for employees' needs and conveniences. Waterline leaks and other problems with these appliances could lead to water damage. This can often happen under or behind the machines, meaning you might not detect the issues for weeks or months. Mold commonly shows up inside or around the following:

  • Water heaters
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerators
  • Water coolers

Mold spores make their way into your building on people who come inside. They can also enter through open windows, doors, and tiny gaps. Once inside, the spores can begin to thrive in areas of high humidity. Bathrooms are among the most favorite spots for mold to colonize. Frequently running water can attract mold here. If your bathroom includes a shower, keep an eye on the walls for mold. To prevent and control growth, make sure you have good ventilation in the bathroom, and clean it daily.

Basements and Cellars
Few people in your office spend much time in the basement, but mold growth is a regular occurrence in this part of the building. Professional mold removal companies ordinarily spend time here to remove fungal problems. Basements and cellars often have higher humidity levels, poorer airflow, and a higher chance of attracting condensation and moisture. Regularly inspect the lower levels of the building for mold. Ensure that the air is not stagnant and that you promptly clean up water.
You can have peace of mind knowing you are controlling mold growth. Keep an eye out for this guest in these areas of your office building.

After the Flood, Don’t Forget the Crawlspace

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Home with flooding with the words "Flood Damage". While a home flood can be very disruptive, getting the right help to ensure that every part of the home is cleaned up.

Whether from storm damage, a broken pipe, or Mother Nature’s fury, a home flood can be a devastating mess to deal with. While people can quickly become focused on the belongings and interior structures that are visibly damaged, its important to not forget what is underneath. For homes in Baton Rouge, LA, with a crawlspace, water left behind by a flood can lead to structural integrity issues down the road.

The Often Forgotten but Important Crawlspace
It can be easy to forget about a crawlspace, but for homes without basements, it functions as a way to access important features of the home including plumbing, electrical wiring, and ductwork. If a home flood occurs and the crawlspace isn’t part of the cleanup, it may lead to a mold infestation or that eventually rots the home’s floors and framing or foundation erosion. The first steps to ensuring that doesn’t happen are to:

Remove excess water by pumping it out. Since it is tight quarters, using buckets will likely not be efficient enough to take on the problem.
Once the bulk of the water is removed, use a wet and dry vacuum to suck up the rest of it. A broom or squeegee may also be needed to bring water further away closer to the hose.

Drying it out means everything and must be done quickly. Since this area of the home is already known for being cool and damp, getting all excess water out is imperative to reduce the potential for mold growth. Setting up a dehumidifier is the best way to ensure proper water evaporation capture.

Professional Cleanup Keeps Future Problems at Bay
If left unchecked, a flooded crawlspace may result in long-lasting damage that is costly and timely to repair. After any type of flooding, consult a restoration company. As flood and water damage experts, they will have the expertise and tools to find problems lurking behind the scenes, as well as the know-how to properly clean up and repair your home, whether inside or underneath.

While a home flood can be very disruptive, getting the right help to ensure that every part of the home is cleaned up, dried out and repaired can make it “Like it never even happened.”

The Relationship Between Mold and Water

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Standing water on carpet of a room Standing water present in a Baker, LA room

Mold and Water

If your home in Baker, LA, has suffered water damage, you should be on the lookout for mold growth. Mold is a fungi and a naturally occurring organism throughout the world, with the possible exception of Antarctica. It thrives on areas with high moisture content and is often found in basements, attics, and bathrooms where excess humidity could be present. Under the right conditions, such as after a flood, mold can spread throughout a home in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Because mold has a number of unpleasant effects—including a musty odor, an unsightly appearance, and a potential impact on human health—it should be addressed quickly. If left unchecked, mold will continue to spread.

Water Removal
The first step to treating mold is to remove the source of a water leak or the reason for high humidity. If standing water is present in a room, it should be removed and the area thoroughly dried with fans and ventilation. If the water is contaminated, such as from a flood or a broken sewage pipe, a professional storm mitigation franchise should be called in. Trained technicians can perform the following critical services:

  • Inspection and assessment of the home
  • Water removal and extraction
  • Mitigation of mold growth
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces

If you catch a mold problem early, and if it is small, you might be able to address the problem yourself with scrubbing and detergent. If the problem is large, involves contaminated water, or has spread into the HVAC system, it is best to go with the professionals.

Flood Cleaning
Flood waters always present a difficult challenge as the waters are dirty and could contain bacteria, pathogens, and other harmful substances. The cleanup of a flooded home also presents special dangers and sometimes results in injuries to homeowners. A professional and experienced team is Here to Help and has the tools to restore your home back to its original condition.

Understanding the Most Common Business Loss

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SERVPRO Logo. Do what you can to prevent problems, and be prepared to get good help in case of emergency to quickly get you back to work.

When you run a business in Baton Rouge, LA, your main focus is on serving your customers and growing your assets. While losses are also part of doing business, there are some losses that are outside the scope of expectation, including loss due to water. Leaking or damaged pipes and drips can wreak havoc with your commercial building, and owners should be aware of these threats.

Types of Losses Water Can Cause
Water is driven by two things – gravity and pressure. There are specific ways these two forces can cause water damage.

Exposure to freezing temperatures can burst pipes
A blockage in the sewer pipes can create pressure causing the line to burst
Leaking pipes or a slow drip can cause water to soak into the drywall, subfloors and other structural materials causing damage if unnoticed
Damaged pipes can lead to flooding that will flow down the stairs, seep inside walls and into ceilings of the floors below

In a commercial building, fire sprinklers can also cause widespread damage from the ceiling down, bringing the loss not just of structural materials but also office furniture, inventory, and electronic equipment

Proper maintenance is the best way to prevent leaks and flooding. Use heat tape around pipes on outer walls, and keep temperatures around in-roof pipelines above freezing. Check exposed plumbing frequently, and test overhead sprinklers to make sure they are set correctly. Humidity meters and flood sensors are a good idea in little-visited areas and on lower floors.

In Case of Accident
In spite of the best preventive measures, the unexpected can happen and you could have a flood on your hands. Call a water cleanup and mitigation service in Baton Rouge, LA, to assess and deal properly with the mess, tear-out, and restoration process. Business losses due to damaged pipes can be huge.

Do what you can to prevent problems, and be prepared to get good help in case of emergency to quickly get you back to work.

Check Off These 4 Items to Ensure Your Building Is Ready for Spring

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Water damaged ceiling. If you want more advice about actions related to your specific property, consider contacting a licensed plumbing service.

The spring thaw is a beautiful time of year: flowers and trees blossoming, sun shining, and temperatures rising. Along with the beauty, however, comes significant risks to commercial properties. Spring brings flooding, as any water mitigation company in Baton Rouge, LA, can attest. Therefore, add the following four items to your spring checklist.

Sump pump
Pipe insulation
Sewers and drains

As the weather warms up, you can expect rain. To protect your roof and foundation, it is necessary to maintain your gutters and downspouts. Inspect your facility’s downspouts to ensure they are not congested or plugged with leaves and other debris. If water cannot flow freely from the roof to the downspouts, it will drain against your building’s foundation, causing soil displacement and potential flooding.

Sump Pump
The spring thaw will also contribute to warming grounds, which can cause floods. Sump pumps help to prevent exterior floods from moving into your building. Test these devices to ensure they are functioning correctly before the warmer weather.

Pipe Insulation
Spring is notorious for fluctuating temperatures, which result in freezing and rapid thawing. If your commercial property has exposed pipes, wrapping each pipe in insulation can help reduce the risk of a frozen pipe and the excess pressure that leads to breaks.

Sewers and Drains
The winter months can cause unseen damage to sewers and drain pipes. To avoid a spring flood, have an inspection, ensuring all drains and sewers are clear and working. This preliminary search prevents potentially costly repairs and property damage. You may also want to consider that repairing minor issues now can negate severe problems later.

Flooding is a legitimate concern during the spring thaw, which is why commercial property owners need to focus on preventative measures, like those listed above. If you want more advice about actions related to your specific property, consider contacting a licensed plumbing service.

Facts About Smoke Damage

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Brick wall covered with smoke Smoke damage in Baton Rouge, LA

Facts About Smoke Damage

The thought of a fire raging through your office could keep you up at night. While the flames can destroy many materials in their path, smoke damage can be extensive too. It can ruin carpet, electronics, furniture and documents in the workplace. Fortunately, professional disaster cleanup companies have the tools and techniques to salvage many items.

A Word About Insurance
If you own the building in which your business operates, your commercial plan should cover the smoke damage and cleanup efforts. Even if the fire starts in an adjacent building, you can file a claim for any way the fire and smoke affected your office. If you're a renter, the commercial insurance won't cover your belongings, such as:

  • Computers, printers and other electronics
  • Personal items such as pictures, collections, and keepsakes
  • Files and furniture.

What the Smoke Does To Your Office
Smoke will permeate the walls, insulation, and carpet in your office. It will leave ash on desks, chairs, floors, and ceilings. You'll also need to focus on soot damage, which can ruin electronics. Smoke will also leave a terrible odor in the building. This smell is difficult to remove and requires the expertise of professionals to remove effectively and completely.

What the Pros Will Do
After filing an insurance claim, you should call a fire cleanup crew in Baton Rouge, LA, to evaluate the damage in your building. The team will arrive to assess the extent of the problems and will formulate a smoke cleaning and restoration plan. Crews will tear out drywall, carpet and other severely damaged items. Using dry-cleaning methods and other specialized equipment, the team will remove soot and ash as well as eliminate the unpleasant odors. Technicians will disinfect the area and then restore your building.
Even if your offers suffers significant smoke damage, you can rest assured that your insurance company will accept your claim. Cleanup and restoration experts will also lend a hand to get your business up and running again.

Measures That Mitigate Flooding in Cities

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Thames Barrier, located downstream of central London at sunset The Thames Barrier in England

Measures That Mitigate Flooding in Cities

Throughout the world, flooding happens on a regular basis. Rivers overflow, sea levels rise, and rain pours down on land already saturated with water. All this high water in the wrong places can have a devastating effect on property, businesses, and cities. To prevent this, or at least to minimize the damage, engineers have come up with large-scale projects designed to hold the waters back. It is a task that is never finished, as the next large storm is always out there on the horizon. Here is a list of some of the biggest projects to stop flooding:

  • The Thames Barrier in England
  • The Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier in the Netherlands
  • The Delta Works in the Netherlands
  • The Hagestein Weir in the Netherlands
  • The water gates of Japan

A Common Enemy

What all these structures have in common is an effort at flood prevention. Through the use of gates, sluices, barriers, dikes, canals, and levees the projects seek to prevent high water from inundating low-lying lands. They were built over many years and are truly mammoth in their proportions. London and Tokyo have faced floods for centuries, as has the Dutch countryside. In the U.S., areas such as Louisiana, Houston and the Mississippi River have all faced large floods in recent years. Societies have long sought out answers, and the search continues today.

An Effective Response

Each business should consider the possibility of flooding or high water in their business plans. This includes getting the right types of commercial and flood insurance, as well as speaking with a storm mitigation franchise in Monticello, LA. Advance preparation can make a big difference. Fortifying the exterior of a company with smart landscaping and storm drains can successfully divert water away from foundations. A roof that is in good shape will stand up to high winds and heavy rains. All of these actions make a company strong when absolutely necessary.

What is a Certified Industrial Hygienist?

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Plastic covers, mold containment concept Mold cleaning is the process of getting mold and mildew under control in a home

The American Board of Industrial Hygiene is an agency that establishes and administers the certifications for certified industrial hygienists. These individuals are trained to protect homes and businesses from chemical, physical, biological and ergonomic threats. They are essential to the process of mold cleaning since they have the ability to accurately identify mold in a home. This is critical since different types and strains of mold and mildew respond to different treatment procedures. A rigorous process of learning is needed to be granted the CIH designation, and continuous learning is required to maintain the certification. To receive the certification, individuals must pass a test showing sufficient knowledge in a range of areas.

What Does a CIH Do?

One of the most important tasks of a CIH is to test the environment for hazards. This is a crucial role for mold remediation. In part, this helps technicians determine if there is a threat to human health. They also recommend ways to alleviate or mitigate the threat. Some technicians may specialize in certain areas, such as mold damage control. Overall knowledge of the following areas is common for a CIH:

  • Toxicology
  • Biohazards
  • Biostatistics and epidemiology
  • Health risk analysis
  • Radiation
  • Air sampling and instrumentation

Mold cleaning is the process of getting mold and mildew under control in a home. It is accomplished by such steps as air filtration, vacuuming, cleaning and sanitizing and restoration of materials.

How Does Mold Remediation Work?

A mold mitigation team consists of several workers who are trained in treating a mold problem. A CIH might be a part of this staff. One of the first steps is identifying the problem and looking for areas of the home that have excess moisture. Too much humidity in a home in Zachary, LA, allows mold to flourish. With professional mold cleaning, a home can be restored and cleaned so that mold is no longer a problem.

Commercial Storm Insurance Coverage Often Has Considerable and Surprising Gaps

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Hurricane Maria makes landfall in Puerto Rico in September 2017 - Elements of this image furnished by NASA In a major hurricane, a federal disaster declaration may be made

Excluding small, single-person operations, businesses in Baker, LA, are strongly advised to have adequate commercial insurance coverage. Good coverage during a catastrophe is often the difference between returning to full functionality and bankruptcy. However, there are usually significant exclusions in the policies; for instance, storm insurance may not cover every type of storm or have huge deductibles. Of course, discovering this can be a nasty surprise during or right after a major disaster.

The 3 Most Common Exclusions of Commercial Insurance

Three items that are rarely covered without a rider include

  • Floods
  • Earthquakes
  • Hurricanes

If you do have coverage, double-check the deductible since storm insurance can include higher deductibles for storm and wind damage. Earthquakes aren’t a storm, but it’s important to know that you typically need a rider on your standard policy to be covered. Hurricanes usually aren’t covered, but that does vary somewhat between different companies.

Floods Require Special Policies

Most flood insurance coverage comes from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), a government-administered program that provides flood insurance for businesses and residences. You can find flood insurance elsewhere but rarely will find it cheaper than the NFIP.

Wind Damage Deductibles Will Also Vary

There are three basic sorts of wind deductibles: windstorm, windstorm and hail damage or hurricane. Some companies divide categories up further, and all have different premiums for the wide variety of roof types. If hurricane coverage is provided, make sure that the deductible is not higher than you expect.
In a major hurricane, a federal disaster declaration may be made. This often will bring additional advantages to commercial operations, allowing them to deduct uninsured damage caused by the declared event either in the present year or for the tax year when it normally comes around.
While exclusions and high deductibles can be an unpleasant surprise, it nevertheless is almost always recommended to purchase commercial storm insurance for most small businesses – and always for larger ones. When severe weather hits in Baker, LA, the coverage will help pay for a good restoration company to clean up the damage and return the business to its previous condition.

Saving your personal belongings post-flood

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Flooded street in front of several houses. Knowledgeable experts can provide drying and dehumidifying equipment and bring in a workforce to assist with cleanup efforts.

Clean up after a flood is different than any other type of cleaning. If your home has been hit by a storm, hurricane, or levy break, you know it can be a nightmare. Sifting through personal possessions soaked in filthy black water can be difficult, and while the items may be filled with memories, they can also now carry contaminants. Once content cleaning begins, it can be difficult to know what can be saved and what needs to be discarded. Here are a few simple rules for cleaning up after a deluge.

1. If an item can soak up water, think of it like a sponge filled with potential toxins. This includes clothing, bedding, carpets, and couches.

2. Nonporous surfaces can often be cleaned with a disinfectant. Special care should be taken to remove any possibility of mold or mildew growth.

3. If two surfaces touch on a nonporous item, the possibility of mold or mildew rises astronomically. Think oil paintings in frames, handles on metal cabinets, and plastic drawer bins.

4. Textiles can often be salvaged if they can be washed and dried within 48 hours. There are exceptions to fabric content cleaning, however. It is not recommended that wool, leather, and silk items be washed. Often, wool can shrink, the leather may crack or lose its shape, and silk can become brittle after being in a dryer.

5. If you have access to a working bathtub immediately after a flood, you can often save nonporous objects. Soak small items of metal, plastic, or other manufactured materials in a disinfecting solution until you have time to deal with them.

6. Freeze damaged heirloom books, framed pictures, or important papers in plastic bags. This may allow more time to contemplate conservation efforts such as photocopying.

Consider contacting a flood restoration specialist team in Baton Rouge, LA, to help with content cleaning and item removal after a saturating water disaster. Knowledgeable experts can provide drying and dehumidifying equipment and bring in a workforce to assist with cleanup efforts.

How To Fix Common Types of Faucets

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Leaking faucet After repairing a leaking faucet, check for water damage

Use This Guide To Identify The Type Of Faucet You Have

The incessant drip-drip-drip of a leaking faucet can be more than just an annoyance. A neglected leak can lead to high water bills and even water damage. To protect your Baton Rouge, LA, home, make sure to address a dripping faucet as soon as you can. There are four main types of faucets and here you can learn how to repair two of the main types. Use this guide to identify the type of faucet you have and to find the tools you need to repair it.

1. Fixing a ceramic-disk faucet
A ceramic-disk faucet contains a ceramic cylinder inside its stem, at the base of its arm. Start by unscrewing the handle and finding the escutcheon, which is generally made of metal. Remove this escutcheon and also the cylinder beneath it. You should see several neoprene seals - remove them and clean them by soaking in white vinegar. If needed, you can replace the seals entirely. When you have your new or cleaned seals, reassemble the handle and slowly turn the water back on. Your leaking faucet should be fixed.

2. Fixing a cartridge faucet
A cartridge faucet contains a cartridge at its base and often has a decorative cap on its handle. Start by prying off the cap and removing the handle by moving it backward. If your faucet has a retaining clip, remove it with pliers. Pull the cartridge straight up and remove its spout. Next, locate and remove the O-rings. You can do this by snipping them or pulling them off with pliers. Grease your new O-rings with plumber's grease and install them. Finally, reassemble the handle and you should be finished.
After repairing a leaking faucet, check for water damage. A newly fixed leak may still require an inspection and expert water damage restoration if it was leaking for too long. Professionals in this industry can efficiently detect hidden moisture and return your home to a clean, safe state.

How Professional Content Cleaning Saves Items After a Fire

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Hole on roof and burned A house fire in Baker, LA, leaves a path of destruction

A house fire in Baker, LA, leaves a path of destruction. The flames burn just about everything in their path, from wood and furniture to clothing and artwork. Substances from fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems degrade and corrode personal belongings. Finally, the pervasiveness of smoke odors is a difficult smell to remove from the home. Fortunately, a trained and certified fire remediation company has tools such as dry-cleaning that can save many valuables from being a total loss. Some items are not salvageable after a fire, but a professional company will strive to save many possessions from being discarded.

The Importance of Training and Certification

After a fire, content cleaning can be a big job. Fire and water damage specialists should respond with a restore versus replace mentality. This limits losses and reduces expenses. Cleaning a variety of surfaces requires training and certification, allowing for the cleaning of the following items:

  • Documents
  • Upholstery
  • Furniture
  • Artwork
  • Carpeting
  • Drywall

Trained personnel know that dry-cleaning is the preferred method for clothes, while ultrasonic methods work best for non-porous objects. The right company has specialized equipment to restore a multitude of materials.

The Value of Experience
Just about every residential fire is unique and comes with its own set of challenges. Experience helps technicians understand the best methods to proceed. At times, family heirlooms and treasured photographs suffer damage from smoke or water. A company that is local can respond quickly to limit losses and begin to address the situation in a matter of hours. At the same time, a company that has corporate resources can capitalize upon its expertise and also provide space for content storage if needed.
While a fire is an unfortunate and emotional event for all, it's good to know help is nearby. Techniques such as dry-cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning improve the benefits of the recovery process and save valuable personal belongings.

What to Expect When an Insurance Adjuster Visits Your Home

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Flooded bathroom area. A visit from a home adjuster is a very standard part of the process of restoring your home after a flood.

After a residential flood, your home and belongings may be left damaged or completely destroyed. If you have a home insurance policy that covers flood damage, your insurer may wish to send a home adjuster for a visit to your residence. If you have never filed a flood insurance claim before, you may be left wondering what to expect from the insurance adjuster's visit. Watch for the following procedural steps to take place when your local Baton Rouge, LA, adjuster comes to access the situation.

Inventory Review
In preparation for a visit from a home adjuster, you may wish to prepare an inventory of what was ruined in the flooding incident. An adjuster is trying to get the most accurate estimate of how much it will cost to repair or replace your belongings. In addition to a written list of destroyed goods, consider adding the following items to your inventory:

Photos of damaged belongings
Original purchase receipts
Videos to show larger areas where the damage occurred

Visual Inspection
After reviewing the written inventory, the adjuster may wish to perform a visual inspection of your home to determine it's the current condition. Not only will this allow the adjuster to get an idea of what damage has occurred, but may also help them to determine which variety of restoration services are needed for repair. You may wish to have several bids prepared to present to the adjuster; although, many adjusters will bring their own bids for you to compare.

Finally, after the adjuster reviews the written inventory of damaged goods alongside their visual inspection of your home, it will be time for them to record and report their findings. Be sure to ask the adjuster how long they expect it will take for your claims to be processed and for the restoration process to begin.

A visit from a home adjuster is a very standard part of the process of restoring your home after a flood. By knowing what to expect, and what questions to ask, you can streamline the process of returning your home to its previous condition.

5 Things Your Can Do After a Basement Flood

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Flooded room. Flooding is an unfortunate risk of homeownership. The way to combat the risk is knowing how to act if the worst happens.

Basement flooding is an unfortunate risk of homeownership. The worst part about these floods is that they are often out of your control. However, regardless of the cause, you need to be aware of the steps you should take following this water disaster. There are at least five steps to the recovery process.

Remove water
Dry the area
Sanitize and scrub
Repair the cause
Deal with damaged items

Remove Water
The first thing you should do is call a water remediation specialist in Baton Rouge, LA, to help remove the excess water from the basement flood. While it is possible to remove water on your own, it is not advisable. Water that floods your basement can be heavily contaminated, requiring protective gear and removal processes.

Dry the Area
Next, the area affected by the flooding will need to be dried thoroughly. Cleaning companies will typically use a combination of fans, air movers and dehumidifiers. The dehumidifiers should be placed at least eight inches away from walls to be effective.

Sanitize and Scrub
Once the entire space is dry, preferably with a moisture reading of no more than 50%, it is time to clean and sanitize the space. If you hired a remediation company, then a team will scrub the entire space, ensuring the area is disinfected before moving on to repairs.

Repair the Cause
Next, the team will get to work on any necessary pipe repair or structural repair. This will include inspecting the root cause of the initial flood, which could have stemmed from failed plumbing or poor maintenance of gutters and roofing systems.

Deal with Damaged Items
Last, it is necessary to focus on any damaged items. If you were dealing with black water cleanup, then any porous items should be discarded. However, if you have important documents that got wet, then you can place them in the freezer to try and protect the integrity of the document until you can get to it. Also, there are specialized cleaners that focus on sterilizing and deep-cleaning.

Flooding is an unfortunate risk of homeownership. The way to combat the risk is knowing how to act if the worst happens.

Tips in case your home gets water damage from a storm

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person walking through flooded street Water damage restoration is SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish's specialty.

Storm Tips

For many homeowners in Baton Rouge, LA., severe storms can be a hassle. They can cause damage to your house that might take a lot of time and money to repair. In some cases, you might not know how to proceed if your house has been affected. Use the following storm tips to get your home back in top shape more quickly.

1. Contact Your Insurance Company

If you have experienced storm damage to your home, one of the first things that you should do is call your insurance agent. The claims process can be lengthy, so it’s better to get started sooner rather than later. Many policies have a cut-off for filing a claim as well, so if you wait too long, you might be denied.

2. Hire a Restoration Company

Something else that you should do quickly is to hire an emergency cleanup and restoration company to begin repairs on your home. When damage is left to sit, it can become worse. This will make it more difficult, time-consuming and costly to repair.

3. Document the Affected Areas

While you are waiting for your insurance adjuster to arrive, you can begin documenting the storm damage in your home. Check the house thoroughly and write down everything that has been damaged. You can give this list to your adjuster to help with the claims process. You should take pictures of everything since the insurance company will need evidence of the damage.

4. Prevent Damage From Worsening

One of the most important storm tips to remember is mitigation. This step is necessary to keep damage at a minimum. In some cases, if this is not done, your insurance claim can be denied. It can also increase the amount of time needed for repairs. Board up affected areas to keep water from spreading, and move items to a dry location.
After your home has been damaged, it can be difficult to keep your thoughts organized. You might have a lot of concerns and frustrations. However, keeping these storm tips in mind can help you get through the situation more calmly.

Commercial Water Damage Equipment

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Commercial Water Removal

There are many instances where water possibly floods your nightclub. Sometimes a pipe breaks or sprinkler systems default and go off overnight causing water to spill into the building all night long. In other scenarios, severe weather possibly causes unwanted, indoor moisture.

The extraction process is a vital step in mitigating moisture damage. SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge's commercial water removal technicians always use the industry's best equipment during extraction. We implement the best procedures to complete the job in a way that does not negatively affect your nightclub.

When first arriving at an emergency water situation our team ensures the work area is safe for our technicians, your employees, and customers. We fix as many hazards in the area possible. Areas that are not safe to access are blocked off, and danger signs get posted.

Then the source of the problem gets repaired so that water is no longer pouring into the building. If the issue results from faulty sprinklers or a pipe break, a plumber gets calls and fixes the problem. If rainwater enters due to a broken or exterior wall, we board up the hole in the structure so that no more moisture enters.

Next, we begin the extraction process with either a portable or truck-mounted extractor. Portable extractors get used for places that are awkward to get into or if parking a van at your business is not possible. Portable extractors weigh 40 to 90 lbs., hold 5 to 12 gallons of wastewater, and it vacuum power has 140 inches of water lift.

Truck-mounted extractors get used for severe projects that contain much water. The van that has the extractor gets parked close to an entrance to your bar, and the vacuum hose gets pulled in for extraction. Truck-mounted extractors weigh 500 to 1,100 pounds and have storage tanks that hold from 60 to over 100 gallons of waste. The vacuum lift capabilities for these extractors are more powerful and have between 185.71 to 198.98 inches of water lift.

Sometimes we complete our extraction work during hours when your nightclub is not open so that extraction does not hinder your business operations. We sometimes extract the water one small section at a time, so part of your bar stays open. For professional help removing moisture from your place of business


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Christmas Tree Fire Fire damage during the holiday season can be a disaster. Protect your family this season by knowing the facts.

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge is here to educate the Baton Rouge community on holiday fire damage facts.

  • Nearly 47,000 fires occur during the winter holidays claiming more than 500 lives, causing more than 2,200 injuries, and costing $554 million in property damage.
  • On average, one of every 22 home fires started by Christmas trees result in death.
  • Candle fires are four times as likely to occur during the winter holidays.
  • During the winter holiday season, an average of 40 home fires per day are caused by children playing.
  • The number of home fires the American Red Cross has responded to has risen 10% since 2000.
  • Having a working smoke alarm reduces one’s chances of dying in a fire by nearly half.

Winter Is Coming: Seasonal Tips to Maintain Your School Facilities

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classroom with children Good air quality in your local schools is important and should be maintained.

Six Tips to Prepare Your HVAC System for Winter:

  • Clear exterior HVAC systems of ice or snow; clean interior HVAC elements on a regular schedule. Poorly maintained HVAC units can lead to IAQ problems, including mold issues. Microbial growth in drip pans, ductwork, coils and humidifiers can both disrupt the HVAC system and affect building occupants’ health.
  • As temperatures fall, maintain indoor humidity levels. As the temperature outdoors drops, schools should be aware of indoor humidity levels. To protect occupant health and comfort as well as the school building and its facilities, indoor relative humidity should be maintained above 30 percent—ideally between 30 percent and 50 percent.
  • Ensure air filters are changed on a regular schedule. Air filters should have a dust-spot rating between 35 percent and 80 percent or a minimum efficiency rating value (MERV) between 8 and 13, depending on the compatibility of the air handling unit. The higher the MERV rating, the more particulates will be filtered, resulting in cleaner air.
  • Adjust HVAC operation for fall or winter conditions as needed to ensure proper ventilation. Provide outdoor air ventilation according to ASHRAE standards or local code. There are significant spatial and seasonal variations in the volume of air delivered by most HVAC systems, so systems may need to be adjusted. Learn more by checking out the ASHRAE Standard 62-2016.
  • Adjust your maintenance schedule to take holidays into account. To ensure that HVAC systems are functioning properly over winter and holiday breaks, consider creating a holiday maintenance schedule. With intermittent building occupancy over breaks, outdoor air ventilation rates may need to be adjusted. Check that air registers are not inadvertently obstructed by furniture or large objects that may have been moved.
  • Activate the frost control option on Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERVs) systems as appropriate. Be wary of frost. In colder climates, some operating conditions can cause freezing within the energy recovery heat exchanger, and it is often necessary to equip energy-recovery ventilator (ERV) systems with a frost control option.

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge wants to help you keep your school clean! Call us today for an appointment this holiday season.

Space Heater Safety Tips

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Space Heater infographic Fire damage from space heaters can be avoided by following basic rules.

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish specializes in fire damage restoration. We also like to educate the public when it comes to best practices in your home or business. The following information comes from the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) organization:

Heating equipment is the second leading cause of home fires in the United States. More than 65,000 home fires are attributed to heating equipment each year. These fire result in hundreds of deaths, thousands of injuries and millions of dollars in property damage. 
Portable electric space heaters can be a convenient source of supplemental heat for your home in cold weather. Unfortunately, they can pose significant fire and electric shock hazards if not used properly. Fire and electrical hazards can be caused by space heaters without adequate safety features, space heaters placed near combustibles, or space heaters that are improperly plugged in.
Safety should always be a top consideration when using space heaters. Here are some tips for keeping your home safe and warm when it’s cold outside:

  • Make sure your space heater has the label showing that it is listed by a recognized testing laboratory.
  • Before using any space heater, read the manufacturer’s instructions and warning labels carefully.
  • Inspect heaters for cracked or broken plugs or loose connections before each use. If frayed, worn or damaged, do not use the heater.
  • Never leave a space heater unattended. Turn it off when you're leaving a room or going to sleep, and don't let pets or children play too close to a space heater.
  • Space heaters are only meant to provide supplemental heat and should never be used to warm bedding, cook food, dry clothing or thaw pipes.
  • Install smoke alarms on every floor of your home and outside all sleeping areas and test them once a month.
  • Proper placement of space heaters is critical. Heaters must be kept at least three feet away from anything that can burn, including papers, clothing and rugs.
  • Locate space heaters out of high traffic areas and doorways where they may pose a tripping hazard.
  • Plug space heaters directly into a wall outlet. Do not use an extension cord or power strip, which could overheat and result in a fire. Do not plug any other electrical devices into the same outlet as the heater.
  • Place space heaters on level, flat surfaces. Never place heaters on cabinets, tables, furniture, or carpet, which can overheat and start a fire.
  • Always unplug and safely store the heater when it is not in use.

Knowing which pipes are most susceptible to freezing

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Frozen pipe Water damage can occur if you have a pipe bust as a result of freezing.

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish is here to help this season if and when your pipes get frozen. The goal is to prevent them from busting and creating water damage throughout your home or business.

Water has a unique property in that it expands as it freezes. This expansion puts tremendous pressure on whatever is containing it, including metal or plastic pipes. No matter the strength of a container, expanding water can cause pipes to break.

Pipes that freeze most frequently are:

  • Pipes that are exposed to severe cold, like outdoor hose bibs, swimming pool supply lines, and water sprinkler lines.
  • Water supply pipes in unheated interior areas like basements and crawl spaces, attics, garages, or kitchen cabinets.
  • Pipes that run against exterior walls that have little or no insulation.

Holiday Cooking Safety

11/4/2019 (Permalink)

stove on fire Don't let fire damage ruin your holiday.

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish wants you and your family to get the best holiday experience possible. Please be safe!

During the Thanksgiving holiday, many families gather in the kitchen to spend time together, but it can be one of the most hazardous rooms in your home. Before you begin your holiday meal preparations, I would like to remind everyone that cooking equipment, most often a range or stovetop, is the leading cause of reported home fires and home fire injuries in the United States. Cooking equipment is also the leading cause of unreported fires and associated injuries.

The number of cooking fires increases significantly during the holidays so it is important for you to stay alert and be watchful while you are cooking. Whether you are cooking the holiday family dinner or a leftover snack for the children, practicing these safe cooking behaviors will help protect you and your family:

  • Protect Children from Scalds and Burns. Young children are at high risk of being burned by hot food and liquids. Keep children away from cooking areas by enforcing a "kid-free zone" of 3 feet around the stove.
  • Watch What You’re Cooking. The leading cause of fires in the kitchen is unattended cooking. Stay in the kitchen when you are frying, grilling, or cooking food on the stop top or broiling food.
  • Choose the Right Equipment and Use It Properly. Follow manufacturers' instructions when using cooking equipment. Remember to plug microwave ovens and other cooking appliances directly into an outlet. Never use an extension cord for a cooking appliance, as it can overload the circuit and cause a fire. Cook only with equipment designed and intended for cooking, and heat your home only with equipment designed and intended for heating.
  • Avoid Using Deep Fat Turkey Fryers. The use of a deep fat turkey fryer can be very dangerous. If you do decide to use one, use it at a safe distance from buildings and other items that can catch fire. Never use a turkey fryer in a garage or on a wooden deck. Watch the fryer carefully, as the oil will continue to heat until it catches fire. To avoid oil spillover, don’t overfill the fryer. Oil-less turkey fryers are available. For more information, visit the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s website.
  • Keep Things That Can Catch Fire and Heat Sources Apart. Keep anything that can catch fire - potholders, oven mitts, wooden utensils, paper or plastic bags, food packaging, towels, or curtains - away from your stovetop. Keep the stovetop, burners, and oven clean. Wear short, close-fitting or tightly rolled sleeves when cooking.
  • Prevent Scalds and Burns. To prevent spills due to overturned appliances containing hot food or liquids, use the back burner when possible, and/or turn pot handles away from the stove's edge. Use oven mitts or potholders when moving hot food from ovens, microwave ovens, or stovetops.

On behalf of the staff at the U.S. Fire Administration, I want to wish you and yours a very Happy (fire and burn-free) Thanksgiving.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

10/22/2019 (Permalink)

lady sneezing Duct cleaning and clean air quality is crucial to maintaining a cleaning business.

Air quality has recently become a very important issue for many companies. Maintaining a breathable atmosphere within the confines of your business is important to both your employees and your customers.

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish can provide a deep clean of your HVAC systems. This includes cleaning the insides of your duct systems as well as a thorough clean of your HVAC coils and drip pan. 

Our technicians use professional duct cleaning equipment to dislodge any and all particulates from your ducting networks. The process allows use to vacuum the dislodged particulates and clean the registers and returns. 

Most notably is the visible difference that your employees and customers will notice when they observe the vents. 

Call us today to set up an appointment.

Hurricane Barry

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Storm damage, water damage, flood damage? Call us 24/7!

A few days ago Central East Baton Rouge Parish was on notice regarding Hurricane Barry. During these type of events SERVPRO understands that the community must come together in order to weather the storm. It becomes a collective struggle in which all homes and businesses share a common goal. This goal is to protect your community. The best way to do this is to check on your neighbors. Maybe they are elderly and have no family. Maybe they are new to the area and need some preparation advice. Maybe you guys share resources like sandbags and muscle. 

Whatever the needs may be we at SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish understand that it takes a community effort to defy mother nature and we would love to be on your team.

Fire restoration means being prepared

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke damage, fire damage? Call us today!

The Boy Scout motto is "Always be prepared." This could very easily be the SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish motto as well. 

We take pride in keep supplies staged for fire restoration Many times, when a fire occurs in your home or business, the responding restoration company can show up without the necessary supplies to begin immediately. Not us! We keep a trailer fully stocked with everything needed to restore charring, smoke damage, discoloration, odor problems and even clean your duct system. We also are prepared to inventory the contents that got damaged in order to have them cleaned on site or off site in accordance with insurance standards. 

Our trained crews make the difference between us and the competition as they are fully trained to operate the SERVPRO fire restoration systems.

Call us today and let us begin!

Developing an Action Plan

7/3/2019 (Permalink)

We take the time and deliver the results

When SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish gets a call to provide fire damage restoration we approach it with the understanding that each and every loss is different. With that in mind we start the assessment phase where we develop a scope and action plan. 

Our team will carefully inspect each room that was affected by the fire, soot and smoke damage. This is a crucial step in the development of the plan. Without spending the proper time in the begin to understand the extent of the damage we run the risk of overlooking something.

Action plans can be the glue that keeps every body together as a group, moving in singular fashion towards a collective goal.

If you need an assessment please give us a call today. 

Wind damage can cause water damage

7/2/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage can occur from a wind storm if the shingles are damaged or missing

When high winds affect your home or business sometimes rain can follow. If this happens and your roof is exposed water damage may ensue. It is important to check your roof as soon as it is safe to climb up there. If you are not physically capable please get a roofer to inspect. Make sure to check your attic too. Water damage should be easy to spot. Look for insulation to be depressed in areas. This could mean water is dripping from the decking underneath your shingles. If this is occurring get a bucket placed under the drip and make sure to monitor the ceiling directly underneath this area. A small leak could create tons of secondary damage if not mitigated. 

If you have any questions or need roofing help please do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish.

Deodorizing after a Louisiana Fire

7/2/2019 (Permalink)

Make sure to get your home or business cleaned by professionals if you experience fire damage

In Louisiana we have very high levels of humidity. If you experience a fire and do not get it professional deodorized the humidity levels could exacerbate the problem. Even if you have a small fire that doesn't cause a large amount of structural damage the soot that travels through the house and settles on surfaces could be pulled out as the summer approaches. As the humidity levels increase so will latent smells. SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish understands this, which is why we encourage home owners or business owners to ask questions regarding the process. Make sure you are getting the treatment you deserve before the summer months arrive and you discover you didn't. 

If you have any questions please call us.

Water Damage and Flood Cleanup from a Storm

7/1/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish can respond to water damage 24/7

In storm event your home or business may need a water damage restoration company to respond promptly. SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish is a 24/7 emergency service restoration company that can manage your loss, regardless of size. We specialize in water removal from water flooding within your house. Sometimes, during floods, a sewer clean out service is necessary since flood water can cause the sewers to overflow. 

If you wait to mitigate the damage your home or business could suffer from secondary damage like mold or weaken structural materials.

When it comes to flooding do not hesitate. Call SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish for immediate assistance. Also, if you have any questions or concerns make sure to browse or website for details specific to your loss. 

Storm Damage in Central East Baton Rouge

7/1/2019 (Permalink)

Emergency flood water removal and damage repair is what we do best!

Storm damage in Central East Baton Rouge is constantly on our minds. With spring storms and fall hurricanes we are never free of its potential to strike when we least expect it. 

We specialize in flood water removal and drying when your house or business is affected by water damage. Flood services keep us busy when an event hits. It is important to quickly mitigate damage which is why SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish is ready to respond 24/7 any time of the year.

If your house was flooded please give us a call immediately so that we can begin the process. If it is a wide spread storm event it is important to call us sooner rather than later.

Don't hesitate.

Water pipe repair is only part of the goal

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Water damage from broken water lines or burst pipes is our specialty.

If a water pipe burst and your business suffers water damage getting the pipe repaired is obviously necessary. Also, restoring your business to its original condition will require a professional water mitigation company like SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish.

Once the water is turned off and we are able to stop the flow we need to begin the scoping process. This requires a water removal and mitigation company to begin taking account of everything that got damaged. We work directly with your insurance company to make sure that your business gets the restoration that it needs. 

Let us help get you back to work. Business interruption can be a major drain on your cash flow so give SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish a call immediately.

Communication: A Rule We Live By

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SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish operates at the highest standards. Whether you have fire or water damage, mold problems or just general cleaning issues we make it our goal to deliver a quality product. Customer service, which, at its core, is simply good communication, always comes first. Our technicians understand the importance of explaining the process in a concise manner, all while limiting repeat information. After all, if you, the customer, do not understand the scope of why you hired us then how accepting will you be once a service is rendered in which you felt was not warranted. 

Do not hesitate! Call us today if you need assistance.

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish takes the time to make you fell at ease. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

A Family Business

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SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge is a family run business. Wilbur and Jeff bought the franchise  over a decade ago and have grown it into the model of professionalism and compassion that it is today. As part of the growth, their family's have also shared in the experience of being brought up in this atmosphere.

Jeff's son Blake and Wilbur's son-in-law Timmy are active participants in the business, providing support in various aspects of operations, but mainly managing production. You are just a likely to see them providing necessary demolition during the mitigation process of your water damaged home or business as you are seeing them coordinate various crews to restore your home to preloss condition after it was damaged by fire.

Why SERVPRO you may ask? The answer is quite simple. Because it's a family business. Is their any better answer?

Call us today!

Getting back to work

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Fire damage or water damage can have terrible effects to your business. Your customers may go unfulfilled and your employees may be displaced with no job to attend.

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge understands the obstacles that stand between you and getting back to work. We will immediately access the scope of the job, communicate with the insurance company and begin the mitigation process. The process that we follow is designed to minimize business interruption and get you back to work as soon as possible.

The ability for your business to begin operations directly correlates to the success of our business. This is an intimate process that we take very seriously.

Give SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge a call if you need a quick response by the best in the business.

Smells can linger if not handled properly

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When your home or business experiences a fire the damage can be overwhelming. The obvious damage is usually structural with your contents and belongings coming in second. Often times odor control is overlooked. It shouldn't be. Odor control is a lingering threat to, not only, your sense of smell, but also your health. It can accost your senses every time you enter your home or business. Once you have become acclimated  you may not smell it as bad but that isn't because it's suddenly gone. SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish uses state of the art equipment plus good ole fashion elbow grease to ensure that your home or business has been restored to preloss conditions.

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish is the community's number fire restoration company. We do it all in accordance with industry and insurance standards. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions or concerns.

Do you have a mold problem?

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In Louisiana, with our high humidity levels, mold, or suspicious growth, can grow on just about anything, anywhere. Suspicious growth emits a strong odor which should alert you as to whether you have a problem. Sometimes, however, it can go unnoticed. Also, if you have obvious signs of water damage and liquid water make sure you get it dry as soon as possible. Mold needs water to survive and thrive. 

A good rule of thumb is to make sure that your indoor mold spore count is less than outdoors. This is usually determined by a mold inspector or industrial hygienist. 

Do not wait to begin evaluation of your situation. Mold can get out of hand quickly.

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish is a licensed mold remediation contractor in the state of Louisiana. Call us to schedule an appointment.

Respect the Process

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Like many complex things in life, a process can enhance results and limit confusion. If you suffered from water damage and hired a water mitigation company then you should be aware that your insurance company needs the process to be clear and precise. This is why we stress the need to respect the process.

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge didn't invent the process but we did perfect it. Our highly trained technicians will walk you through each aspect of the mitigation process. This level of transparency extends towards your insurance company so that all parties are on the same page. 

It is very important that you, as the customer, respect the process so that we can perform our duties in accordance with industry standards. 

If you want the best, each and every time, call SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge.

Better Equipment Means Better Results

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Having the best equipment in the business is part and parcel to being the best prepared. However, knowing how to properly use this equipment is what separates us from the competition.

At SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge we take great strides to staying current with the latest trends in the mitigation industry. Like most technology, mitigation equipment is constantly changing. Whether your home or business has suffered from water damage and needs dehumidification, fans or other drying equipment or you experienced a fire and you need a hydroxyl generator SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge has the best in the business!

We stand by our results just as we stand by the performance of our equipment. Call us today to find out more information. SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge, HERE TO HELP.

What happens after the Mitigation Process?

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Whether your home or business suffers from water damage, fire damage or mold damage the mitigation process usually requires some level of demolition. This may leave you wondering, "what about the reconstruction?" 

At SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish we understand the importance of being a turnkey operation that offers mitigation and reconstruction. 

We are a state licensed general contractor with a fully functional construction wing of our operation. 

Call us today to schedule an appointment.

With all services being under one banner we insure that communication between each phase of the process is seamless with as few hiccups as possible. 

Give SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish a call if you need to schedule a consultation or if you have any questions or concerns.

More than a Cleaning Company

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SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge is a cleaning company first and foremost. We specialize in restoring you home or business to preloss condition.

The term "cleaning" can mean many things however. It can mean that we provide a maid service or a disinfection service for hospitals. It can mean that we restore a building to its original condition following a fire. It can mean that we clean air ducts and their HVAC system. It can mean that we we clean and disinfect a flood ravaged home once the water damage is dry. 

The word "clean" can mean many things just like SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge can do many things. We are HERE TO HELP! 

Call us today to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions or concerns. 

Water goes everywhere, but, so do we.

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When a water emergency strikes it can cause many issues. The problem is that water is so invasive that it can travel throughout you home or business, uninhibited. It will go under baseboards and into wall cavities, making the insulation of the exterior walls wet. It will get under your flooring and cause them to bow and buckle. If it gets high enough it can affect furniture and electronics.

The solution is SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge. We go everywhere too. We chase the water and create a moisture map, set up the necessary conditions to dry out your home or business and communicate the details with your insurance company. 

Water damage is tricky but we have many tools and decades of knowledge. 

Trust the professionals, we are HERE TO HELP!

Don't let your belongings be an after thought

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Fire damage to a home or business is extremely devastating and can send you into a crisis of priorities. Typically, your primary focus is on your largest asset, your home; and rightfully so. We work our whole lives to pay a mortgage so that we can live in a house. It is priority number one!

Once SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge is on the scene to begin fire restoration on your home we encourage you to focus of your contents, or belongings. These cherished items can usually be restored or replaced. With your help our crews do an inventory list that we share with the insurance company. This helps you, us and the insurance company to appropriately reimburse you for the necessary repairs or  replacement value of your fire damaged items.

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge is HERE TO HELP!

Invisible Dangers

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Biohazard remediation can mean many things. It can be bio-recovery after someone passes away. It can mean disinfecting a home of building after a C-Diff or Staph contamination. It can mean a sewage backup in your home or business in which viral and/or bacterial harboring water is traveling throughout your rooms and needs an immediate response.

Each of these examples suggests invisible dangers that could have negative impacts of immunoCompromised family, friends, coworkers or customers. 

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish is ready. We follow industry standards regarding infection control and risk assessment as well as abide by OSHA standards to protect our technicians during the bio-remediation process.

If you suspect a harmful microscopic presence call SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish today. We are HERE TO HELP!

Locally Owned and Operated

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SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge is a locally owned and operated business. Jeff and Wilbur have operated in the area for many years and know the community quite well. They attend church in Baton Rouge and the kids have gone to school in Baton Rouge. 

Jeff and Wilbur have a mission to not only satisfy the industry standards for restoration work but, most importantly, they want to improve their community by serving their neighbors in their homes and businesses. 

Building a better community starts with knowledge that we are all connected culturally. Jeff and Wilbur understand this and spare no expense in providing superior service to the those they call friends and family.

Call SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge because we are HERE TO HELP!

Don't wait to call when a Storm Strikes

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Water damage from floods can be devastating. Please call with any questions of concerns.

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish is a 24/7 disaster recovery company and when a storm hits your area make sure to call us immediately. Given the nature of a wide spread storm event there will be a massive influx of phone calls scheduling us to begin the mitigation process and prevent further water damage. 

Make sure to call us so we can get a crew headed your way ASAP! Typically, insurance companies want to see you begin mitigation at your home or business immediately. The process to begin mitigation is so we can minimize the growing water damage and the possibility if secondary damage like weakened structural materials or mold growth from occurring.

Call SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish if you need our help!

Water damage can strike anytime

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Many people think they don't have to worry about broken pipes in the summer but that really isn't the case. Before leaving for that vacation you might want to turn off your water and drain the pipes just like you would in the winter.

There are many reasons for a broken pipe in the summer. Here are a few:

Invasive tree roots.

Extended wet/dry spells ( this can make the ground shift and the extra pressure of this movement can cause problems with buried pipes).

Rust in Metal Pipes.

Wear and old age.

Hard Water.


Substandard repairs.

When a pipe burst; if you can, turn off the water supply at the main cut off valve when a pipe breaks.

Drain the water by running cold water in the sink and flushing the toilets.

Of course call SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge to help get your property dried out.

We are a 24/7 emergency service provider.

How to Eliminate Fire Damage Remnants in Your Baton Rouge Home

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Smoke Damages in Fabrics of Your Baton Rouge Home

Smoke is a common issue when Baton Rouge homes contend with fire loss incidents. While smoke is not always the first symptom addressed, especially in situations where severe structural damage has occurred, it is still a challenging obstacle for even seasoned restoration specialists to overcome to return your property to preloss condition. Our technicians have unique training and experience in this department, both receiving training to obtain accreditation from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) organization and years of hands-on experience in the field recovering fire loss situations.

We understand that there is no time to waste when mitigating and restoring fire damage in Baton Rouge homes, and that is why our professionals stay prepared for these emergencies 24 hours a day. With advanced equipment to address smoke damages, we can clean up both residues and remove lingering odors permanently that exist in open spaces and what has permeated into materials near to the ignition site.

Fabrics are naturally absorbent to smoke odors and charring scents that exist after fires have gotten extinguished in your house. The Contents Department of our SERVPRO team can go through the property in our initial inspection and remove many of these at-risk items and belongings to better protect them from these harsh odors and lingering effects like soot and smoke residues. Additionally, this process can help to introduce these removed items to efficient deodorization processes to thoroughly remove these smells from the items.

For fabrics and soft materials that must remain in place, we can both protect these areas from direct exposure with containment, but also have effective solutions to remove harsh smells that already exist. From our UV and thermal foggers to our ozone machines, we have advanced tools to address odors on site. We can also utilize dry cleaning equipment and processes to clean soot/smoke residues and help to reduce the presence of these odors.

While there are many effects to contend with after a fire moves through your home, our SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge professionals have the training and tools to handle it. Give our professionals a call at (225) 275-7445 to make fire damage effects “Like it never even happened.”

Click here for more information about the city of Baton Rouge.

Hiring a Professional to Treat Mold in Homes and Businesses

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Understanding Mold

Mold is considered a kind of fungus, which can grow anywhere under the right conditions. Spores can be found both outside and inside the home, in the air.

Mold only needs three common ingredients to grow:

  1. Average temperatures
  2. Moisture
  3. Nutrients.

It can grow inside the home on surfaces and furnishings. With a bit of mitigation, future issues can be avoided. 

Microbial growth may be harder to detect. Mold and mildew can usually be seen easily, and may be gotten rid of easily as well, so home and business owners may not be aware that any fungus is growing. Because it can affect people in different ways, like sore throats, coughing, sneezing, homes and business should be checked for issues. In order to save money, home and business owners may want to do a mold cleanup themselves, but it may be better to call in an environmental hygienist and mold cleanup team to help.

How con a Professional help

When the problem is addressed, an environmental hygienist can make sure that a home or business stays free from these types of problems, even microbial growth. An environmental hygienist or industrial hygienist is a qualified individual who can make sure that a home or business keeps up an acceptable level of air quality, water quality, clean and safe garbage disposal, and food protection, causing mitigation for further issues. Environmental hygienists can show a business or home owner what to do, mitigating a re-occurrence of issues. Environmental hygienists can make business owners and home owners aware of risks if they choose to do the mold cleanup themselves, as well as what symptoms to watch out for.

When removing fungus, mildew, and microbial growth from a building, safety is key. Always wear protective equipment: rubber gloves, outer clothing, goggles, and an N95 or N100 respirator when removing mold. Remove all furnishings and items that are mold-free from the room that is being cleaned. Block off the work area being cleaned with plastic sheeting, to avoid having the mold spread, and cover air supply and return vents as well. Owners should rent an air scrubber to use in the area to be cleaned, mitigating the problem, and help in mold cleanup.

Materials that are wet should be dry first to prevent the spread of further growth and mildew. It will take approximately 24 to 48 hours, after using wet/dry vacuums, fans, and dehumidifiers. Porous materials with should be bagged and thrown away, while non-porous materials can be cleaned but only if they are sound, structurally in mold cleanup. Non-porous surfaces can be cleaned with a brush, hot water, and cleaning products, even diluted bleach. Cleaning material needs to be collected once the owner is through, and areas are to be rinsed with clean water, and dried completely to prevent further growth of mold, mildew, fungus, and microbial growth, causing further mold cleanup. Learning what the causes are of these issues are, further issues can be avoided.

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish has Highly Trained Mold Remediation Technicians and the equipment necessary to Treat Mold Damage in your homes and businesses. 

Frozen Pipes Can Equal BIG bucks!

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Frozen pipes can equal big bucks

South Louisiana is about to experience the coldest temperatures of the year! When cold temperatures happen that can cause pipes to freeze. Frozen pipes can result in costly repairs to you as a home or business owner. The good news is there are ways to prevent pipes from freezing. Here are some tips for this winter. Frozen pipes are a problem by themselves because they prevent water flow, but even worse, frozen pipes can eventually burst, causing damage and potential flooding. There are ways to protect your pipes from freezing. These include:

  1. Keeping your house warm - If you are leaving for a period of time, make sure that the heat is kept on at your property. You should inform them that the heat can help prevent pipes from freezing, and if pipes freeze and burst, it can cause a lot of water damage to the property and to their possessions. The heat doesn’t have to be kept as high as you normally would keep it if you were home but keeping it set above 50 degrees Fahrenheit at all times is a good idea. This should provide enough heat to keep the pipes warm and to prevent any water inside from freezing.
  2. Opening faucets - When temps hit the freezing level it is a good idea to allow faucets to drip. Allowing the faucet to be open like this will relieve pressure in the pipe. If a pipe freezes, it is actually the pressure that is created between the blockage and the faucet that will cause the pipe to burst. With the faucet open you avoid blockage in the pipes.
  3. Insulation is key - Pipes can be fitted with foam rubber or fiberglass sleeves to help decrease the chances of freezing. This can be an easy solution for pipes that are exposed but can get expensive if walls, floors or ceilings have to be opened in order to properly insulate the pipe. Additional insulation can also be added to walls and ceilings to keep the pipes warm.

Stop the spread of Mold

5/23/2018 (Permalink)

Prevent Mold Spread

Finding mold growth in your Baton Rouge, LA, home can be an unpleasant surprise. Whether a leaking pipe or water line caused mold to grow or your home recently suffered flooding that allowed fungi to thrive, you now face the challenge of eradicating it. However, to prevent the spread of mold contamination, there are a few steps you can take before a qualified fungus removal and restoration service comes in to treat your home.

1. Avoid Touching the Mold

If you find patches of mold in your home, it is wise to avoid touching them. This can release fungi spores into the air and allow them to settle elsewhere, where they may colonize and grow anew. They may also travel to other parts of your home on your clothing once they break away from their food source, so you may want to close off the room or rooms where mold contamination is present until help arrives.

2. Turn Off Your Air Conditioner

Once you discover you have a mold problem, you may want to shut off your air conditioner. While your HVAC system can be helpful in lowering humidity levels in your home to prevent mold growth, it typically has no effect on growths already present. Turing off your air conditioner can help slow the spread of spores, which travel easily through vents and air ducts.

3. Leave Moldy Items Where They Are

If any clothing, books or furniture in your home have been affected by mold, it is wise to leave them as they are until remediation and restoration technicians arrive. These SERVPRO professionals can advise you on what can be salvaged and give you tips for how to preserve your belongings until they can be treated and cleaned properly.

Preventing mold contamination in your Baton Rouge, LA, home once you discover an infestation can be challenging. However, when you know which steps to take to reduce the spreading of fungi spores, it may be simpler for cleanup technicians to treat and destroy existing mold.

Mold facts 101

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Mold Growth

Mold is the name given to over 100,000 filament filled fungi commonly found on organic materials. Fungus spoils food, clears rotting forests, and adds life to the soil in Baton Rouge, LA. Ranging in a variety of colors, including black mold, the colonies all look for food and moisture to survive; however, if moisture is unavailable, the spores can dry out and go into a survival mode that allows them to live until an available source of water appears. Then the spores begin to act like seeds as they are blown around to find a food source and create a new colony. That is why hundreds of spores are found everywhere, both indoors and outdoors.


As one of the earth’s most important outdoor recyclers, the fungi are constantly looking for more food and water as they send out thousands of spores. Because the spores are always on the move, some colonies of mold occasionally find their way indoors. Normally, mold won’t find a home indoors unless the building has a moisture problem or a high level of humidity. Dark colors of green and black mold` are especially fond of damp bathroom and basement walls.


Preventing mold growth is a matter of controlling moisture and condensation indoors. Although this sounds like an easy step, keeping areas dry that are susceptible to high humidity levels can be extremely difficult. Poorly insulated windows or cold-water pipes can be a problem, as can crawl spaces and damp basements. Since warm air contains more moisture than cold air, warm humid conditions can be an open invitation to fungi growth.


If extensive mold colonies are in your building, you may want to contact a professional mold remediation and evaluation team to remove the growth. By addressing the mold cleanup, removing the moisture, and rectifying ventilation issues, the team can provide an area free from microbial fungi and black mold. Most types of fungus have a voracious appetite and can quickly continue to spread if left unchecked.

Protecting you and your family from fire

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Home Fire

Anytime a fire occurs in Baton Rouge, LA, there's always cause for concern. There are four key fire preparation and fire safety measures that you should implement.

1. Install Smoke Alarms

Generally, the most important measure you can take is to have smoke alarms installed in your home. Alarms can serve as an early warning system. Place a smoke alarm on every level of your home and inside and outside each bedroom.

2. Maintain Your Smoke Alarms

Alarms are worthless if they aren’t working. As part of your fire preparation, replace the batteries once a year. Test your smoke alarms every month, and change batteries as needed. Make sure everyone knows the alarm sound and what to do if they hear it.

3. Establish Fire-Safe Habits

Make yours a smoke-free home. If you smoke, do so outside. Never smoke in bed or when impaired in any manner. Dispose of ashes and butts with water.

Do not ever leave burning candles unattended. Keep flammable items at least three feet away from space heaters or anything hot. Turn off portable heaters when you go to sleep or leave the room.

4. Have a Fire Safety Plan

Prepare a diagram of your home, and show each family member two ways to escape from each room. In the event of fire or an alarm, get low, go and stay out. Establish a family meeting spot outside your home away from the house. Additionally, specify one emergency contact for family members to contact if they are unable to locate other family members following a home fire.

Practice fire drills twice a year. Press the test button on your smoke alarm, and everyone should leave your home and go to the meeting spot.

Fire preparation is important for you and your family. If you have a fire, contact your SERVPRO professional for help.

Preparing for wind storms

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Wind storm

If you live in a place prone to windstorms or you know one is coming, then pay close attention to what it takes to prepare. If you currently have a damaged roof or any sign of a roof leak, then your home may not be sound enough to withstand a windstorm. You need to take proper precautions. This may mean repairing any weak areas or covering them so they do not get worse. Here is a list of what you should look out for:

• Broken skylights
• Cracked windows
• Damaged siding
• Missing shingles

Wind Damage

A windstorm may cause a variety of problems to your business. On one hand, it may blow off shingles, throw debris at your home or lead to damaged siding. You need to be prepared for just about anything. Not only can the wind cause damage, but the debris the wind brings with it can also. Hard objects can knock shingles off, and large trees may break through your roofing entirely. All of this can lead to a roof leak and further damage.

Cleanup Process

Once the wind has done its damage, it’s time to pick up the pieces. For any damage done to the roof, tarps can be used to cover gaps created by the missing shingles. These tarps will help keep rain from entering your business while you work on restoration. You want to make sure that you do not have any further water damage. Additionally, you can use plywood to cover the holes on the roof. While repairing the building is one thing, you also want to make sure no other issues arise.

A windstorm can cause costly, extensive damage to your Baton Rouge, LA, business. The best course of action is to reduce the risk wind can cause. Whether you have a roof leak or something more dangerous, don’t let any problems sit until they get worse. In some cases, a professional service may be helpful.

Identifying hail damage

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Hail Damage

There is no question hail can cause a lot of damage. While some people pay closer attention to their cars or other personal items, others remember how important it is to inspect roofs for further damage. Consider how costly any kind of damage to your roof or ceiling can be. Your business deserves a thorough check by a professional service after a hailstorm.

1. Asphalt Roof Damage

With an asphalt roof, you may find the shingles look shiny after a hailstorm. This is due to hail damage. The roof damage itself will often present as random denting. You may feel the dent is too soft to the touch or you may see a loss of granules. Additionally, the felt may be exposed.

2. Wooden Roofs

Generally, the impacts of hail damage look randomized. You will not usually find a pattern, and you may see split or cracked shingles. When it comes to shingles, they are often an orange or brown color when split. There will often be impact and dent marks over the wood. While roofs can be damaged through other types of weather, it is relatively easy to discern hail damage. Serious splits will have sharp corners and edges rather than the regular wear and tear of a shingle that was damaged over time.

3. Flood Water

Roof damage, especially during rainy seasons will often lead to water damage. Water can seep through the roof and into the attic. If you find wet insulation or mold growth in the attic itself, then you may have a compromised roof. Although it is easier to miss water damage in the attic, you should always check after a large storm.

After hail has caused damage to your South Louisiana business or home, it is important to have it taken care of quickly. This type of damage can only get worse over time. In order to work through mitigation quickly, a restoration company can assess and work through the process with you.

Hurricane preparedness

5/23/2018 (Permalink)

Gulf Hurricane

At SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish, we want to make certain you and your family are prepared before the next storm strikes. We urge you to review the following preparedness tips to help safeguard your loved ones in the event of a hurricane:
Design a Family Plan Devise an evacuation plan with your family and chose a designated meeting place in case of separation. It is also worthwhile to conduct practice drills to make certain all family members are familiar with the plan. Create an Emergency Supply Kit This kit should include the following: first aid items, blankets, flashlights, cash, fresh water, nonperishable food items, candles, matches, necessary medication, a radio with batteries, personal hygiene products, baby formula and diapers (if needed), and all important documents should be placed in waterproof document storage bags. Prepare Your Home In anticipation of a hurricane, it is a good idea to prepare the outside of your home from damage caused by wind and debris. Boarding up windows and other glass portions of the home is a good way to prevent breakage.  It is important to know that taping windows does not prevent them from breaking. Also, remember to check around your home for hanging tree limbs and shrubs that need to be trimmed. Fill Your Gas Tank It is always a good idea to make sure your car's gas tank is full, just in case an emergency evacuation is ordered.  Often times, towns that are in an emergency situation can "shut down," leaving gas stations inoperable. During or after any storm, you can count on SERVPRO of Alexandria to be prepared no matter what the weather brings. Our highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment is ready 24/7/365 to help clean-up and restore damaged property, "Like it never even happened."®

Protecting yourself from electrical fires

5/23/2018 (Permalink)

Electrical fire

Electrical fires cause millions of dollars in damages, while also claiming lives in the process. There are so many possible causes for these types of fires. One of these causes can be faulty wiring through out the house, and overloading connection for more than they were designed for. Improper use of extension cords and power strips can cause a situation. Even something as simple as small animals chewing through wiring in the wall can cause a fire. 

You can prevent electrical fires in your Baton Rouge, LA home by following a few safety tips. When purchasing a used heating appliance, make sure the temperature switch will shut down the equipment if the thermostat fails. When doing duct work, make sure you use a licensed professional. Anywhere there is an electric current, there is a chance of a fire. By the time you see or smell smoke, the electrical fire may already be out of control. SERVPRO Central East Baton Rouge Parish wants you to stay safe and take action immediately to repair and replace faulty wiring in your home to reduce the risk of an unwarranted situation. Know the signs before the fire even starts.

Protect your business from flooding

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Business flood

According to the National Weather Service (NOAA). "Approximately 75% of all Presidential disaster declarations are associated with flooding." NOAA lists that the most common flood hazards in the United States are:

  • Flash Flooding
  • River Flooding
  • Storm Surge and Coastal Inundation from Tropical and Non-Tropical Systems
  • Burn Scars/Debris Flows (Caused by Wildfires)
  • Ice/Debris Jams
  • Snowmelt
  • Dry Wash (Caused by heavy rainfall in dry areas)
  • Dam Breaks/Levee Failure

Unfortunately, even people who do not live in areas that are prone to flooding may become flood victims at some point. In fact, 20% of all claims paid by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) were for policies in low-risk communities. On average, floods cost $3.5 billion in annual losses in the US, and commercial flood claims average more than $75,000 (NFIP).

Here in Baton Rouge, LA, flooding events are unfortunately common, especially during this time of year. The combination of tropical systems, clay heavy soil (slow to absorb water), and a tendency for severe storms (high amount of rainfall in a small-time frame) provides the perfect recipe for flash floods. Flood insurance is a must for most people throughout our metroplex, particularly those that are close to any creeks or rivers. Follow these flood safety tips to keep you and your family safe during a flooding event.

When catastrophic water damage happens to you, SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish professionals can help! We can help you prepare ahead of time with an Emergency Ready Profile (ERP), or respond to any size disaster to begin cleanup and restoration to get your home or business back to normal as soon as possible. 

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish professionals are ready to help make it "Like it never even happened."

Protect your business from fires

5/23/2018 (Permalink)

Dearman's Baton Rouge

Most south Louisiana businesses spend a lot of money and time towards many safety topics to help protect the work place. You can preach electrical fire safety at your place of business in Baton Rouge, LA. And practice all you want, but accidents do happen. When an electrical fire first ignites it can start small enough that you can extinguish with a blanket and maybe a fire extinguisher. Be prepared and quick to determine if the fire you are dealing with is able to be put out quickly without risk of injury or damage. Remember that the safety of everyone in the business or dwelling always comes first. If the fire is spreading quickly it can produces dangerous amounts of smoke. Smoke damage can be just as harmful as the fire itself. It can cause deaths, as well as, damage to the business. Smoke inhalation kills more people in home fires than the actual fires do, in most cases. Fire fighters say that if you can not extinguish a fire with in five seconds, call 911 and get out of the work place immediately. Be sure to have an updated evacuation place in place for all employees to follow. After the fire is put out and everyone is accounted for and safe, you can always count on your friendly neighborhood experts at SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish to help you put your life back together. 

Emergency Ready Profile for your business

5/23/2018 (Permalink)

Business loss

As many as 50% of Baton Rouge, LA businesses close down following a disaster, according to the latest research. Of the businesses that survive, the overwhelming majority of them had a preparedness plan in place. Pre-planning can serve as an insurance policy aimed at peace of mind. And knowing you are "Ready for whatever happens" speaks trust to your clients and employees that in the event your business is affected by a disaster, they don't necessarily have to be. 

By developing a SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile for your business, you minimize business interruption by having an immediate plan of action. Knowing what to do and what to expect in advance is the key to timely mitigation and can help minimize how water and fire damage can affect your business.

Be prepared for sewer damage in your place of business

5/23/2018 (Permalink)

Sewer back up

When your business in Baton Rouge, LA, experiences damage from a flooded toilet or sewer backup, the sewer cleanup process is a little more intricate than just wiping everything down with disinfectant towelettes. You need to make sure everyone is safe and then call in the SERVPRO professionals. Restoration specialists can dry the area, clean it, and test it to ensure that all harmful microbes and bacteria are gone. Here is what you can expect from this process.

1. Identifying and Repairing Source of Problem

The first thing technicians will probably do is stop any ongoing issues so that the mess does not get larger. Once the flooded toilet has been unclogged or the lines cleared, sewer cleanup can begin.

2. Removing Water and Sewage

The bulk of the water must be removed before anything can be cleaned. Professionals use the proper equipment to remove the water and dispose of it properly.

3. Identifying Salvageable vs. Contaminated Items

After most of the contaminated water is gone, individual items are evaluated. Some may be able to be cleaned and saved, but others will have to be bagged and thrown away. Before discarding any items, make sure you take photos to prove the loss to the insurance adjuster who decides how much your policy covers.

4. Drying and Cleaning

Next, the technicians will finish drying the building with water extraction equipment. They may have to remove parts of the wall or any insulation that was affected by the contaminated water and replace it with clean drywall. Anything that remains must be disinfected with chemicals that have been specially formulated to combat the contaminants in the sewage.

5. Testing

The final step is vital for making sure that the effort from previous steps was effective. Technicians test for contaminants and hopefully declare your building safe.

Once everything has been cleaned and tested, items can be moved back into place. The completion of the sewer cleanup process means you are back in business.

Looking for Mold in the RIGHT places

4/26/2018 (Permalink)

Smith Mold Project

A major water loss can be an extremely anxious time. It can take months to get your home or business back to a sense of normalcy. But being over anxious to get back in your home can cause you to miss some major problems that can extend your project drastically.

As seen in the photo, this home suffered a water loss in 2017. Most brick homes, as well as this one, has a moister barrier in the form of black felt paper. This protects the home from moister (condensation) from entering the house. But the same material that protects our homes can also be a devastating dwelling for dangerous mold to thrive in. This home was 100% repaired only to start having mold start showing up on the new walls. This home had to be completely redone.

Make sure your home is properly inspected to ensure this does not happen to you.  

Pet Safety Awareness in your Home

4/3/2018 (Permalink)

These homeowners encountered a kitchen fire caused by a damaged electrical cord. And the culprit... their furry feline "Sazzy". 

To all pet owners out there, our little "furry babies" have a tendency to crave a late night snack as we do. But their apatite for electrical cords can cause some unexpected problems in our homes. Systematically checking all power cords in your home can lower your risk of an electrical fire substantially. If you find any damage, throw it out immediately! And as aways, make sure your smoke detectors are properly maintained and working. Thankfully, this home owner was able to extinguish this fire quickly due to the smoke alarm. Within the hour, SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish was on site and eager to get these folks back in their home.

Mold Damage Emergency Tips

3/2/2018 (Permalink)

In as little as 48 hours, mold can quickly become a problem in your home or business when there’s a water intrusion, like a roof leak or leaking water line. Mold can cause health effects and can also cause significant damage to your property. SERVPRO Franchise Professionals have the training, protective gear, and specialized equipment necessary to handle your mold problem.

If you have a mold problem in your home or business, your primary focus should be safety:

  • Significant mold growth can occur in 48-72 hours.
  • Mold may present a greater risk to children, the elderly, and anyone with respiratory problems.
  • A strong, musty odor may indicate hidden mold behind drywall or under carpeting.

What to Do:

  • Stay out of affected areas.
  • Turn off the HVAC system and fans.
  • Contact a SERVPRO Franchise Professional for mold remediation services.

What NOT to Do:

  • Don’t touch or disturb the mold.
  • Don’t blow air across any surfaces with visible or suspected mold growth.
  • Don’t attempt to dry the area yourself.
  • Don’t spray bleach or other disinfectants on the mold.

If you have mold please call SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish 225-275-7445.

Proper Mitigation After Water Heater Damage

3/1/2018 (Permalink)

Broken water heaters lead to money spent on resolving the issue, but neglecting to resolve all issues stemming from a leaking water heater can quickly become costly. Left unsolved, water issues can evolve into appliance repairs, wall and flooring replacement and more. By following a few simple steps, you can ensure that you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars extra for your failed water heater.

1. Drying as Top Priority

If you are facing a broken water heater in Baton Rouge, LA your priority should be to clear out the water, then dry the affected areas. Clearing a mess from a damaged water heater can be made easier by using drain pipes and renting vacuum cleaners specially designed for water removal. You may also wish to consider renting an industrial fan to speed air flow through the affected space.

2. Cleaning Is Crucial

Water coming from a leaking water heater is usually classified by insurance specialists as Category 2 water; this kind of water is not terribly dangerous, but it can still cause health issues if the area is not cleaned. Be sure to sanitize the affected areas thoroughly to ensure that mold and other undesirables are not allowed to infect your home.

3. Calling a Professional

Finally, calling a reputable water removal professional can ease your mind and mitigate any lingering concerns. These professionals have the expertise to examine everywhere the leaked water could have affected – including underneath flooring and inside walls. So much potential damage from water issues occurs in invisible places, so it’s important to have a water removal specialist on-site.

If you’re dealing with a leaking water heater, just remember three simple steps: Dry it, clean it, and call a professional. By taking quick action to remediate water issues, you can resolve the problem without breaking the bank.

If you have a water damage from a broken water heater call SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge today at 225-275-7445

Proper Maintenance Helps Prevent HVAC Water Damages

3/1/2018 (Permalink)

After a bitter cold January in Baton Rouge, we just experienced the warmest February on record. The warmer temperatures mean that your A/C system is working overtime.

Proper maintenance not only helps your unit run more efficiently, it also helps prevent A/C pan overflows. When working at peak efficiency, an air conditioner can collect 10 to 20 gallons of water daily. The water is suppose to drain off of the condensation coil into a collection pan and then is disposed of automatically into the sewer system. But, if the drain becomes clogged, and the unit produces more water than it can easily handle, the overflow of water can lead to damaged ceiling, walls, and floors.

Now is the time to call your HVAC company of choice to make sure that your A/C is reading for the hot summer. If you experience any water damage, we want you to make SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish your mitigation company of choice. No job is too small or too big, call us today at 225-275-7445

Emergency Water Damage Tips for the Insured

3/1/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish would like to share some tips of what you can do if you experience a water damage.

Shut off the water source if possible

Remove excess water by mopping and blotting.

Remove and prop up wet upholstery cushions for even drying.

Place aluminum foil or wood blocks under furniture legs.

Hang furs and leather good separately at room temperature

Remove Oriental or other colored rugs from wet carpeting.

Do not use a regular vacuum to remove water.

Do not turn on ceiling fixtures if ceiling is wet, and keep out of areas where ceilings are sagging from retained water.

Do not leave books, magazines or other colored items on wet carpeting.

Please call SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge at 225-275-7445 for all your water damage mitigation needs.

New trailer

2/22/2018 (Permalink)

Our new 20' trailer

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish is proud to showcase our new 20' trailer. This versatile trailer will be used on large commercial jobs, as well as when we travel for storm events, around the country. This trailer will allow us to have an on-site command center. The command center, will house our drying equipment, supplies, and SERVPRO cleaning chemicals. We would like to thank in Brand Imaging Group for creating the graphics, and Geaux Signs in Gonzales, Louisiana for the installing the graphics on the trailer.

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish is ready for any sized disaster. From a toilet overflow, affecting one room, to a pipe break at a large commercial facility, we are ready and have the expertise to properly mitigate your water, fire, or mold damage. Call us today at 225-275-7445.

The SERVPRO difference

1/31/2018 (Permalink)

We hope that you never need our services, but in case of fire, water, or mold damage to your home or business, we hope that you would choose us.

Our technicians are highly trained in handling water, fire and mold. All SERVPRO employees are required to pass rigorous training, and are also required to pass a background check.  You can be sure that knowledgeable and trustworthy technicians will respond to you loss, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SERVPRO promises to be on-site within 4 hours of notification of your loss. We will brief your adjuster, or other point of contact on the scope of your loss within 8 hours of being on-site. It's not about only being fast to your disaster, it's about having the knowledge to know how to properly handle your loss, so that no secondary damage occurs.

For more information about our services please visit, http://www.SERVPROcentraleastbatonrougeparish.com/

Freezing temperatures can lead to frozen pipes

1/2/2018 (Permalink)

We are in the middle of a week long stretch of days where the lows will be in the 20's. Unless adequate preparation was made to prevent your pipes from freezing, you may have had a pipe burst, or will in the next couple of days. The damage a pipe burst can cause can be a few to several thousand dollars. SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish is highly experienced handling this kind of water damage. We serviced our neighbors when we experienced freezing temperatures in 2014, and we have traveled to Texas and assisted there, when they had a freezing temperatures. 

If your pipes burst you need to a professional to make sure all salvageable building materials dry to goal before you re-install any drywall or insulation. If the proper steps are not taken this could cause thousands of dollars in secondary damage. Our staff is highly trained, and will make this traumatic event like it never happen. Call us today at 225-275-7445.  

Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital

12/1/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish speaks during the Our Lake of the Lake Children's Hospital Mediathon

On November 17, 2017 SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish sponsored an hour, and matched some funds during Our Lady of the Lake Hospital Mediathon. Wilbur McDaniel, co-owner at SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish spoke about what Our Lake of the Lake Children's Hospital means to him and his family. He has a daughter that has special needs, and having a stand-alone hospital to serve her will help the McDaniel family tremendously. During the two-day mediathon $185,000 was raised. However, the hospital is still 7 million short of their 50 million dollar goal.

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish is honored to have played a part in making the stand-alone, Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital a reality. If you would like to donate or to learn more about the project please visit: https://www.ololchildrens.org/letsbuildamazing

Girlfriend's Spa Day Winner

12/1/2017 (Permalink)

Susan Boudreaux, winner of the SERVPRO Girlfriends' Spa Day Contest.

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish would like to congratulate Susan Boudreaux on winning the SERVPRO's Girlfriend's Spa Day Giveaway. Susan won a manicure and pedicure for two at Zaza's Nail Boutique, as well as a gift card for lunch or dinner at Bistro Byronz. Congratulations again to Susan Boudreaux and we hope you and your friend had a great relaxing day and an awesome meal.

If you would like an opportunity to win future contests we plan on having in 2018, please like our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SERVPRO9254/

On our Facebook page you will be able to find posts about do-it-yourself projects, trending news, and helpful insights about what to do and expect if you should have a water, fire, or mold damage to your property. Also, if you are on a mobile device you can call us directly from our Facebook page by clicking on call now button.

Happy Thanksgiving

11/17/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time where we reflect on the things we are thankful for, which is something we should do more often. One staple of the Thanksgiving dinner in South Louisiana is a fried turkey. We would like to share some safety tips of how to properly thaw, and deep fry your turkey.

A fully defrosted turkey is required to safely deep fry a turkey. Butterball has an interactive website that allows you to input the size of the turkey, and thawing method, refrigeration or cold water thawing, and it will give you the amount of time required to thaw the turkey.

Once your turkey is fully thawed, you can prepare your deep fryer setup. Safety is the utmost concern when deep frying. Thanksgiving Day is the #1 day for home cooking fires so, we would like to share a helpful website. Please follow the tips on the U.S. Fire Administration website showing you the dangers and how to avoid them when deep frying a turkey.  

We hope that you will find these websites helpful. We want to make sure that your family gathering is a happy, fun-filled occasion.

Hurricane Preparedness 2017

5/17/2017 (Permalink)

Hurricane season, which begins June 1, is a little over two weeks away. Now is a great time to make sure you have a game plan, please don't wait until there is a storm in the Gulf to start your preparation. There are several helpful websites that can assist you with getting a game plan together. The Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness’ (GOHSEP) website, http://www.getagameplan.org/ is a great resource.

While the forecasters are predicting a below average season, one storm can cause extensive damage. If a storm does affect us this year we have the expertise, and experience to handle any water damage you may have. We served our community after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, Gustav in 2008, and again during Isaac in 2012. We have even traveled to Maryland in 2011 to help after Hurricane Irene, and New Jersey in 2012 after Superstorm Sandy. You can trust our technicians have the expertise and the experience to handle any size disaster.   

If you like us on Facebook and follow us @SERVPRO9254 on Twitter we will be posting helpful articles, and videos about getting a game plan together. Also be on the lookout because, on some posts you will have the chance to win a great prize if you like and share our post, or retweet our tweet.

Follow us on Social Media

3/9/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge is proud to announce that you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We will post helpful tips and keep you updated on what is going on with our franchise.

Happy Thanksgiving

11/14/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time where we reflect on the things we are thankful for, which is something we should do more often. As the residents of South Louisiana gather together at this time, many are still rebuilding and restoring their homes and lives. One staple of the Thanksgiving dinner in South Louisiana is a fried turkey. We would like to share some safety tips of how to properly thaw, and deep fry your turkey.

A fully defrosted turkey is required to safely deep fry a turkey. Butterball has an interactive website that allows you to input the size of the turkey, and thawing method, refrigeration or cold water thawing, and it will give you the amount of time required to thaw the turkey.

Once your turkey is fully thawed, you can prepare your deep fryer setup. Safety is the utmost concern when deep frying. Thanksgiving Day is the #1 day for home cooking fires so, we would like to share a helpful website. Please follow the tips on the U.S. Fire Administration website showing you the dangers and how to avoid them when deep frying a turkey.  

We hope that you will find these websites helpful. We want to make sure that your family gathering is a happy, fun-filled occasion.

Professional water damage restoration and mold remediation services in Baton Rouge

11/10/2016 (Permalink)

It has been three months since the Great Flood of 2016, and homeowners are still in the rebuilding phase of their lives and homes. Since over 100,000 homes were affected by the flooded it is almost impossible for one to either not be affected by the flood or not know someone who was.

Homeowners had a lot of questions about what they needed to do to correctly dry out their home. Some learned that their is more to drying out a home than leaving the windows open and letting it air dry, or just placing box fans. SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish has a team of technicians who are highly trained in psychrometrics, the science of drying. Coupled with this knowledge SERVPRO technicians use drying equipment, dehumidifiers, wall cavity, and floor mat drying systems, and axial, and centrifugal air movers, to correctly dry your home or business.

Because most homeowners weren't trained in psychrometics there homes weren't dried correctly and they had another problem, mold. In addition to being highly trained in water damage restoration. The technicians are also trained in mold remediation.  We will work with an industrial hygienist to determine the type of mold you have, and the best course of action to remediated the mold. Upon completion of our services the industrial hygienist will perform a clearance test. The test will give you the assurance that the remediation process was a success.  

So if water, mold, or fire damage happens to your home, call SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish at 225-275-7445. You can be confident that a team of highly trained service professionals will respond quickly to your needs.  

Smoke Alarm Safety

11/9/2016 (Permalink)

The past Sunday 11/6/2016 we set our clocks back one hour to revert back to Standard Time. I think we all enjoyed the extra hour of sleep we got. This time of year we also are reminded to change the batteries in our smoke alarms. You should also check the manufacturing date on your smoke alarm and replace it if it is over ten years old.

Since half of home fire deaths occurring between the hours of 11 PM- 7 AM a smoke alarm can be the difference between just losing your home and losing your life. For more information on different types of smoke alarms and optimal alarm placement please see  https://www.usfa.fema.gov/prevention/technology/.

If you have a fire at your home or business the technicians at SERVPRO of Central East Baton Rouge Parish are highly trained in how to handle the cleaning of your home and contents. We will be sympathetic to you because we know that it will be a very stressful time for you. We hope you don't ever need us for a fire loss but if you ever do we will be here for you.  

Hurricane Preparedness

6/10/2016 (Permalink)

Hurricane Season began June 1st. Now is a great time to make sure you have a game plan, please don't wait until there is a storm in the Gulf. There are several helpful webistes that can assist you with this. A great one is www.getagameplan.org. The last time Louisiana was affected by a hurricane was Isaac 2012  Accroding to WAFB meterologist Jay Grymes "since 1900 this is only the seventh times when the state enjoyed three or more years without a tropical hit. And by my count, Louisiana have never gone more than four seasons withour dealing with a hurricane or tropical storm during this 115-year period."

If a storm does affect us this year we have the expertise, and experience to handle any water damage you may have. We served our community after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005; we even traveled to Maryland in 2011 to help after Irene, and New Jersey in 2012 after Superstorm Sandy.  


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